//Quickly Boost Sales with Magento 2 Bulk Order Extensions

Quickly Boost Sales with Magento 2 Bulk Order Extensions

As a B2B merchant, do you still want to find a way to save on the cost of goods? Then, you probably should look at Magento 2 Bulk Order in this article below.

Magento Bulk Order is the way to save time to buy a large number of goods on the e-commerce website for a wholesale customer and significantly increase profit for owners.

Don’t miss out the interesting topic in the next following part of this article:

  • What is Bulk Order Feature in the Website?
  • Advantages When Using Bulk Order
  • Top Magento Bulk Order

What Is Bulk Order Feature in Website?


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Let’s take a look at some definitions of this concept.

Bulk order is essentially a time-saving option for consumers purchasing a large item or purchasing several products concurrently.

Additionally, ordering in bulk is a chance for shop owners to easily boost profits with negotiated prices, customer information security, and exposure to potential wholesale buyers.

Next, let’s find out more advantages when the website has bulk order features in its.

Advantages When Using Magento 2 Bulk Order


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The most noticeable difference advantage when purchasing in bulk is probably the discounted advantage when paying per customer.

For bulk orders, customers would be expected to pay a sum in advance to ensure that there are no problems between the consumer and the manufacturer during the purchase process, therefore, the cost for each product is entirely lower than the published price.

In brief, compared to individual sales, which is entirely appropriate for wholesaler consumers, customers who buy in bulk will be significantly discounted.

In the next following parts of this article, we would like to introduce to you, the top 3 Magento 2 Bulk Order solutions.

Top 3 Magento 2 Bulk Order Extensions

#1. Wholesale Fast Order by BSS Commerce – $79


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This Magento Bulk Order is leveraged the ordering process for the manufacturer by enabling it to easily add several items to the cart.

Traders can check items by name also SKU, and have a CSV import feature with specific alternatives for simple products.

For a B2B buyer who has a very long list of things to shop, simply enter this list as a CSV file, then press the Add to Cart button and all the goods on this list are added to the cart more conveniently than ever before.

Don’t miss out on this extension for the B2B website and its customers.

Highlighted Features:

  • Quick order with Fast Order form
  • Support Ajax search by product SKUs and names
  • Automatically calculate total amount before adding products to the cart
  • Automatically calculate total price when customers increase or decrease product quantity
  • Enable to apply Fast Order form for particular customer groups
  • Be able to show invisible simple products in Fast Order form
  • Support customer session

#2. Wholesale Fast Order by BSS Commerce – $119


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Check it out now!

This is another version of the Wholesale Fast Order that be applied in Magento 2.

The Magento 2 Bulk Order is allowed to quick order form built-in, where consumers can scan or add any amount of items right at their disposal to the cart.

With intelligent recommendations and autocomplete support, all shopping experiences are fast and convenient, no more product pages are loaded and waited separately.

Much better, consumers can more easily import a CSV file to add several basic items to the cart.

Highlighted Features:

  • Create A Fast Order Page In A Matter of Minutes
  • Search Products Quickly And Automatically
  • Work With Almost All Product Types
  • Import Products Via A CSV File
  • Add Multiple Products To The Cart

#3. Simplify Bulk Order Processing by XTENTO – $129

xtensto-bulk-orderThis Magento 2 Bulk Order generally allows customers to save a couple of hours per week when completing their orders.

Using this extension, customers no longer have to open every order and process it manually, but they can now handle all their orders in bulk from the order list.

The extension would really simplify the processing of bulk orders by creating invoices and deliveries, add order confirmation emails, complete orders, adjust the request status at the same time, and much more for multiple orders.

Don’t forget to check out this extension.

Highlighted Feature:

  • Adds more than 10 new mass actions to the order grid actions to enhance order processing
  • Very fast way to process orders in bulk
  • Simple installation – upload and use!
  • Change order status for orders to any custom order status in bulk
  • Instantly print PDF documents after invoicing or shipping orders in bulk

To Sum Up

To end this article, we’d to bulk order is the best solution for targeting potential wholesale buyers and for rapid and substantially growing revenues for business owners.

Also, Bulk Order extension that available for both Magento 1 and Magento 2 so if you’re Magento store owner, don’t miss out on this great opportunity in wholesales.