//3 FREE Magento 2 DHL Extensions to Coordinate DHL for Site!

3 FREE Magento 2 DHL Extensions to Coordinate DHL for Site!

Every e-commerce business wants to create the best experience for buyers when shopping online. And one of the most crucial elements is the shipping method, in which DHL is a popular supplier nowadays. This article,  will answer the question of how to enable Magento 2 DHL extension.

Accordingly, we will recommend several FREE options for Magento 2 DHL Extension.

How to Enable DHL for Magento 2 by Default?


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If you are using Magento to develop your e-commerce platform, the good news is Magento does support multiple shipping methods at hand.

Take DHL, the leader in international shipping, for example.

To integrate DHL, you can follow these 4 simple steps as followed.

STEP 1: DHL Integration


This step allows you to enable DHL to provide shipping methods for your e-commerce site.

STEP 2: Goods Description and Handling Fee


In step 2, you are able to describe the package. Also, firms can add methods to calculate the shipping cost, which is not compulsory.

STEP 3: Allowed Shipping Method


Firms can choose each shipping method for the buyers in a specific duration. When shopping online, customers will be notified of which method is available for them.

STEP 4: Applicable Countries


The final step is to specify countries applicable to the shipping method.

Having finished enabling DHL, you may question how to easily manage it. These suggestions for Magento 2 DHL Extension below will solve such problems accordingly.

3 FREE Magento 2 DHL Extensions to Manage Better

DHL is available in Magento 2 by nature. However, there is still room to improve to leverage its performance and customer experiences.

For instance, there are several Magento 2 DHL extension FREE options in place to help manage the method much easier. Especially, all these extensions are delivered by DHL, who knows their shipping method the best.

To be specific, 3 periods: Pre-shipping, Shipping & Post-shipping are under control.

#1. Rates at Checkout – Real-time shipping quotes


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Rates at Checkout enable customers to know about estimated shipping costs, based on their carts and locations.

In Magento 2.2, the expected delivery date is also displayed on the checkout screen.

Key features:

  • Account rates display
  • Markup apply
  • Cut-off & Pick-up time
  • Expected delivery date

#2. DHL Shipping – Quick & easy shipment process


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Such Magento 2 DHL Extension is to help the shipping process. You are able to create DHL labels and give tracking IDs to buyers.

Key features:

  • Fast and easy label printing
  • Auto tracking code
  • Handover note creation
  • Additional delivery services
  • Bulk printing
  • Labels deleting and reprinting

#3. Deutsche Post Internetmarke – Light shipments support


Conveniently shipping light packages is the purpose of this Magento 2 DHL Extension. With magento dhl express , customers are able to make shipments from small goods (letters) to larger ones (books, etc.).

Key features:

  • Account security
  • Wallet top-up
  • Directly stamps purchasing
  • Domestical and international shipping
  • Transaction history display
  • Address adding
  • Vouchers
  • Tracking ID

Bonus: 3 FREE DHL Extensions for Magento 1

#1. DHL Location Finder – Address finder via Google Maps


This Magento DHL Extension is to integrate DHL locations as alternative delivery addresses. With the integration of Google Maps, the problem of incorrect addresses and shipping failure will be reduced.

Key features:

  • Integration of Google Maps
  • Addresses display: Packstations, Post Offices, Parcel Shops
  • One-click function
  • Extension of plugin

#2. DHL Retoure Online – Simplify the returning process

(Only in Germany)


DHL Retoure Online is another helpful extension of return packages. With 28,000 drop-off points, the return function of your e-commerce site will be processed much simpler.

Key features:

  • Return labels printing
  • Activation or deactivation
  • Labels printing by QR Code

#3. DHL Parcel Benelux – Shipping process support


The only suggestion for Magento 1 makes the shipping process for online stores much easier.

This Magento dhl express DHL Extension enables businesses to add delivery options to satisfy their customers.

Key features:

  • Labels printing
  • Domestic and international shipping
  • All package types supported
  • Auto tracking code creation


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Those above are 3 FREE extensions for Magento 2 and 3 bonuses for Magento 1.

We hope this article is helpful enough for you to optimize the shipping function on your site. Thanks for reading!