//7 Free Easy Banner Extensions for Your Online Store! Don’t Miss Them

7 Free Easy Banner Extensions for Your Online Store! Don’t Miss Them

Using eye-catching banner is a traditional yet effective solution to advertise certain products when you want to run a promotion on site. This advertising way may seem conventional, but still the quickest and easiest way to draw customers’ attention to the promoted items. This article will introduce seven easy and free Magento 2 Banner extensions for your store.

1. Free Banners Slider Extension for Magento 2

This free Banner extension provides an easy tool to upload multiple images and add them to banner slider on Home Page. You can manage, create, edit or delete banner on the Manage Banners Grid. When creating new banner, you can upload high-quality images, add custom titles for the banner images, and set sort order of each order in the banner slider.

magento 2 banner extension free
Slider banner displayed on Home Page in Magento 2

Providing basic feature to upload image banner, the free Banner extension still has some limitations. The uploaded image banners will be automatically placed on Home Page, and there is no config to place banner on other pages such as product page or category page. If you want to display the banner on CMS pages and static block, you will have to add the block call like this:

{{block template=”FME_Banners::banners.phtml” class=”FME\Banners\Block\Banners” name=”banners”}}

Besides, you will have to disable the banner in the backend manually when the promotion is ended because the free Magento 2 Banner extension doesn’t support setting start time and end time for displaying the image banner.

2. Banner Slider Extension for Magento 2 Free

This Magento 2 Banner extension is also free and it provides more interesting functions than the previous one. Apart from basic functions to upload image banner, set title, URL, this Banner extension allows you to add alt text to support SEO for the image banner, set target new window to open the URL and apply starting time and ending time for the banner.

free magento 2 slider banner extension
Banner Slider Extension Free for Magento 2

Moreover, you can create multiple banner sliders and assign multiple banner images for each slider. This free Banner extension supports 36 positions to display the banner slider, so you can choose any categories and set the banner at any place as wish.

It also provides various slider styles with preview for you to check it in advance. Then you can set the animation effect and speed for the automatic banner sliders. There is also report for you to check the impression and click of each banner image.

3. Rich Banner Slider Extension for Magento 2 Free

Here is another free Banner extension for you with even more advanced function than the last one. The extension also provides the similar function of creating multiple sliders and uploading different images for each slider. When uploading banner images, you can add image tittle and alt, set URL, apply “No follow” for the URL and enable opening URL in new window.

magento 2 free banner extension
Banner Extension for Magento 2 Free

The free Magento 2 Banner extension also allows setting time period of displaying the banner with convenient calendar view to choose starting time and ending time. You can even apply displaying the banner for specific customer groups and set for multiple store views.

The banner slider can be placed on Home Page, Product Pages, Catalog Pages, and Custom Widget with four available positions, including Menu Top, Menu Bottom, Content Top, and Page Bottom. In case you want to set banner for some category page, you can choose any category to place the banner from the category tree.

Regarding the visual effect for displaying banner, you can enable animation effect, set speed and time for transition. It also has some additional features such as stop animation while mouse is on the banner, arrows display and navigation bullets display.

4. Promotion Banners Extension for Magento 2

magento 2 banner extension
magento 2 banner extension

Unlike three Banner Slider extensions presented above, this banner extension focuses on presenting and building promotion banner on page. With simple configuration, you can easily upload image for the banner, write content displayed on the image, add button and link to the banner and apply specific mouse-over effects as well as adjust the content text on the banner.

You can insert widget to place the promotion banner as wish thanks to the widget support feature of this Magento 2 Banner extension.

5. Promotional Banner Extension for Magento 2 Free

This Free Banner extension provides ready-made banner theme for almost all major holidays for your store. You don’t need to configure much or care about the design because this easy Banner extension will do all the work for you.

magento 2 banner extension
Free Magento 2 Banner Extension with 15 ready-made design

You only need to choose the right theme for the upcoming event for your site, set position to place banner and choose the promoted products to be displayed on the banner.

However, this free Magento 2 Banner extension still has a lot disadvantages remained such as you can only add maximum of three products in the banner. Besides, you may not be satisfied with the design that the Banner extension provides. Plus there are only 15 themes for 9 holidays, which may not be enough for all the promotions you planned for the whole year.

6. Promotion Banner Extension for Magento 2

This Banner extension helps creating promotion banners as an effective on-page marketing tool. Unlike the free Banner extension above, this module allows you to create banner groups which contain of one or various banners.

For example, you can make a Christmas banner groups with banners of day 1 to day 3 to promote discounted items. When configuring a specific banner, you can set starting and ending time for the banner with options to choose date and time separately, upload the image banner, set up width and height of the image and enter URL for the banner.

More conveniently, there are detailed configurations to set up promotion for the banner, including: write content for the banner (WYSIWYG tool), set CTA button (choose button text, color of text and color of button), set promo box (set width, height, position and choose background color).

The Banner extension supports widget to place on the content page of your site. For example, when inserting a new widget on Home Page, you choose widget type as promotion banner then choose the desired banner group.

7. Promo Banners Extension for Magento 2

This Banner extension offers the ultimate solution to create promotion banner with both basic and advanced functions. You can create banner of three different types: image, CMS block and HTML text. When choosing each banner types, there will be corresponding options, for example: if you choose image banner type, there are options to upload image, set URL and title. If CMS block banner type is selected, you can determine the CMS block to place banner.

magento 2 banner extension
Display Promotion Banner on Shopping Cart Page in Magento 2

When creating a new banner, you can add banner name, set starting and ending date in convenient calendar view, set priority, apply for specific customer groups and display per store view. Besides, you can place the banner on any position (top, bottom, left side, right side) on product, category and any CMS pages as well as in the shopping cart.

You can also set conditions to display banner, for example: show banner based on product attributes, display banner depending on the shopping cart content, show offers based on search terms and choose product categories to display banner.


I hope that the article is helpful for you in gaining a new insight on using banner for promoting products and choosing the right Banner extension for Magento 2 website. Please feel free to contact for any further question.