//Magento 2 Donation Extension for Charity Website & for Better Life

Magento 2 Donation Extension for Charity Website & for Better Life

Besides the purpose of making a profit, businesses also want to show their social responsibilities to the community. The Magento 2 Donation Extension provides you with a toolkit for bringing social good to recipients of donations.

Today, we will provide helpful information about Magento 2 Donation Extension. Also, several simple steps of how to build a charity website will be presented.

3 Magento 2 Donation Extension Reviews

When shopping offline, customers have a chance to put changes in a charity box at checkout. 

However, such demands can still be met in online shopping with an extension specifically designed for donation.

Check out these 4 reviews below to find your best Magento Donation Extension.

#1. Donation Product – FREE

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This extension enables owners to add such kind of charity boxes wherever they want. Such locations can be homepage, Cart, Checkout, Sidebar, etc.

Besides, if demand, the owners can create an independent donation section. Similar to entering products’ data into the online shop, different charity amounts can be added as a “Virtual Product”. Buyers can easily make choices of how much to donate.

Key features:

  • Multiple charities adding
  • Charities management
  • Layout locations controlling
  • Pop-up window
  • Compatibility

#2. Donations Suite for Magento 2 – $99

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This Magento Donation Extension for version 2 is the best to easily process online donations, relatively alike shopping online.

Using this, you can build your own donations in the most attractive and eye-catching way, thence, successfully convince buyers.

The extension also has various supported features as followed to conveniently manage this function.

Key features:

  • Multiple charities adding
  • Round-up feature
  • Minimum amount set-up
  • Charities priority set-up
  • Predefined amounts specification

#3. Magento 2 Donation Extension – $49

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This extension will bring about enormous useful features for both store owners and buyers.

The owners are able to create unlimited charity boxes added to the stores, in which buyers will give donations. This Magento 2 Donation Extension also helps to manage the process better.

Such features enable buyers to donate while shopping online with a list of available charities of the stores.

Key features:

  • Multiple charities adding
  • Grid charities management
  • Predefined values list
  • Minimum amount configuration
  • High customization

Bonus: 6 Steps to Build The Very First Donation Website


A bonus part for those who are finding ways to create a donation website, which is easy to follow.

STEP 1: Create a Donation Page


A donation page is where you can provide information to convince people to donate.

A good page should include:

  • A clear mission
  • A trustworthy brand
  • Meaningful charity stories
  • Attainable goal setting

STEP 2: Create a Donation Form


Creating a form to collect data from the donors is extremely essential to record re-donation and find new ones.

STEP 3: Set Up Automatic Invoice & Thanks Message


Utilizing this step will reduce time-consuming and increase donations by showing your appreciation.

STEP 4: Make Donation Page Well-known


To simplify, the more shareable, the more people know about your program, thus, the more donations will be made. For this purpose, sharing on Facebook, YouTube, etc. can work.

STEP 5: Make the “Donate” button


The fact that “Donate” Button appears everywhere on your page will stick to their memories. As a result, they are more likely to contribute.

STEP 6: Make Ads For Your Page


This final step will create remarkable access to your site. Frequently promoting your page on Blog websites, Emails, Social Media, etc. and you will see.


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To sum up, contributing to the community, particularly, donating, is much easier nowadays with just simple clicks.

We hope that those choices for Magento 2 Donation Extension will somehow help you to simply integrate donation function to your site. Thanks a lot for reading!