//5+ Magento 2 Promotion Bar Extensions To Run Successful Campaigns

5+ Magento 2 Promotion Bar Extensions To Run Successful Campaigns

In the e-commerce world, you struggle every day to figure out what to do to make your Magento 2 stores different from the competitors and how to attract more and more visitors for the larger sales, aren’t you?

Today, Magexts team gets the right ideal solutions for you: Top 6 Magento 2 Promotion Bar Extensions that work!

Why Should You Take Magento 2 Promotion Bar Into Serious Account?

A promotion bar for Magento 2 stores, so-called the notification bar, is a short and clear announcement usually together with the eye-catching image placed at the very top of the sites.

Promotion bar help growing your contact list.

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The appealing ideas of using notification bars in the Magento platform are to draw customers’ attention directly on their visiting a particular page, to provide a convenient space for update notifications, and to highlight call-to-action messages.

With the support of Magento 2 Promotion Bar extensions, you can customize and display any notification bars to:

  • Advertise your upcoming promotional campaign with the discount or promos code;
  • Show the CTA button in an attractive way to trigger customers to convert;
  • Promote best-seller or recent offerings/collections;
  • Include follow links to improve the traffic of any pages.

The Easiest Ways To Add Promotion Bar To Any Places Of  Magento 2 Sites.

If you are doing business on the Magento 2 platform, then you may wonder how to create and take advantages of such notification bar since there is no such functionality in the default, right?

Use extension to add Promotion Bar to Magento 2.

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The answer is to use Magento notification bars. Hence, we have done a careful search and handily picked up Top 6 Promotion Bar for Magento 2 extensions to introduce you today, based on the following criteria:

  • The features of each Magento 2 notification bar plugins.
  • Their prices and support policies.
  • The demo sites of those Magento 2 Promotion Bar extensions.
  • Their high rating and reliable reviews on product pages.

Check them now!

Top 5+ Magento 2 Promotion Bar Extensions

1. Magento 2 Promotion Bar extension by BSSCommerce ($59.00 CE – $159.00 EE)

magento 2 promotion bar extension bsscommerce
Display Magento notification bar to promote your sales.

Catching the eyes of customers immediately when they browser to your homepage with visible Magento 2 promotion messages gives you the chance to get them engaged quickly and converted to further actions.

You should never miss out the outstanding features as below:

  • Create any promotion bars and notification bars to display on selected pages as wanted.
  • Tailor the design of the notification bar in Magento with the use of WYSIWYG editor.
  • Place created Notification bar in Magento at the top of the page, above/under menu, above/under page content.
  • Display various promotion bars in the slider supporting full features.
  • Set conditional rules to restrict and schedule the Magento 2 notification bar display.
  • Manage all Magento notification bar in the detailed grid.

Despite being the most expensive extension on the list, BSSCommerce Promotion Bar for Magento 2 is also the richest-in-feature with the best free support policies: Free Installation, Free Lifetime Update, Free 1-Year Support, and 30-day Money Back.

All features work as described so you can configure in the demo to test the fullest benefits of BSSCommerce Promotion Bar for Magento 2 in the frontend.

2. Magento 2 Promotion Bar Extension by Red Champs ($0 CE – $0 EE)

The first name on the list is a promotion bar module named Magento 2 Sticky Notification Bar extension by Red Champs, which offers the most basic features to create an announcement bar in minutes.

magento 2 promotion bar extension red champs
Add eye-catching promotion messages in several settings.

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Key features:

  • Edit notification message to be displayed in the promotion bar of Magento 2 web store.
  • Customize the color of the text and background of the notification bar.
  • Be visible following customers’ path thanks to the sticky feature.

This Promotion Bar for Magento 2 extension is easy to configure. What’s more, it is free for both Community Edition and Enterprise Edition. You have to pay $30.00 only for installation service as if.

For those, who are hesitating how Notification bar in Magento works in boosting sales, you can try this free plugin to create the simplest bar and see whether customers convert.

If you want more advanced features, please scroll down to explore other options.

3. Magento 2 Promotion Bar Extension by Hidden Techies ($29.00 CE)

magento 2 promotion bar extension hidden techies
Include links in Magento 2 Promotion Bar to motive customers to click for more.

The configuration is straightforward to set so you can add notification bars quickly and engage with online shoppers easily.

Basic features of Promotion Bar For Magento 2 CE module:

  • Create bars to present promotions, news, coupons, etc.
  • Decide the design and display of promotion bars in the frontend within settings.
  • Set duration time to show Magento 2 notification bars.

Hidden Techies provides Magento Notification Bar features for the Community Edition, not for the Enterprise Edition. However, it is still a good deal at $29.00 coming with free lifetime update, free 1-year support, and 30-day money back.

4. Magento 2 Promotion Bar extension by Magik ($39.00 CE – $39.00 EE)

Magik Magento 2 Promotion Bar extension will help you keep your visitors stay aware of any update on the stores, such as up-launching promotion, new arrival, special discount, and more.

magento 2 promotion bar extension magik
Draw customers in with Magento 2 Promotion Bar at the top of your sites.

Features supported by this Magento 2 notification bar include:

  • Create and design the look of the promotion bars.
  • Set the delay of the slideshow.
  • Decide the start date and end date for the display of the bars.
  • Customize links in Magento 2 notification bars. 

Similar to extension by Red Champs and Hidden Techies, you can freely tailor the text and decide the color of the generated promotion bar. Moreover, you can add links and schedule when to show or close the bar followed the marketing strategy.

To order this Magento 2 extension, you need to spend $39.00. 30-day money-back, free 90-day support, and free 6-month upgrade come along.

5. Magento 2 Promotion Bar extension by MageHit ($39.00 CE – 39.00 EE)

Another choice to attract customers to special promotion deals or to inform them any on-site changes using Magento 2 announcement bar.

magento 2 promotion bar extension magehit
Promotion Bar Page records all Magento 2 notification bars for later management.

Highlight features of Magento 2 Promotion Bar extension:

  • Display single or multiple promotion/notification bars at the top of the bottom of any pages.
  • Set the time to auto-show Magento 2  notification bar again after its previous closing.
  • Edit and choose the color of text and background of promotion bars.
  • List all bars on a separate page for customers to explore as wanted.

This Magento 2 extension also includes other interesting features so you can contact the supplier to try its backend demo.

Price of the module is $39.00 with the 30-day money back guarantee. The installation will cost more $20.00.

6. Magento 2 Promotion Bar Extension by Magebees ($50.00 CE)

Magebees has also developed Promotions Notification Pro For Magento 2 that is worth trying as well.

magento 2 promotion bar extension magebees
Promotion popup supported by Magebees Magento 2 Promotion Bar extension

Here is the list of key features:

  • Create unlimited promotion bars or notifications bars in Magento 2 web store.
  • Show notifications in bars at the top/bottom of any pages or in popups.
  • Generate the Promotions Notification page to display all notifications.
  • Define rules to show promotion bars in the frontend.

Now, this Magento 2 Notification Bar extension is available for the Community Edition only at $50.00. Additional services cost you more: $39.00 for installation, $50.00 more for design & configure, and $75.00 for both.


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If you are about to launch online promotion campaign or you are looking for the decent way to get customers immediately updated on any on-site news, then you should try Magento 2 Promotion Bar extension right away!

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In case you have any questions about Magento 2 plugins, or if we miss out on any useful extensions on our lists, let us know via magexts.us@gmail.com.