//Magento 2 Order Extension: A List of Three!

Magento 2 Order Extension: A List of Three!

In addition to many Magento products, the Magento Order Extension offers a variety of utilities. It optimizes customers’ order processes such as reviewing order details, editing order information and tracking the method of shipping the ordered products.

Why Do You Need Magento 2 Order Extension For Your Website?


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Customers nowadays are likely to have higher needs with convenient services such as online orders, fast deliveries and enthusiastic supports. Therefore, online retailers wanting to boost their business should pay attention to these specific elements.

Besides, salespeople also seek convenient, simple and effective ways to sell. These magento order extension equipped will speed up the trade exchange between them.

#1. Stimulate buying demands with Pre-order Extension ($79.00)


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BSS Commerce brings this Magento 2 Pre-order Extension to improve the Marketing element of your product.

Nothing is better than the fact that customers are crazy about your coming-soon products and even order beforehand. Hence, don’t stop their excitement!

Key features:

  • Permit pre-ordering sold out and upcoming products
  • Replace the ‘Add to Cart’ button by the ‘Pre-Order’ button
  • Show notes and messages for pre-order products on the shopping cart
  • Edit the’ Pre-Order’ button shown in the frontend page
  • Customize previous orders conveniently in the backend page

#2. Build trust with Order Status Extension ($139.00)


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With this Magento 2 Order Status Extension, you can quickly gain preference over other companies by being reliable and professional. 

Your customers can freely check out their orders without having to go through any complicated and time-consuming processes.

Key features:

  • Create and manage customers’ order statuses
  • Assign custom statuses to order states
  • Inform customers about the status change
  • Use each email templates per condition and store view

#3. Handle irrelevant orders wit Order Grid Extension ($99.00)


The next recommended magento order extension allows adding more columns and grouping them logically to help website administrators view the order grid, manage and process orders more effectively.

With this Magento order extension, you will be able to follow all the vital information in one spot, delete/add columns (rows) and customize the order grid that meets your business needs.

Key features:

  • Getting a bird’s eye view of all order information.
  • Equip the standard grid with 28 extra columns
  • Take advantage of 20 extra order bulk-actions
  • Manually synchronize additional order data
  • Time-saving on filling in extra columns
  • Delete unimportant orders
  • Mass actions application to any number of orders at once


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Although 3 extensions above are a bit pricy, they are worth! Each magento order extension has its certain distinct benefits. Hence, should you spend money & enjoy those benefits? My answer is definitely ‘YES’! Please Like, Share and Subscribe to Magext to receive interesting articles and feel free to contact us!