//Safety First! Use Magento 2 Captcha Extension to Remove All Spam

Safety First! Use Magento 2 Captcha Extension to Remove All Spam

Nowadays, computing technology is improving significantly.

On the one hand, it creates a favorable scenario for eCommerce. On the other hand, it puts security management and website recognition at risk.

Thus, you should be better safe than sorry – secure your website as much as possible.

Magento 2 Captcha Extension is available to help avoid spam for your mailbox and ensure human engagement on your site.

Why Should You Use Captcha for Magento 2 Website?



Firstly, let’s have a look at the Captcha description.

“Captcha is simply a feature for testing behavior between computers and humans, ensuring all human transactions online.”

Secondly, the biggest benefit of using Captcha for your website is to prevent simulated clicks, which will help to increase the real website engagement. 

For example, Google uses captcha as a tool to prevent bots from simultaneously creating multiple Gmail accounts.

Next, using captcha can help protect the security of data portals and your website information.

For particular, automatic access or automatic website transactions may cause your site to crash completely so blocking is necessary.

Finally, captcha can restrict spam, automatically create an account or submit itself through forums and websites.

For instance, only humans can inject comments into the blog by using captcha without users having to sign up before posting, and no valid comments are lost.

Ways to Improve Security at Magento


The Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and Google Recaptcha are two common ways of improving security on Magento 2.

To multiple providers, Magento 2FA introduces two-step verification. You can also link to the protection scan tool Magento 2.

Otherwise, Google ReCaptcha guarantees that the platform is communicating with a human being rather than a machine.

Good as the two features are; however, they only support to display in the login, contact form and create users.

If you’re looking for Google ReCaptcha or 2FA on all forms, you might be concerned about some other kinds of Magento 2 Captcha Extension.

Magento 2 Captcha Extension Reviews

#1. Google ReCaptcha by Magenplaza – FREE


With over 160k downloads, 62 out of 64 customer comments are 5 stars, this can be rated as one of the most popular Magento 2 Captcha Extension.

It will build a firewall that defends your store against spam and bots and also could dramatically improve the consumer experience, and also conversion rates.

Highlighted Feature:

  • Visible and invisible captcha supported
  • Lifetime updated
  • 365 days support

#2. Google ReCaptcha by Magecomp – FREE


This feature enables your customers to quickly and easily fill out their forms in your shop.

By using this Magento 2 Captcha Extension to boost the user experience and avoid the spam on the website.

Highlight Feature:

  • Easy to choose Light or Dark theme for the ReCaptcha.
  • Friendly interface.
  • Ability to enable the ReCaptcha on the review form.

#3. Google ReCaptcha by Magasales – $25


This Magento 2 Captcha Extension will safeguard your stores against spam and builds trust for your clients. Besides that, it also helps significantly improve usability.

Moreover, this feature still can be searched in Magento Captcha Extension.

Highlighted Features:

  • Reduce fake contact emails
  • 100% Open source coding
  • Multistore & multi-language supported

#4. Google ReCaptcha by Ulmod – $29


This Magento 2 Captcha Extension will secure your stores from spam, and build confidence for your customers. It also helps to improve performance significantly.

This feature is also included in Magento Captcha Extension.

Highlighted Features:

  • Support 6 forms for your website
  • No coding skill requirement
  • Responsive to any device

#5. Google ReCaptcha by Azaleasoft – $49.99


With high advances secure and always updating to fix minor system errors, this Magento 2 Captcha Extension could be a solution to help protect privacy while running e-commerce websites.

Highlighted Feature:

  • Registration form protection.
  • Login form page protection.
  • Password reset form protection.
  • Contact-us form protection.
  • Review form protection.


To sum up, we would like to inform you that, Captcha is basically a secure tool that prevents your website aways from virtual computer interaction and also increases customer experience. 

In addition, there are some kinds of Magento 2 Captcha Extension and Magento Captcha Extension might be fit with your budgets and goals.

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