//3+ Magento 2 Netsuite Extension Solutions to Get Instant NetSuite Integration!

3+ Magento 2 Netsuite Extension Solutions to Get Instant NetSuite Integration!

Magento 2 Netsuite extension is one of the best solutions to integrate vital retail systems and beneficial for both your customers and business. When you improve the efficiency of your operations, it can result in a better experience for customers. 

In today’s topic, we are going to discover 3+ Magento 2 Netsuite Extension Solutions to Get Instant NetSuite Integration.

What is NetSuite?

NetSuite is an online service that helps ecommerce businesses integrate all the major operating processes in a single system.

The main purpose of NetSuite is for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). However, it can also be used to manage inventory, track their financials, host e-commerce stores, and maintain Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. Hence, this flexible platform can be useful to a wide range of business applications.

Why Should You Connect NetSuite with Magento 2?

Magento and Netsuite integration makes your business operations smoother and more efficient by automating the order transactions between the two systems.

Unlike manual data transfer from a website to ERP platform, which is time-consuming and likely to make mistakes. Magento and NetSuite integration won’t let you worry about inaccurate order, inventory count, customer, and item data wreaking havoc on your performance.

Furthermore, integration also gives businesses the opportunity to perform more advanced capabilities. For instance, you will be able to do advanced logistics like intelligent procurement or provide more competitive shipping times. As a result, customers will trust you to deliver on-time and accurately every time they place an order.

Lastly, connecting NetSuite with Magento allows you to sync inventory levels in real-time that makes process orders more quickly, and provide buyers with consistent product information on your website. 

How to Complete Magento 2 NetSuite in a Breeze?

There are three ways to connect Magento website and NetSuite:

Magento 2 NetSuite Extensions

Using Magento Netsuite extension can be regarded as an easy way to sync data. For this type of solution, all the data like inventory counts, orders, customers, and items are synchronized directly between Magento and NetSuite. Magento 2 NetSuite extension is often affordable as many marketplaces offer point-to-point integration. It can be a good option for small retailers who aren’t experiencing or seeking for rapid growth.


Instead of using Magento Netsuite extension, some sellers choose to build their custom integration. In this way, they need to use application programming interfaces that are available for both Magento and NetSuite. When building a custom integration, you need to pay attention to these five types of data: item, inventory, customer, shipping, and order.

Multichannel Integration Platform

The third way to integrate Magento and NetSuite is by applying a multichannel integration platform. In this case, your data about inventory, order, customer, product, and shipping is synced through an operational hub put between the two systems.

Three Magento 2 NetSuite Extensions Free & Paid

Celigo Netsuite connector – FREE

With this Magento 2 NetSuite extension, admins can easily:

  • Update inventory levels in Magento systems based on changes in NetSuite
  • Make shipping information available upon order fulfillment in NetSuite
  • Convert items in NetSuite to Magento 
  • Connect multiple Magento 2 websites views to a single NetSuite account

Oracle Netsuite – $1,999

The Magento 2 Netsuite extension from Firebear Studio provides intermediate integration by its features:

  • Productivity boost 
  • Intelligent driven decisions 
  • Full control using attributes, categories, and price mapping
  • No intermediaries 

Decent Digital Netsuite Integration – FREE

Decent Digital created an incredible Magento 2 Netsuite extension with:

  • Improved Stock Management
  • Updated Product Attributes
  • Improves Marketing Capabilities
  • Fast Access To Detailed Reports


Integrating your systems by Magento Netsuite Extension improves your customer experience. In turn, they will buy from your store again and again to show their appreciation.