//For B2B Business: Don’t Skip These Magento 2 Quote Extension Reviews

For B2B Business: Don’t Skip These Magento 2 Quote Extension Reviews

Do you want to integrate the negotiating system in your B2B business? If yes then Magento 2 quotation extension is all you need. Tons of extensions and add-ons are playing a vital role in the success of a B2B marketplace, and Magento 2 quotation extension is one of them.

In this article, we give you a detailed explanation and review of this useful tool.

Why Do You Need Magento 2 Quote Extension?


The bargaining system has always been existing in the trading environment. For instance, retailers can negotiate to buy a $10 product with a price of $8 or $9 if they buy a large quantity of this product. In this case, both the retailer and manufacturer can be beneficial.

Magento quote extension works on the same principle but more optimal for the online marketplaces. Retailers only need to submit a form filled with the desired quantity and price for the products.

By taking advantage of Magento 2 quote extension, users can:

  • Create a quote for multiple products.
  • Estimate shipping rates for the corresponding quote from different shipping methods.
  • Receive proper information regarding the status of the quote.
  • Approve and cancel quote.

5+ Magento 2 Request for Quote Solutions to Satisfy B2B Customers

Magento 2 Request for Quote by BssCommerce – $199

The BssCommerce’s extension helps retailers and manufacturers save time and human resources to follow up and convert the quote to order.


Important features:

  • Enable “Add to Quote” per product or for all products
  • Display “Add to Quote” for specific categories, as well
  • Choose customer groups, say B2B, to allow “Add to quote.”
  • Define minimum quote amount per custom group
  • Manage the requests professionally: approve, reject, or customize the quote

Quote by Landofcoder – $169

Magento 2 Quote Extension by Landofcoder is for every B2B business, to fasten the quote request process and quote management.


Important features:

  • Easy to use “Add to quote.”
  • Enable to custom prices per product
  • Add note/comment for each product
  • Support display on Homepage, search page & other pages
  • Support all Magento product types

Advance Request a Quote by Codecanyon – $99

Advance Request a Quote is built to help customers to bargain the product cost with the store admin directly.


Important features:

  • Allow buyers to send a quote for multiple products at once
  • Support all types of products
  • Allow admin to track your quote requests with a straightforward process
  • Send notifications to both admins and customers for their relevant quote request
  • Enable/Disable setting options

Request for Quote for Magento 2 by Mageplaza – $249

Mageplaza Request for Quote allows customers to request a quote for a single product or the whole cart.


Important features:

  • Offer price negotiation through a quote cart
  • Allow customers to request for a quote conveniently
  • Approve, cancel or modify a quote request
  • Provide mass requests for quotes based on SKUs
  • Offer mutual-reply around a quote

Customer Quote by Boostmyshop – $169

This Magento 2 quote extension promises to bring in more sales for business as it helps buyers raise their voices and requests effortlessly to the store owners. 


Important features:

  • Send quote requests within customers’ accounts, a product page or from their carts. 
  • Freely customize a quote request.
  • Notify the customer with one click.
  • Easily add to cart.
  • Automatically send a notification email to the customers who forgot to send a quote.


Thank Magento quote extension that helps to facilitate two face interaction between sellers and buyers. Above is a comprehensive Magento 2 quote extension list on the marketplace, and we are glad to share it with you.

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