//Great Benefits of Magento 2 Extensions Which You MUST Definitely Take
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Great Benefits of Magento 2 Extensions Which You MUST Definitely Take

Magento is the leading platform for e-commerce innovation. As the annual report, Magento handles over $100 billion volume of gross merchandise. However you still have a little knowledge of Magento, you may not know about Magento extensions as well as their benefits for Magento site. So in this blog, we will reveal what Magento is, what Magento extension is, how useful it is to a site built on Magento platform.

Let’s start.

What is Magento?

At first, you need to know what is Magento? What is the definition of Magento?

Magento is defined as an e-commerce platform built on open source technology which offers online customers a flexible shopping cart system, as well as control over the look, content, and functionality of their online store. Magento consists of powerful marketing, search engine optimization, and catalog-management tools.


Magento was first launched on March 31 in 2008.

The Official Website of Magento is www.magento.com.

Magento contains 2 specific platforms: Magento Community Edition and Magento Enterprise Edition. There were also two platforms previously: Magento Professional Edition and Magento Go.

At present, Magento is upgraded from Magento 1.x to Magento 2.x. There are still lots of stores using Magento 1, but in the future, they will upgrade to Magento 2.0 for more useful functions and better user experience.

What is Magento Extension?

Magento extension is a package of PHP code which contains functions included into Magento default so as to extend the functionality of Magento stores. Magento extension helps you to add more custom features to every field of your online Magento stores in both the frontend and backend, integrated with many another web service, such as marketing tools, themes and so on.

For the detailed explanation, Magento extension is simply understood to extend or upgrade the function of Magento default for better customers experience.

Imagine that your Magento 2 store does not allow customers to cancel the order by themselves, they have to contact admin to do that. Meanwhile, you are the owners as well as the admin of the store, you feel complicated with that and want to upgrade your store in order that your customers buy their owns can cancel orders. That moment is exactly when you need a solution from Magento extensions. Besides you obviously, can find codes for this function but it will spend more time and effort to do that. You should consider using Magento 2 extensions instead of finding codes. If you don’t wanna pay fees for them, I believe these free extensions can help you.

Magento extensions are developed by a variety network of Magento extension providers, who bring you more power and flexibility to handle your Magento store as you desire. The community of Magento extensions provides us with a variety of modules (for both Magento 1.x and Magento 2.0-2.1, included free and paid extensions) always available for downloading and installing from Magento Connect, Marketplace websites and from the third party providers like BSSCommerce.

Why do You Need Magento Extensions for Your Magento Store?

As you read the simple example above, there are widely issues of Magento default you need to use Magento extensions to upgrade or improve. However, there are exactly 2 reasons which we combined why you need Magento extensions for your Magento store.

Improve drawback of Magento default

Nothing is perfect. Obviously, Magento has a lot of disadvantages for both admin and customers in every area. For instance, Magento default doesn’t allow customer cancel the order in the frontend; configurable product in Magento 2 have an inconvenient display for wholesalers; or if your customers are B2B businesses, they cannot add multiple products to cart at once, which definitely affects your sale and your loyal customers. Hence you need solutions to tackle these drawbacks of Magento default. Those are reasons why you need Magento extensions in order to improve or solve disadvantages of Magento default.

Enhance customer experience

Apparently, for the further purpose of improving Magento default drawbacks, you need Magento extensions to enhance user experience and get more sale – the final and main purpose.

When you optimize your Magento store, obviously for the main goal is getting more sale from customers. However, to do that, you need to upgrade your online store for better shopping experience. That is the second common reason why you need Magento extension.

What are Benefits of Magento 2 Extensions?

Now you know why you need Magento extensions for your stores. So next, we will show you which benefits you get from Magento extensions.

Magento extensions

Easily install and configure for your online Magento store

With a little amount of money, you can easily install a Magento 2 extension to support many functions for your site. As we said above, you can find codes from a social network like StackExchange, StackOverflow, but you should prefer using Magento 2 extension because it will spend less time and effort. Besides, it is often simple to configure from the admin panel of Magento extensions.

Increase competitiveness of product

Using Magento 2 extensions, you can totally increase the competitiveness of your website in general, your product in private. Obviously, building on the same platform, selling the same kind of product, who have better user shopping experience will be the winner. Therefore, installing more Magento extensions like the way you arm additional weapons, your website and your product will become more competitive than ever.

Boost sale

Of course, in conclusion, the final goal is getting higher and higher sale. You desire your products to become more competitive than your rival’s ones, you want your customers to become loyal customers, but in the end, you still need conversion for your product, you need the sale. Hence, using Magento 2 extension cannot be ignored when you consider building a new website on Magento platform.

What Extensions Do You Need for Magento Sites?

After having enough knowledge of Magento and Magento extensions, you might wonder which extensions you need to install for your Magento sites.

Then the answer is depending on your business purpose. Due to the mass of extensions for Magento, so you should find out which issue you want to upgrade or improve to use extensions. To know which extensions needed for a Magento site, you can refer 6 Best Magento Extensions for Magento 2 Store in 2017.

For example, you need to improve SEO for your Magento 2 site, then finding extension about SEO like Dynamic HTML Sitemap, XML Sitemap, Meta Tag, etc. If you want to improve the performance of a configurable product in Magento 2, you can find Magento 2 extensions for configurable product namely Magento 2 Configurable Product Grid Table View, Magento 2 Configurable Product Matrix View and so on.

So depending on the on business purpose, you should consider choosing extension suitable for your Magento site.

How Do You Get Magento Extensions?

If you are finding a Magento extension provider, BSSCommerce is the true place where you should visit. BSSCommerce is famous for best support team and great extensions with suitable price.

Besides, BSSCommerce often provides extensions for wholesalers and B2B business such as Magento 2 Wholesale Fast Order, for limitation extensions, for site speed, and so on. Moreover, another plus point is that BSSCommerce has a lot of extensions in Marketplace – the official Magento market selling Magento 2 extensions.

Please don’t hesitate, getting Magento 2 extensions now!