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Reviews: Top 5 Best Address Verification Extension for Magento 2

Delivery is the crucial last step of the purchasing process. And these top 5 best address verification extensions guarantee you an on time delivery and reduce failed shipments.

In the default, customers type in the address where they want the product to be delivered to along with the zip code. But just like you, your precious customers can make a typo here and there sometimes. And that’s how an incorrect letters can lead to a fail shipment and even the lost of a buyer as the goods is not shipped on time. The following best address verification extensions are the solution for this issue. These extensions will automatically verify the address typed by customers. Moreover, the correct address will also be suggested by address verification extensions. Hence, they prevent you from the risk of typos and misspellings in shipment during checkout process. Basically, most of the address verification extensions for Magento charge based on the amount of request for checking under pay-as-you-go policy or monthly subscription. In this article, we will show you in details the feature and pricing policy of each address verification extensions.

Now, let’s find out what the best address verification extensions for Magento 2 are.

1. Addressy – Address Verification Extensions for Magento 2 by PCA Predict

The first address verification extensions we want to mention is Addressy by PCA Predict. In the aspect of price, this is by far the cheapest among the pay-as-you go address verification extensions. For the basic features, the module supports quite nicely. It will show the suggestion for the correct address once typos are detected. The address verification extensions is offered at the basic with no charge for the module and 100 USA address credits to be validated each month. For a higher credit and request of global address verification, you can use the monthly subscription. The minimum is 500 global credits for $25 each month and the maximum is 3000 global credits for $100. A small notice is that address verification within US or Canadian use 1 credit and other countries takes 3. Hence, this extension is more suitable for store owner with US and Canadian targeted market.

Addressy – Address Verification Extensions by PCA Predict

2. Address Auto-Complete – Address Verification Extensions for Magento 2 by Crafty Clicks Ltd

The extension serve the basic feature same as Addressy. However, when the global address verification process is completed, the address details will be automatically filled in the correct form elements. This is a one big pros for the module. The extension does not come with the free credit trial like the previous one. However, the pricing policy is more flexible and variable. The address verification extension for Magento 2 offers both pay-as-you-go and monthly plans. For the pay-as-you go option, the price range from 2.84 cents – 4.41 cents per address. While the monthly plans suggest 2.25 – 3.15 cents per request. The higher amount of request, the cheaper price you get. Thus, if you are aiming to a global market with large amount of transactions, this address verification extension worths to be on the consideration list.

Address Auto-Complete – Address Verification Extensions by Crafty Clicks Ltd

3. Address, Email & Phone Validation –  Address Verification Extensions for Magento 2 by PCA Predict

Another address verification extension by PCA Predict. But this extension is more global than the above Adressy with more choice of pricing. For the basic feature, the module not only validate address but also verify customer details such as email, phone and bank account. What makes it into the list of best address verification extensions is that the variety of information you can check besides from address. If you have to deal with a large number of order a day from around the world, then this is worthy to invest. As you can avoid fraud order and save lots of cost from it.

Address, Email & Phone Validation – Address Verification Extensions by PCA Predict

But for this extension, PCA Predict no longer provides the free 100 credit each month. Magento 2 store owners can download the address verification extension for free and pay-as-you go for the verified data. They offers the price package range from $80 to $800 with 12 month usage. Each checking for address, phone number, email, etc.. has different price based on the package you choose. Thus, this address verification extension is suitable for multi store view website and a high volume of global customers.

4. Global Data Validation – Address Verification Extensions for Magento 2 by Data8 Ltd

As its name, this is more than an address verification extension. The modules support validate global data from address to phone number and email. For the email verification features, it includes four levels of validation from domain level to user name. That means it can identify not only typo in domain email but also misspelt on user names. That’s the stand out point which make it into the list of best address verification extensions. The pricing is based on pay-as-you-go from 2.3 cents per validation depending on the volume.

Global Data Validation – Address Verification Extensions by Data8 Ltd

5. [M2] Address Validation – Address Verification Extensions for Magento 2 by IWDAgency

Just like the above address verification extensions, the one by IWDAgency supports the same key feature of address validation. Admins can freely to choose the validation service among UPS, USPS or Google Maps. But what makes the extension stand out the most must be their price. With $249, you can use the unlimited address verification services. You only pay for the installation service and support fee if needed. Seem to be a pretty good deal at an attractive price. If you only need address verification and not the other info like email or phone number, this extension is deserved to be considered.

[M2] Address Validation – Address Verification Extensions by IWDAgency

In conclusion, a good address verification extension for Magento 2 can improve your customer experiences significantly. Thus, you should take a thorough consideration before choosing a suitable extension for your store. For US and Canadian target market at small and medium scale of sale, number 1 can be a good choice. In case you have customer from around the globe, then extension number 2 and 5 both have a great offer. And you want to validate not just address but also email and phone number? Then number 3 and 4 should be under discussion. It’s will be even more amazing if you can share your experiences with address verification extensions with us in the comment section! Stay tuned for more upcoming review from us and feel free to ask for any topics!