//Best 4 Amazing Magento 2 FAQ Extensions for All Online Stores

Best 4 Amazing Magento 2 FAQ Extensions for All Online Stores

Once the Magento 2 FAQs extension is installed, you can provide customers with more information about the concerned product on an attractive FAQ page. Moreover,  these shoppers are allowed to share their opinion and ranking score with others on social media. As a result, your credibility and reliability will be increased relatively.

When doing business, especially e-commerce trading, customer satisfaction is one of the most important factors that decide your success. In other words, the faster reply to customers’ questions, the happier customers, and the more successful is your business. However, it is not an easy task to reply to tons of questions from customers asking about your products every day. Aware of this problem, a lot of Magento 2 FAQ extensions are developed to assist admin in managing and replying to customers’ questions quickly.

Keep reading this article we will give you some information about the most popular FAQ extensions you need to know.

Top 4 FAQ Extensions for Magento 2 Stores


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In this article, we’ll introduce to you some of the most famous Magento FAQ extensions in the market currently. The candidates are chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Product features
  • Price and support policy
  • Rating review on Magento Connect, Magento Marketplace, and the vendor’s website.
  • Score on social media metrix such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+.
  • BSSCommerce’s score and experts’ review.



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This FAQ extension of Aheadworks is organized by categories so that admin can manage customer reviews conveniently. The module also allows admin to build up useful articles for customers as well as visitors to your online store. Through this, the customer’s satisfaction is significantly improved.

The highlight features of Aheadworks FAQ for Magento 2 are:

  • Easy to navigate at the frontend through a user-friendly interface
  • Allow managing the Viewing number at the backend
  • Divide different topics of questions into FAQ categories for more convenience
  • Allow rating the valuable answers through the Question rating section
  • Provide SEO-friendly page for marketing purpose
  • Enable to manage review stats in the backend

Concerning the price, Aheadworks sells its FAQ extension for $249 per community edition and $839 per enterprise version. Including in these prices are 90-day free support for the former edition and 360-day for the latter along with free installation service. Although the price of this extension by Aheadworks is considerably expensive, it’s definitely reasonable that its list of advantageous features is worth the money.

2. FAQs for Magento 2 by BSSCommerce

The second candidate in the list is the Magento 2 FAQs Extension by BSSCommerce. This module allows admin to not only create but also customize the FAQs page in order to increase the interaction with customers, raising their satisfaction about your online store.

Below are the fundamental functions of BSSCommerce module:

  • Enable FAQs on the product page and allow buyers to submit questions with no difficulty
  • Be able to create and show FAQs in their own pages
  • Allow dividing customers questions into FAQs categories
  • Allow admin to configure data in the backend to enable most recent and related FAQs in frontend
  • Allow searching for questions and/or answers by tags and keywords
  • Provide helpful and unhelpful vote buttons
  • Allow a set number of FAQs to show on categories box and category page


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About the price, the Magento 2 FAQ extension by BSSCommerce worth $59 for the community version and an additional $100 for the enterprise one. This level of price is relatively cheaper than the module by Aheadworks. With one-year free support, free lifetime update, and no installation fee included, the Magento 2 FAQ extension by BSSCommerce is suitable for e-commerce businesses that have quite a tight budget.


Landofcoder is another developer that provides an effective FAQ extension for Magento 2. The module not only helps to create a beautiful and SEO-friendly FAQ page but also allows you to make a list of questions on the product detail page.

The main features of Landofcoder FAQ Extension for Magento 2 are:

  • Allow creating as many categories of FAQs as possible
  • Be able to edit the FAQs locations and categories
  • Allow customizing multiple layouts along with responsive and beautiful interface website
  • Enable to choose any question icons
  • Allow searching by Ajax based on  keywords and tags
  • Provide expand/ collapse feature to view the answers to each question
  • Display the most frequently asked questions

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In terms of price, Landofcoder has a special pricing policy. Instead of separating the extension in0to different editions like other candidates in this list, Landofcoder provides four different types of licenses, ranging from $99 to $1,098. The supporting policy that provides 12-month free support is the same for most licenses.


Last but not least, the Magento 2 FAQ by Magedelight is a very helpful tool to improve the customer satisfaction of your store. This extension allows creating the knowledge base page that helps admin receive all questions of customers and answer them instantly.

The highlight functions of this FAQ extension by Magedelight are:

  • Numerous layout options for FAQ category page
  • Easy access to product questions and answers on the product page
  • Availability of most frequently asked questions on the FAQ page
  • Availability of sharing a link on social media and like/dislike options on the question page
  • Limitless categories for FAQ
  • The single tab of FAQ on each product page
  • Instant search on FAQ page with content, tag or keywords
  • Various animations for each question
Generic FAQ configuration – Magedelight FAQ extension

This Magento 2 FAQ extension by Magedelight costs $179 and $379 for the community and enterprise editions, including 180-day of free support. Unlike the first two companies that provide free installation service, Magedelight asks clients $99 for their professional installation service.


In summary, Magento 2 FAQ extension is a helpful solution for every Magento 2 store in bringing great customer experience and providing better SEO value to your product pages. With all the beneficial functions, Magento 2 FAQ extension is a must-have module to enhance the interaction between store owners and customers when doing an eCommerce business.

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