//2 FREE Klevu Magento Extensions to Turn Search into Sales!

2 FREE Klevu Magento Extensions to Turn Search into Sales!

The searching engine is a crucial part of all e-commerce stores because it is a method to ensure that customers find exactly what they need. But how? In this article, I am going to show you klevu magento extension, which the most A.I power search to help you solve your problem.

Why Should You Choose Klevu Magento Extension?

Benefits of Klevu Search

  • Firstly, Klevu Magento Extension bases on a  smart A.I cloud-based search, which brings an item to customers just a blink of an eye.
  • Secondly, the processing speed with accurate results, natural multi-languages can bring both retailers and customers a better experience.
  • Furthermore, Klevu Magento 2 Extension allows admin controlling what the most prominent products on their e-commerce stores.
  • Finally, Klevu then also allows users to control keyword levels, replacing global data through reading score machine data.

2 Available Magento Klevu Demos

#1. Made.com


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By implementing an application of A.I machine learning and advanced NLP, Klevu will return the bases of the results on what people had searched.

Currently, I like the simplicity of the templates that Made.com approach to me. It allows customers to customize the level of searching.

This is really nice because the templated approach is still a good option for most standard use-cases.

#2. DOMU Brands 


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DOMU Brands co-operates with Vaimo to develop Magento 2 upgrade as an opportunity to re-design and re-platform the websites.

Also, it improves the conversion with search and giving their customers want via on-site search.

According to the experience of one retailer, she said Klevu Search has helped her site enhance the customers’ experience with quickly serve the products that they want to find.

2 Klevu Magento Extensions Search to Boost All Rates

Currently, Klevu has two outstanding templates that I mentioned above. Both layouts are faster and cleaner by using a grid option with filtering in the overlay or a list view layout.

However, default Kleu Magento Integration is a bit pricey.

Fortunately, you can take these FREE extensions below instead. 

#1. Klevu Search M1


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Klevu Magento Search M1 is responsive fast and completely automatic to ensure it provides customers with the most cutting-edge technology search today.

Moreover, Klevu Magento Extension M1 is FREE, which is really suitable for smaller retailers and startups.


  • Automated catalogue enrichment
  • Search results page in the native theme
  • Product promotions
  • Keyword-based product promotions
  • Identifies stop words, inflexions and more
  • Comprehensive data tracking & analysis
  • 100% cloud-hosted, CDN backed and secure backups
  • Easy integration process

#2. Klevu Search M2


Klevu Magento 2 Extension inherits Klevu M1 Search with quickly responsive and completely automatic. The price for this is FREE.

However, Klevu Search M2 also delivers customers an excellent experience by directly pulling the required products from retailers’ Magento store to the searchers. 

The layouts of the search box which display the products will be the same as the rest of the website.


  • Automated catalogue enrichment
  • Self-learning search
  • Search results page in the native theme
  • Fully customizable
  • Product promotions
  • Keyword-based product promotions
  • Populates trending and popular searches
  • Comprehensive data tracking & analysis


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Klevu Magento Extension does have a good, well-supported for both Magento 1 and Magento 2 in order to help smaller retailers improve and attract customers for their business.

The module allows admin users to sync and customize their product data with multiple languages, bringing to a better experience for customers.