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What are 2 Amazing Magento 2 Color Swatch Extensions You Must Know?

As you might concern, Color Swatch term or Swatch is now more familiar with Magento users. However, have you ever found the definition of this popular term? Have you ever thought about using Magento 2 color swatch extensions?

Don’t worry if you haven’t done those. In this article, we will reveal all about Swatch, or another familiar name Color Swatch, in Magento 2.

At first, let’s have some knowledge about the famous term: swatch in Magento 2.

On your online store, you can use swatches product page individually, in layered navigation or in the product list page. When customers navigate to a product page, click a swatch, the image of product will be updated instantly with that value of swatch. Obviously, your store brings better shopping experience, higher satisfaction for your customers. Hence, when customers are satisfied, they will be motivated to order in larger number, and apparently boost your sale.

3 types of swatch performance for a product:

  • Text Swatch: when choosing Dropdown or Text swatch in configuration from the admin panel, the default swatch will display sizes or color or other kinds of options as text. This kind of performance is often useful for store selling electronics or other products types which need text options. If there is any options being out of stock, that text-based swatch will be crossed out.
  • Color Swatch: this color performance will display color options as its real color for a better visual for customers so that they choose the color at ease.
  • Image Swatch: this is one of the configuration when you choose visual swatch configuration in the backend. When you decide to show image swatch that means the image of this options will replace the normal color.

So here is a question, why do you still need an extension for this default function? Everything has its drawbacks, so the answer is in order to enhance shopping experience for your customers. We will share 2 amazing color swatch extensions for you with its pros and cons

1. Magento 2 Color Picker for Custom Options

Magento 2 Color Picker extension
 Color Picker extension

The extension assists showing products custom options in different colors, sizes and designs with nice swatches. It helps admin to assign custom options a color or an image, then show them attractively in the frontend.

With Color Picker for Custom Options, you no longer upload thousands of images to perform various color options, instead of that, you just select the only one you want from the color selector or input in the code of color manually. If you want, you are still able to upload images for particular option.

Now take a detailed look at these useful features:

  • Enable to configure the size of swatch.
  • Generate suitable thumbnails with chosen sizes. This function absolutely satisfy you about cropping and resizing image per option.
  • Enable to use for various types of custom option, such as: dropdown, radio buttons, checkbox, multiple select.
  • Allow using for any option, namely size, color, model, manufacturer and so on.
  • Work with Magento default form input for options.
  • Show tooltip for each option when customer select it. In addition, admin can configure the size of tooltip.
  • Allow adding code of color like Photoshop color selector or uploading the image per custom option.

Therefore, using this color swatch extension, your customers will be thankful for saving their order time

Now discuss about pros and cons of this color swatch:

Pros of Magento 2 Color Picker for Custom Options extension

An apparent advantage is friendly touch with nice slide and tooltip. When your Magento store brings a new shopping experience for your customers, they get more satisfaction and will be motivated to order more products.

The second pros is its simple installation and usage, so as an store owner, you can install and configure easily as you wish.

Cons of Magento 2 Color Picker for Custom Options extension

The current disadvantage of the color swatch extension is its price. This color picker extension has price $79 and the price will plus if you choose more service for it.

2. Magento 2 Color Swatches Pro extension

Like its name, Color Swatches Pro extension totally enhances the default color swatch of Magento and make it become more professional. By showing price of each simple product related with swatches and reloading information of chosen simple product, the color swatch extension assists the process of shopping become clearer and faster.

Now moving to more detailed description of this color swatch extension.

  • Enable to show prices for simple products corresponding with swatch
Magento 2 Color Swatch extension shows price
 Color Swatch extension shows price

This color swatch extension allows store owners to reveal simple product’s price with its related swatch in the configurable product page. With this great feature, online customers no longer have to click options thousands time to figure out how much they will pay for it.

  • Allow customers to share product’s URL with chosen options
Magento 2 Color Swatches extension shares urls
Color Swatches extension shares urls

Another interesting function of this module is able to change URL of product page automatically when customers select various custom options, eg size and color. Moreover, this Magento 2 color swatch extension also allow customers to copy and share those URL if they want at ease, just click on Share button place on each product page and copy that URL.

  • Use smart product page reloading to get full information of simple product

After navigating to a configurable product page, when customers choose simple options on that page, all information of that chosen option will be shown. For more details, customers choose a specific size and color, then the product page will reload to display all related content, like its SKU, images, price, description, and attributes block.

  • Configure out of stock subscription for children product

Once there is one child product is out of stock, customers can subscribe their email to receive notification when it is back to stock conveniently. With this feature, customers don’t need to visit many times to wait for the comeback of that out-of-stock simple product, they just need to visit when getting the notified email, that save more time and make your store to become more professional.

Pros of Magento 2 Color Swatch Pro extension

Obviously, this color swatch extension totally improve your customer shopping experience with its great feature. By showing full information of every simple product with ability to share URL individually, customers are definitely satisfied with the module. Furthermore, it is FREE, that’s sound great to install it right now for your Magento store.

Cons of Magento 2 Color Swatch Pro extension

There are several obstacles of the module. The function showing price per simple options will be applied only with available configurable attribute type. In addition, you also have to install another extension called Out of Stock Notification in order to enable the out of stock subscription configuration for your customers. Therefore, despite its attractive features and price, you should still consider carefully before installing this color swatch extension.


Above are 2 great Magento 2 color swatch extensions with some knowledge about color swatch so you can have suitable decision to choose extension for your Magento store.

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