//Magento 2 Auction Extension: A List of 5 and Reviews

Magento 2 Auction Extension: A List of 5 and Reviews

Online auctions will be the perfect option to make offers on goods that are no longer effective to use or simply want to change.

You can buy and sell as on eBay’s today with a list of Magento 2 auction extension as well as the procedure of how to build a successful online auction.

Why Should You Sell Products by Auction Model?

Look for a specified and publicly starting price to buy or sell an item? Hence, the bidding price is a good choice.

eBay is a good example of that argument.

Excitingly enough, you can adopt this model for Magento 2 website – by using Magento 2 Auction Extension.

To be specific, there are two straightforward types of auctions included: 

  • With the fixed bids, customers have to pay at the same price stated on the website, as you pay in a supermarket. No bargain is allowed.
  • The normal offline auction is another case when a customer starts at basic prices, and finally, the products will be given to customers who have paid the highest price.

Online auction websites can make trading much more convenient as prices are only allowed to pay higher, hence, there are several points that make it is effective.

Firstly, the auction model only aims in buying and selling, not to set up a certain business, so you won’t be worried about laws relating to the government.

Next, this will be the place to support you get the highest revenue in the shortest time, as well as greatly increase followers and also, save your budget to build a website for trading.

Finally, after having loyal customers, the expansion of your website will become extremely easy dues to a modern platform and support tools that are always innovative.

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5 Best Magento 2 Auction Extension Reviews

#1. Auction by Fmeaddons – ($59)

If you are a beginner, and looking for the most saving your budget, this is a perfect solution for your experience and use. 

With this Magento 2 Auction Extension, you can create separate auction pages, click each product and bid, in terms of providing tools to help you automatically bid or manually.

Highlight Feature: 

  • Allow tracking all bids
  • Support multi-winners
  • Using Ajax to set the bid
  • Always notify customers of changes in auction locations and bid prices.

#2. Auction by Webkul – ($69)

One of the Magento 2 Auction Extension that allows admin to set up all of the steps in the procedure of auctions included Automatic, Reserve Price, Incremental Auctions or even delete the auction. 

It has been a discount of 22% for this Magento 2 Auction Extension.

Highlight Feature: 

  • Incremental Auction Option set by the admin
  • Automatic and Reserve Price Auction option set by the admin.
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Notify customers automatically.
  • Compatible with Multistore.
  • Date time picker for date and time selection

#3. Auction by Landofcoder – ($99)

For 6 continuous updates, this is one of the most updated 2 Magento Auction Extensions, making it perfect for customers.

The highlight of the product compared to Magento 2 free auction extension is that it will maximize duration on-site, a wide variety of buyers, about everything and sales, easily and set up an automatic or normal auction.

Highlight Feature: 

  • 4 Support auction types.
  • Add/delete any products on auctions.
  • Set up a period for auctions.
  • Purchase with a set price.
  • Multi-Language.

#4. Auction by Cedcommerce – $149

It is a system whereby potential buyers position goods on competitive bids. The asset or service concerned will be sold to the entity which places the highest offer.

Highlight Feature

  • Admin can set up totally auction.
  • Admin can extend the auction time.
  • Admin can also set the increment bidding price.
  • Only a logged-in customer can place the bid for the auction.

#5. Auction by Emiprotechnologies – ($249)

This is the winner of 2019 for ODOD Partner, I believe this is probably the most professional and costly system in Magento 2 Auction Extension.

With version 3.0.1 which is considered the most modern in all Magento Auction Extension and Magento 2 Auction Extension and constantly reviewed by 5 stars, this is worth considering as one of the systems you should consider when starting an auction site.

Highlight Feature

  • Real-time auctions.
  • Support multiple currencies.
  • Popcorn bidding. 
  • Set permission.
  • Multiple auctions. 
  • Manage bid prices.


In conclusion, we can be informed you that there are no places that can be more successful and more simple to attract customers and achieve the highest revenue than auctions.

Above are details of 5 extensions that are successful and trusted by the customers in the Magento auction extension.

If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to speak to us at the comment below.

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