//3 Best-seller Magento 2 Extensions in Marketplace – You Should Also Get!

3 Best-seller Magento 2 Extensions in Marketplace – You Should Also Get!

These three best-sellers in the Magento 2 extension marketplace will benefit your online stores. Your business can thrive as far as possible.

There have been thousands of extensions developed and displayed on the Magento 2 extension marketplace. The wide range of them drives us to wonder which ones the most useful are.

Of course, whether an extension is beneficial or not depends much on what type of business the website owner does. In this article, we will review the three best-sellers in the Magento 2 extension marketplace, which may be among the most efficient extensions.

SEO Suite Ultimate by Mageworx


No matter how little each detail is, it matters in eCommerce on-page SEO. All the things such as adequately optimised on-page SEO elements, elimination of duplicate content, navigation, well-built site architecture and internal linking make substantial contributions to higher rankings in SERPs.

Doing everything by hand can be extremely time-consuming. It is high time for SEO Suite Ultimate comes into use.  The toolkit efficiently copes with a wide range of on-page SEO issues: from removing duplicate content and improving site indexation to optimising any ULRs and huge metadata. The extension especially comes with the advanced HTML and XML sitemaps, cross-linking, SEO redirects and advanced rich snippets.

Here are some of the outstanding functions of the extension:

  • HTML Sitemap

The feature helps design a proper and user-friendly outline of your site structure. Also, you can arrange all the links on a single page, thus giving customers a better experience of navigation.

  • XML Sitemap

Every vital site URL is included into the XML sitemap so that search engines could better crawl and faster index it. Once an XML sitemap is generated with this extension, it contains XML sitemap creation right from Console – for products, categories, CMS pages, and other pages, including landing pages.

  • Cross Links

In the meantime, the extension helps users to choose the target cross-links entities from the category and product grid.

  • Extended Rich Snippets

The feature improves higher CTRs with stunning search results. Price, ratings, stock availability and other attributes are displayed to be outstanding from your competitors and draw customer attention.

  • SEO Redirects

When broken URLs issues need solving, the CMS platform updating, the website design adjusting or moving to another domain; SEO redirects is a must. Thus, you will save the rankings and send customers to the relevant pages, instead of the 404 not found one.

Layered Navigation by Aheadworks


This extension truly comes in handy in case of massive product catalogues. It allows for choosing many product attributes at the same time. Then, a pop-up appears displaying the number of products in total, which meet the selected conditions.
Customers are expected to click on ‘Show’ if they want to get the filter applied. Also, three new filters are available: new arrivals, items in stock and products on sale.

Below are some of the main features of the extension:

  • Filters Dashboard

This dashboard enhances layered navigation, to administer every filter from one page and to arrange them by Filter, Code, Type, Status, Status in search, and Position criteria.

  • Multiple Filters

Now, customers can decide on when catalogue pages are reloaded after filters are applied. 

  • Fast AJAX Navigation

Ajax navigation helps filter products by attributes easily! The provided AJAX technology will refresh only the product catalogue.

  • Single-select Category Attributes

With this feature, customers have smooth moves between sub-categories. Besides, they are able to access the category attribute filter from all the relevant catalogue pages of your Ecommerce site.

  • Filter Clearance

Excitingly, the process of filtering extension attributes can take place favourably. Especially all of them can be removed just by a click.

  • Interactive Item Count

Once a new attribute is chosen, a popover automatically appears displaying the products meeting the selected conditions.

Yotpo Reviews by Yotpo


With Yotpo Reviews, business people easily collect reviews and photos of the customers during the purchasing process, thereby having strategies for gaining trust and boosting sales.

Businesses, receiving such data, could develop a far stronger brand on their own. The extension allows them to collect, administer and respond to content created by visitors from a single platform. 

That’s why the world’s leading commerce brands, like Away Travel, MVMT Watches, UNTUCKit, and Esurance, put their trust in Yotpo. 

Several of the features worth mentioning:

  • To enable customers to upload reviews, questions, and photos.
  • To build trust and increase conversion rate.
  • To utilise the content to increase site ranking, enhance the performance of ads, boost social networking traffic, and so on.

Wrapping Up

To sum up, above are three of the best-sellers in the Magento 2 extension marketplace which can be the ones you are seeking. With their outstanding features, they are expected to bring your business in general and your online stores in particular to higher levels. 

We hope that the article is informative and helpful to you. If you have any suggestions or questions, just feel free to share them with us in the comment section.

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