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Attract More Customers with 6 Amazing Magento 2 Coupon Extensions

Attract More Customers with 6 Amazing Magento 2 Coupon Extensions

Nowadays, people can easily buy or sell anything online due to the development of electronic commerce (e-commerce). Regarding online store owners, they always want to find effective ways to attract and gain more clients for their shops. Therefore, many sales campaigns are created such as using offers, coupons or discounts to increase customers. To help both store admins and purchasers have better experience with coupon codes, Magento 2 Coupon extensions were widely developed and used. In this article, we will introduce and give some reviews about 6 amazing Coupon extensions for Magento 2.

Top 6 Magento 2 Coupon extensions were carefully chose and arranged by BSSCommerce team to show detailed assessment based on these criteria:

  • Features of the extension
  • Price
  • The vendor’s reputation

About Default Magento 2

You can see that default Magento 2 only allows users to apply a coupon code for the promotion. In addition, it supports limiting the number of times the coupon can be used or setting the coupon valid for a period of time. However, with Magento 2 Coupon extension, you can do more than that.

1.Multiple Coupons by Amasty – $139

Detailed functions of Amasty Magento 2 Coupon extension:

  • Allow to use multiple coupons per order
  • Guest visitors can also use several coupons
  • Show the list of applied coupons in the shopping cart and checkout
  • Usage of specific coupons together with other promo codes is limited
  • Apply/remove many coupons when creating orders in admin panel
Magento 2 Multiple Coupons extension by Amasty

Review: This extension supplies basic features of a Coupon extension that are essential for both sellers and buyers. The community edition costs you $139 whereas the enterprise edition costs you $439. Amasty offers free lifetime updates but you have to pay $59 in case you need installation service. For any further information and buying extension, please visit Amasty Multiple Coupons for Magento 2

2. Coupon Code Generator by Land of coder – $149

Key features of Land of Coder Magento 2 Coupon extension:

  • Generate coupon code automatically
  • Coupon code generated for a email address can be limited
  • Verify email before applying the coupon code on frontend
  • Allow to use mass action
  • Include coupons into emails, newsletters, follow up email with ease
  • Manage coupon status/coupon info and edit easily
  • Add coupons & coupon information into emails instantly
  • Import/export promo codes in bulk
Magento 2 Coupon Code Generator extension by Land of coder

Review: This extension have many essential and advanced functions with the reasonable price. If you want to own this, it costs you $149 along with free support and free update.

3. Generate and Import Coupons by Amasty – $189

Highlighted features of Amasty Generate and Import Coupon extension:

  • Create multiple coupons per cart price rule
  • Import promo codes in bulk
  • Track detailed coupon usage through reports
  • Distribute coupons via URLs
  • Support handy coupon templates for accurate codes generation
  • Offer deals on Groupon and other deal hosting services
Magento 2 Generate and Import Coupons extension by Amasty

Review: The extension with useful functions of a Coupon extension also belongs to Amasty. The price for the community edition and the enterprise edition are $189 and $489 respectively.

For further information about this extension and purchasing, please visit Amasty Magento 2 Generate and Import Coupon

4. Marketplace Seller Coupons by Webkul – $199

Main functions of Webkul Coupon extension:

  • Generate unlimited coupons
  • Customers can apply multiple coupons for multiple sellers in a single order
  • Admin can also manage the seller’s coupons
  • Support multiple languages
  • Compatible with multistore
Magento 2 Marketplace Seller Coupons extension by Webkul

Review: Like the extension of Potatocommerce, this extension still lacks many necessary features of a Coupon extension. The price of Webkul extension is even more expensive than Potatocommerce’s with $199 for the community edition and $398 for the enterprise edition. Moreover, if you require installation service, you need to pay more $39.8.

5. Coupon Code Generator by Aheadworks – $199

Key features of Aheadworks Coupon extension:

  • Allow to use mass action for a selection of customers, individually for any email, or inserted into newsletter or email
  • Coupons and coupon information can be added into emails
  • Customers that have met custom cart/product conditions will receive coupons automatically
  • 3rd-party modules can use API of the extension to generate a coupon
  • Easily track coupon generation with usage statistics
  • Unit tests provided
magento2-coupon-extension magento 2 coupon extensions
Magento 2 Coupon Code Generator extension by Aheadworks

Review: Features of this extension are similar to other extensions, which can be used to manage coupons more effectively. The price of community edition is $199 but the price of enterprise edition is very expensive with $749. In contrast, Aheadworks provides free installation and free lifetime updates for their clients. To read further information and buying extension, please visit Aheadworks Magento 2 Coupon Code Generator


To sum up, we have given you information and our assessment about top 6 Magento 2 Coupon extensions you should know. We are happy to help you if you have any question about Magento 2 and please Like, Share and Subscribe to Magexts to get more interesting articles.


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