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Top 6 Advanced Magento 2 Review Extensions You Should Never Miss

It is said that almost 88% of consumers believe in online rating and reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations. Therefore, reviews and ratings functionality is considered to be one of the most powerful element on product pages. Understanding such an important role of rating and reviews like that, Magento developers have come up with a lot of Magento 2 Advanced Reviews Extensions to optimize the site.

In this review article, BSSCommerce has devoted to make a comprehensive comparison list that contains 6 most effective Magento 2 Advanced Review Extensions. These six modules are carefully picked up and displayed in a low-to-high order in terms of product basic price. Other criteria are also considered:

  • Product functions and features
  • Product rating and reviews on each product page
  • Supporting policy of each module
  • BSSCommerce review score

1. Magento 2 Advanced Reviews by Cmsideas

The most basic Magento 2 Advanced Review Extension among six candidates is developed by Cmsideas. After installing this Magento 2 Advanced Review, your customers can not only write product and display product reviews on product pages but also rate the existing review to be helpful or unhelpful. 


Cmsideas Advanced Review Extension for Magento 2 key features:

  • Display review rating summary
  • Allow customers to vote helpful and unhelpful reviews
  • Allow customers to report/ unreport reviews
  • Enable store owner to edit rating, status and content of reviews
  • Discover what other customers think about reviews

The very basic price of this extension is $39. Cmsideas offer its professional installation service with $20 and allow customize option with +$50 for a new design and +$10 for style customization. Included in the module basic price is 1-month free support and a lifetime update for any extension upgrade.

2. Product Reviews Extension for Magento 2 by Solwin

Another helpful Magento 2 Product Reviews extension is created by Solwin. Other than the basic functions, the extension by Solwin allows customers to upload picture to a product review form without any registration.

magento 2 advanced review

Solwin Product Reviews Extension for Magento 2 main features:

  • Allow customers to add picture when review product
  • No registration required to add reviews/upload images
  • Display product review on CMS pages & static blocks as a widget
  • Customize review image: height, width, decorate review page
  • Minimize rejection rate or returns goods
  • Allow admins to add top and footer links
  • Provide landing page for all the product reviews

In terms of price, Solwin sells its Magento 2 Product Reviews Extension for $49. The installation service costs $29. The purchase comes with 1 year free updates, 30 days payback guarantee, and free supportfrom their professional staffs.

3. Advanced Review for Magento 2 by BSSCommerce

The third candidate on this list is the Magento 2 Advanced Review Extension developed by BSSCommerce. Like the first two extensions, this module by BSSCommerce also upgrade the product reviews and ratings functionalities of your default Magento 2 store. BSSCommerce Advanced Review Extension for Magento 2 has the following basic fuctions:


  • Allow customers to create and vote for helpful/unhelpful review
  • Display Rating Summary Graph
  • Anti spam
  • Email notification
  • Allow to review detail page for each review

BSSCommerce also add more unique features:

  • Filter, sort by, pagination option
  • Allow to share reviews to friend via social network
  • Support detailed product reviews with pros and cons
  • Enrich product rating system (price, quality, etc..).
  • Review access restriction at backend

About the price, BSSCommerce asks $79 for the extension community edition and $179 for the enterprise version with free installation service. The purchase includes 12-month free support and a lifetime update for the module. If you have a fairly tight budget and need a adequate Advanced Review Extension for your Magento 2 store, BSSCommerce is a good choice for you.

4. Magento2 Product Reviews & Ratings Extension by Mageworx

The Magento2 Product Reviews & Ratings Extension by Mageworx is very helpful in maximizing the potential of customer reviews in your Magento 2 store. This extension enable you to build a trustworthy product rating system, therefore encourage shoppers to leave reviews and increase the interaction of them with your Magento 2 store.


Key features of Magento2 Product Reviews & Ratings Extension by Mageworx:

  • Offer advanced product reviews & rating system
  • Provide reviews filters
  • Enable to specify product Pros and Cons
  • Automatic review sorting order
  • Verified, Helpful, Top-rated reviews
  • Automatic ‘Leave a Review’ emails
  • Auto review request

This Magento2 Product Reviews & Ratings Extension by Mageworx costs $125 for the community edition and another $125 more for the enterprise version. Included in the payment is a lifetime free updates and improvements, free support for life, and risk-free 30-day money back guarantee.

5. Product Reviews & Ratings Extension for Magento 2 by Aitoc

The Magento 2 Product Reviews & Ratings Extension by Aitoc is another helpful module in getting trustworthy and valuable product reviews in your Magento 2 store. It would analyze to find out actual customers and then automatically send them review requests to get the most precise reviews.


Aitoc Product Reviews & Ratings Extension for Magento 2 fundamental features:

  • Support Verified, Helpful, Top-rated reviews
  • Send automatic review requests for buyers
  • Enable helpful /unhelpful vote and product pros and cons specification
  • Adds an extra Write Review button at the top
  • Set a delay period to send requests
  • Send review requests to selected Customer Groups
  • Automatically add a discount coupon to a review request

Concerning about price, the community edition of this extension costs $125 for one live Magento host and unlimited test hosts. The purchase comes with 6-month free updates, free email support, and 30-day money back guarantee. The enterprise version is priced at $249 with more benefits from Aitoc.

6. Reviews Extension By Intenso

Last but not least, Intenso Reviews is an for Magento 2. It not only helps to get more ratings and reviews but also boost your traffic with user‑generated content.

Main features of the extension:

  • Generate automatic follow-up emails
  • Drive quality traffic and increase visibility.
  • Verify Purchase to all reviews submitted by store buyers
  • Automatically blocks spam
  • Advanced voting and commenting system
  • Automatic email notifications for admins and customers
  • advanced filters
  • responsive review form and beautiful histogram popup

The advanced Magento 2 Reviews Extension by Intenso costs the most in this list , with $149 for the Pro version and $249 for the Developer one. A lifetime Free Updates and 1 month free support is offered when you get the basic version.


In brief, with the upgrade features, Magento 2 Advanced Review Extensions enhances your customer experience and generates improvements in both traffic and sales for your Magento 2 stores.

With this comprehensive list, it is recommend that you should give each of six modules a try in order to get the best decision. Please Like, Share, and Subscribe to receive more useful review articles from BSSCommerce. For the Magento developers, feel free to contact us if you want to add or erase any item from this list.