//Magento 2 Custom Options Extension Package by BSS Commerce

Magento 2 Custom Options Extension Package by BSS Commerce

Consumer rivalry on e-commerce has no longer been unusual, so it has become necessary to choose to design products in the most attractive way. In the Magento 2 platform, Magento 2 custom options extebsion is the key to how to draw more clients and make them feel they always have a choice.

What Are Custom Options in Magento 2?

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Custom Options, so-called customized options, are simply a tool that makes products on websites look like more possibilities. To be specific, those customized options provide a range of product combinations that are not dependent on attributes.

Magento does support custom options for several product types – by its nature. For example, when you sell clothes, color and size choices are custom options that help customers pick items that suit their needs. 

Why Do Products Need Custom Options?


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This is a good example of using Custom Options on the website for products. Just imagine, customers click on a website and product information will simply be the name of the products, and the quantity to purchase, nothing else.

This makes them blank and useless in the eyes of customers!

As image showed above, customized options will help to make the information attached to your product wider than ever before.

But, how to display your products as interestingly as above? Do not worry, we recommend Magento 2 Custom Options Extension or Magento Custom Options Extension (we will review later on), the items will have more flexibility than ever.

Accordingly, customers will be given a sense of comfort when they have a lot of choices for the products they need to buy, from color to material or even size.

How To Add Custom Options in Magento 2?


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As we mentioned earlier, Magento does support adding customizable custom options.

And here is the guide:

Firstly, you will have to build customized choices by the following steps below:

  • Press the button on the Product Management table Edit link for specific products.
  • At the left-hand sides, click on Advanced Setting and then Custom Options.
  • Hit on the Add New Options.
  • Then, named for Title Options and choose the Input Type from the drop-down list, also label the Required checkbox, if you consider the appropriate choice.
  • Choose the Price Type: Set, or percentage.
  • And just hit Save if you have no more requirements.

Secondly, you will have to import customized Service solutions by:

  • Click on the Import Options.
  • Search and select the option you want to import.
  • Click on the Import button.
  • Click on the Save & Close button when you finish.

However, the default custom options are a miss ‘coz they lack many necessary features required by both customers and sellers. For that reason, we introduce you to the Magento 2 Custom Options extension.

Check now!

Magento 2 Custom Options Extension Package

In overview, this is a combo that aims to bypass custom features of Magento through default with lots of magento custom options extensions.

Here are some must-check features!

PROMPT CUSTOM OPTION CREATION with M2 Custom Options Templates


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With this feature, No longer need to waste a lot of time designing custom options for each item, instead, you can save hours by creating multiple models and easily allocate customized options to any selected product.

Option Image Insertion, using Magento 2 Custom Option Image 


With this feature, you will no longer be worried that your product will not attract customers due to a lack of information as well as images about the product.

Advanced visual interface with Magento 2 Dependent Custom 


The portrayal of custom option magento 2 becomes more well-organized and competent in the view of consumers with dependent customized options, as they choose only specific custom options, not all of them.

In addition, there are so much more products feature will be coming soon, including Stock Management, Image Preview, Color Switches. 

However, it has been a while since the last update for magento custom option and also the demo is faulty so extension seems like not working well like a promo. Hence, with the price total is $173, if you are looking for a custom option this can be a risky investment.

BSS Commerce does offer:
1. Magento 2 custom options extension free installation services for commercial products.
2. Magento 2 custom options extension free updates within offered support period.


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At the end of this article, we would like to give you a clear definition of what is custom options as well as introduce some kinds of custom option magento 2 Extension, especially Magento 2 Custom Options Extension Package. We hope you find what are you looking for, please feel free to connect to us at the comment below.