//Process Payments Securely with Cybersource Magento Extension

Process Payments Securely with Cybersource Magento Extension

As the demands for global payment become more and more complex, Cybersource Magento extension is considered the game-changer for almost every online store. 

This post will dig deeper into the concept of Cybersource payment and provide you with four free and paid Cyber Magento extension options.

What is CyberSource Payment?


Cybersource is an eCommerce credit-card payment management company.

Every single connection to Cybersource can allow merchants to conduct global business without integrating to local payment providers one by one, which mainly improves merchants’ go-to-market speed.

Cybersource Magento extension is one of the exclusive extensions in the collaboration between Cybersource and Magento.

This extension is an on-demand payment management tool that enables merchants to receive and supervise payments through credit card, prevent fraud and secure private information.

Primarily, Cybersource Magento 2 extension supports an extensive list of payment cards and gives a comprehensive option of gateways and acquiring banks, all through the only connection.

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Cybersource Magento Extension: FREE & Paid Options

There is a large number of free Magento extensions in the marketplace. However, you can try the premium versions for a safe, fast and reliable management process.

Here come the best Cybersource Magento extensions both free and paid!

CyberSource Global Payment Management – Free


CyberSource Global Payment Management is a popular payment management tool in the world, comprised of modular services and part of the secure Visa system. 

This Cybersource Magento 2 extension links business’ payment channels and operations to an integrated suite of world payment processing, fraud prevention, and security management services. 

Key features:

  • PayPal express checkout  
  • Payment tokenization 
  • Secure acceptance silent order post
  • Secure acceptance web/mobile

CyberSource Tokenization for Magento 2 – $99


Cybersource Tokenization is a reliable payment solution for your Magento store to win the trust of customers with quick and trustworthy payment transactions. This Cybersource Magento 2 extension includes Tokenization process that reduces the fraud risk from Magento website.

Key features:

  • Multiple credit card types 
  • Friendly user interface for quick management
  • Multiple invoices management from backend
  • Full/partial refunds from the backend

CyberSource Payment by Polacin – $149


CyberSource Payment Magento extension is a payment gateway extension that enables you to take credit card payments through Cybersource directly on your Magento website.

Key features:

  • SOAP toolkit API integration
  • Secure acceptance integration
  • Universal and regional cards acceptance in over 190 countries
  • Support payment action: authorize/authorize and capture

CyberSource Payment Extension by Webkul – $199


Using flexible APIs (Application programming interfaces), the Webkul’s Cybersource Magento 2 extension enables businesses to leverage the power of payment management. It helps reduce the extra cost and complexity of running an ecommerce company for Magento store owners.

Key features:

  • Easy checkout process
  • Multiple cards paying options
  • Easy Refund Process by Credit Memo
  • Available test mode 


We believe that the Cybersource Magento extension list above can help you to solve problems regarding online payment. Hopefully, you can choose the most efficient extension to deal with complicated payment acceptance needs.