//Reviews of Magento 2 Back Order Extension (Pre-order Included)

Reviews of Magento 2 Back Order Extension (Pre-order Included)

Today, e-commerce has grown constantly, making trade transactions more popular than ever.

The Magento platform is currently developing several gadgets that can support the growth of the e-commerce website, in particular Magento 2 Backorder Extension.

What Is Backorder in Magento 2?


Backorder in the simplest sense is a way of ordering goods which, meanwhile, products are no longer available in the company’s warehouse.

This is also a way of assuring consumers that when the item is restocked they will obtain the goods as soon as possible.

The main difference between pre-order and backorder is that with pre-order, you will be entitled to receive the item before it was available on the market. Meanwhile, back-order is when the item is already on the market but out of stock.

Furthermore, the backorder was applied to Magento 2 Extension while the pre-order is not.

Default Backorder Functionality in Magento 2

The default role of backorders is to streamline purchase procedures even though products are out of stock.

Backorder is categorized into three main types, including Global, Supplier, and Products. Hence, you can easily control the source of the products and develop customer loyalty.


Additionally, the settings and configuration for the backorder are also in three major formats in terms of out of stock, updating the number of products, the product status.

  • Out-of-stock thresholds will use a negative value to represent the salable stock quantity with equations that quantity minus out-of-stock number.
  • Notification of the number of goods will be run by sending an e-mail to inform you when the quantity of goods exceeds the low threshold.
  • The stock status will be changed into In Stock when enabling Backorder.

From many merchants’ reports, Backorder’s default features are not functional enough to control the number of goods and increase the number of customers who connect with the website.

Thus, we should have a look at some extension in Magento 2.

3 Best Magento 2 Backorder Extension Reviews

#1. Pre-Order and Back Order Extension by Amasty


This is a 2-in-1 solution: Magento 2 Backorder Extension & Magento Backorder Extension.

On the one hand, there are basic features such as helping your customer’s pre-order items that not available on the market. What’s more, it helps backorder goods that are out of stock.

Such an expanded feature will help you find out which products are liked the most by customers.

*Highlighted features:

  • Simple
  • Robust pre-order/backorder features
  • Customers’ demand analysis tools

#2. Preorder and Backorder Extension by Mageworx


With this extension, you can easily control early orders and send emails automatically to alert clients that the products are available.

Moreover, you now can create a relation with the clients who would like to buy your products.

*Highlighted Feature:

  • Receive money for pre-orders
  • Write pre-order notes
  • Notify backorder

#3. Preorder and Backorder Extension by Aitoc

This is one of Magento 2 Backorder Extension and Magento Backorder Extension which aims to help customers continue their shopping procedures. Moreover, it provides the exact date when product arrival. 

*Highlighted Features:

  • Boost sales
  • Decrease bounce rate
  • Sell forthcoming products


To summarize, Magento 2 Backorder Extension will help marketers improve their customer relationships by retaining stock or providing timely notice of when a product is to be re-sold.

Let’s figure out more Magento Extensions.

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