//List of Best Free Magento 2 Extensions You May Not Know

List of Best Free Magento 2 Extensions You May Not Know

This article provides a list of best free Magento 2 extensions with focus on improving user experience. The best free Magento 2 extensions provided in this blog will cover some crucial criteria to enhance customer experience, including: site search and navigation, personalization and experience management, content and customization, rich media, and checkout enhancements.

1. Free Magento Extension for Site Search And Navigation

As you know, Magento default doesn’t fully support site search function because there is no auto-complete, no navigation to help customer find the desired product. Most online buyers know what they want when visiting an Ecommerce site, so if the potential customer can’t search for products on your site with ease, they will quickly leave the page to go for other sites.

Here is a suggestion for the best free Magento 2 extension for site search and navigation: Site Search Extension for Magento 2

Site search extension offers the solution to improve site search experience for online buyers.

Best free magento 2 site search extension best free magento 2 extensions
Best Magento 2 Extension for Site Search And Navigation Free

This Magento 2 free extension provides users with smart searching tool that delivers accurate result on the first page in 0.05 second. Using this free extension, customers can search for the product without taking much effort or time. When typing on the search box, this free extension will return suggesting results as fast as possible.

This Site Search extension also provides other functions such as: guided navigation with multi-select values, dynamic merchandising engine, virtual categories, cross-sell and product finder.

2. Free Magento Extension for Personalization And Experience Management

What turn one-time visitor to loyal customer? The buying process is utterly a significant factor that encourages customer return for more purchase. Adding product to cart need to be simple and as quick as possible. Unfortunately, Magento default is still limited when it comes to previewing product and adding item to cart from catalog.

Here is a suggestion for the best free Magento 2 extension to enhance customer shopping experience: Advanced Product Quick View Extension for Magento 2

Advanced Product Quick View extension allows users to quickly view product in the quick view pop-up and finish buying product without leaving the category page.

Best free magento 2 product quick view and ajax cart extension
Best Magento 2 Product Quick View and Ajax Cart Extension Free

With this Magento 2 free extension, customer can check details of any product when streaming the catalog without loading other pages. The time-consuming procedure of going back and forth between the catalog and product page just to read description or check image gallery can discourage customers from taking further actions.

Thus, the extension reduces unnecessary steps to get the customer to view product info and finish adding to cart right on the catalog. No time or effort is wasted because this Magento 2 free extension will ensure seamless shopping experience for any site visitor.

3. Free Magento Extension for Checkout Enhancement

Nothing is more disappointing than a slow or complicated shopping experience, especially the checkout process. Your customers are very likely to leave page or abandon cart if the checkout takes too much time.

Here is a suggestion for the best free Magento 2 extension for checkout improvement: One Page Checkout Extension for Magento 2

One Page Checkout Extension provides a simple way to finishing all checkout steps in one page.

Best Free Magento 2 One Page Checkout Extension
Best Magento 2 One Page Checkout Extension Free

This best free Magento 2 extension makes the checkout page as simple as possible by optimizing the checkout page design. By combining all the steps needed to complete the order on one page, customers can save time while store owners benefit from higher conversion rate and increase profit.

Besides, this free One Page Checkout for Magento 2 extension also supports additional features, such as: auto-detecting customer account and simplifying payment section.

4. Free Magento Extension for Content And Customizations

Do you want to enrich content for your Magento site? Are you considering Word press?

I have a better option for you: a Free Magento 2 Blog extension that is developed just for writing and posting blog for site. If you are questioning whether the blog section is necessary for an Ecommerce site? Actually, the blog section is more beneficial than you thought.

For example: if you have a site that sells cosmetics, you can run a beauty blog with make-up tutorial, product reviews or skincare tips sharing. This blog can attract thousands of traffic to your site and you can cleverly introduce your products on the blog. You will definitely sell more and your customer can gain better knowledge on health and beauty tips.

Here is a suggestion on the best free Magento 2 extension for blog: Blog Extension for Magento 2

Blog extension helps you create professional-looking blogs for your Ecommerce site.

Best Free Magento 2 Blog Extension
Best Magento 2 Blog Extension Free

With this free Magento 2 extension, you create a separate blog section on site, write blog posts and display them on home page with widget. It supports multiple store view, blog widget such as recent post widget, archive widget and category widget.

Furthermore, this free blog extension is also a marketing tool with related products and related posts placed at the end of the blog to increase sales and views.

6. Free Magento Extension for Rich Media

How can customer quickly get the latest information of new promotion when visiting your site? What is simplest way for store owner to announce such information for site visitors? My answer is using slider banner that runs on home page and category page. These pages are perfect to place banner and will definitely catch customers’ attention.

Here is a suggestion for the best free Magento 2 extension for slider banner: Rich Banner Slider for Magento 2 Extension

Rich Banner Slider extension provides an easy solution to create banner with eye-catching slides and automatic slide rotation.

Best Free Magento 2 Extension for Banner Slider
Best Magento 2 Banner Slider Extension Free

With this best free Magento 2 banner slider extension, you can create unlimited banners and add any slides to each banner. These banners can be assigned to home page, category page or product page with eye-catching rotation effect. This free extension also offers slide statistic function which calculates CTR for each slide.


Presented above is the list of five best free Magento 2 extensions to improve user experience. Covering all five aspects of site from site search, experience management, checkout enhancements, to content and rịch media, these free Magento extensions will certainly be beneficial for you and your customers. If you have any free Magento 2 extension to submit our list, feel free to contact us.