//5 Best Magento 2 Referral Extensions Every Store Owner Should Have
Target More Buyers with 5 Best Magento 2 Referal Extension

5 Best Magento 2 Referral Extensions Every Store Owner Should Have

On the Magento 2 platform, there are tons of extension types that have been developed over the past decade. Have you ever heard of what is called a Magento 2 referral extension or Magento 2 affiliate extension? It’s easy to explain!

In simple words, they are two of the most effective marketing solutions for online stores.

If you have Magento 2 affiliate extensions, you can build financially driven relationships, while Magento 2 referral modules lead to more personal motivation.

Therefore, you can motivate clients to promote your business for financial rewards and on the basis of altruism at the same time. Both methods are possible with Magento 2 referral extension and affiliate modules described below.

5 Best Magento 2 Referral Extension That You Don’t Wanna Miss!

#1. Affiliate by aheadWorks – $249


With Affiliate by aheadWorks, you will have the option to construct a solid group of sales reps, who will utilize their opt-in lists and customers to promote your online store and items. Fortunately, you have to pay them only if you earn a profit.

Highlighted features:

  • Suggest affiliates the items for promotion so that they could make the right decision
  • Pay affiliates commissions per every product sale; the ones not promoted but belonging to the same campaign are included
  • Raise commission rates for the most efficient affiliates
  • Manage affiliate campaigns with reports (both for admins and affiliates)
  • Set up a payout schedule to automatically generate payouts

#2. Referral Bonus and Reward System by BelVG – $99

Magento refer a friend
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It is a supportive module that encourages your clients to invite their friends to your shop. Users can benefit from successful referral registrations or purchases. Let your customers utilize social services, email, and direct links for sharing invitations with this extension.

Highlighted features:

  • Invite new users in many ways
  • Obtain a discount for new referrals
  • Utilize this discount for purchases in the future
  • Allow your customers to manage the number of points they want to spend on a purchase
  • Invite users via email, social services or direct links
  • Share points with other users

#3. Refer A Friend by aheadWorks – $199

Magento refer a friend

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Transform your clients into your ambassadors. Consolidate viral and affiliate marketing with no need to start a conventional affiliate program with Refer a Friend module for Magento 2.

Motivate your guests to invite their friends to your online store by utilizing percentage or flat discounts on their purchases.

Therefore, you will get more clients and revenues boosted.

Moreover, Magento 2 refers to a friend free extension guidance when you install. It’s really convenient!

Highlighted features:

  • Affiliates get percent discounts for link sharing
  • Holding periods for advocate discounts
  • Link sharing through social networks, emails, messengers
  • On-site/admin referral program performance stats

#4. Reward Points by Magestore – $99


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With the Magento referral extension, store owners can build a long relationship with their clients based on a loyalty program.

They gain loyalty points for purchasing at your store or performing certain actions, such as signing up an account or reviewing.

Then, they can make use of these points as a discount at the checkout. It’s an easy way to establish your brand loyalty and to attract potential clients to your store.

Highlighted features:

  • Exchange rates which are flexibly set for earning and spending points
  • Points used to pay for orders
  • Easily managed and adjustable reward points
  • Refund by loyalty points
  • Easily imported and exported points by CSV file 

#5. Affiliate Pro by Mageworld – $99


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The Magento referral Extension supplies the ability to sign up affiliates and to monitor their accounts. Your clients will easily invite their friends by IM, banners, emails, and social networks. The module supports various affiliate programs designed to promote particular products, categories, or brands.

Highlighted features:

  • Support multi-level marketing;
  • Support multiple affiliate programs;
  • Establish flexible rules for programs on the basis of catalog rule and cart orders;
  • Support affiliate referral codes for offline marketing;
  • Allow creating endless programs with fixed/ percentage commission and discount;
  • Auto-subtract commission if there is a refunding or canceled order.


To sum up, every Magento 2 referral extension on the list is worth being taken into consideration. Each has its own featured highlights, so analyze and decide which one suits your online store best.

In this article, we mentioned Magento 2 refer a friend free extension guidance, Magento 2 refer a friend and more. We hope that after reading through the article, you’ll feel content with it and find out one best extension for yourself.

If you have any further questions or suggestions, let us know in the comment sections below.

Thank you for your time!