//Top 9 Magento 2 Review Reminder Extensions To Build Customer Trust And Get More Sales
Top 9 Magento 2 Review Reminder Extensions To Build Customer Trust And Get More Sales

Top 9 Magento 2 Review Reminder Extensions To Build Customer Trust And Get More Sales

Why we choose Magento 2 Review Reminder extensions is the topic to discuss today? It is because customers’ reviews have a big impact on purchasing decision and become the standard of online shopping. Positive feedback not only builds trust from customers but it also directly affects your bottom line. Thus, it is high time for every Magento 2 store owner to think about online reviews as a critical part of the stores and landing pages.

Do reviews on Magento 2 stores drive customers’ purchasing behaviors?

The answer is absolutely “Yes.” If you still hesitate about installing magento review reminder extension on your stores, then please note several important statistics updated by BrightLocal Blog in March 2018 about how reviews impact on customers’ decision and product sales:

  • Excellent reviews are likely to promote shoppers to spend 31% more on products or services.
  • 85% of the buyers put as much trust in online product reviews as in personal recommendation when deciding to purchase.
  • A business can expect to increase its revenue by 5%-9% with every star getting from customers’ review.

Another survey by  Spiegel Research Center in 2017 also showed surprising results, as follow:

  • Displaying customers’ reviews on websites can boost conversion by 270%, especially for a higher-priced item, the conversion rate might be up to 380%.
  • Five reviews lead to purchase likelihood to go up by a factor of approximately 4 times..

Online reviews do work, don’t they?

How can Magento 2 stores collect and take advantages of customers’ reviews?

The e-commerce market is getting more and more fierce so collecting and displaying as much customers’ feedback as possible makes your Magento 2 trustworthy and contribute to more sales as well.

Wonder the best way to leverage reviews for your business? Just ASK your buyers! We provide you with Top 9 Magento 2 Review Reminder Extensions to send emails asking customers for submitting product reviews.

As usual, our Magexts experts have carefully picked up magento review reminder extensions with the following criteria:

  • The features of each Magento 2 Review Reminder module.
  • The prices and support policies by Magento 2 extension developers.
  • The extensions’ demo.
  • Reviews and ratings displayed on Magento Review Reminder product page.

We’ll arrange the list of recommended Magento Review Reminder extensions in descending order of price.

1. Magento 2 Review Reminder extension by BSSCommerce ($79.00 CE – $179.00 EE)


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Having almost all features of magento review reminder by other vendors mentioned above, the product review booster solution of BSSCommerce comes at a cheaper price. This Magento 2 module is the perfect choice to keep you in touch with previous shoppers via review reminder and coupon code emails and to enhance trust with new visitors using displayed reviews on websites.

Let’s discover all features of Review Reminder for Magento 2 extension by BSSCommerce.

  • Specify X days after which the first review reminder notification is automatically sent.
  • Fully customize review reminder email settings (template, maximum sent count, customer group, sender, BCC, test email).
  • Record all reminder email in Magento Review Reminder Logs.
  • Schedule time for automated email removal from the Logs.
  • Create coupon rules and coupon code email template to reward customers’ first product review submission.
  • Manage all coupon code in Cart Price Rules grid.

Review: The demo of this Magento 2 Review Reminder plugin works smoothly, and the user guide is very detailed and clear. As mentioned above, the price of its full features is very reasonable, accomplished by great support policies: only $79.00 for the CE and $179.00 for the EE, together with Free Installation, Free 1-year support, Free lifetime upgrade, and 30-day money back. This Review Reminder for Magento 2 extension is the best-in-budget choice in terms of price and features.

2. Magento 2 Review Reminder extension by CreativeMinds ($129.00 CE – $299.00 EE)

This Review Reminder for Magento 2 extension allows admins to auto-deliver product review incentives to the buyers after they complete a purchase to promote product feedback.


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Key features of Magento 2 Review Reminder extension by CreativeMinds.

  • Define the number of days to auto-send feedback requests.
  • Create and customize the email template for Magento review reminder emails.
  • Allow admins to approve or reject customer reviews from being displayed on the product page.
  • Offer coupon discount for customers having approved reviews.
  • Support detailed reports on the sent coupon and product reviews.

Review: This Magento 2 extension seems good in features with interesting backup policies such as free 1-year license and support and 30-day money back. However, customers of this Magento 2 Review Reminder can only test the demo on purchasing the extension. Particularly, the Community Edition including 1 live and 2 test  Magento® hosts costs $129.00, and the Enterprise Edition also equipped with 1 live and 2 test Magento® hosts costs $299.00. For Extension Installation, you have to pay an extra of $59.00. This Magento 2 extension is useful; its price is high though.

3. Magento 2 Review Reminder extension by AheadWork ($79.00 CE – $349.00 EE)

Let your lovely customers promote your sales by setting rules and conditions to automatically send them review reminder message using AheadWork Magento 2 Review Reminder extension.


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This Magento 2 Review Reminder plugin supports the following functions:

  • Set delivery time and conditions to send review reminder notification (shopping cart, product attribute conditions, store view, customer group.)
  • Record all review reminder emails in Mail Logs.
  • Schedule log clearing to remove emails as needed.
  • Track the performance of review reminder in Order and Reminders grid.
  • Enrich the email template using WYSIWYG editor.

Review: Every feature of AheadWork Review Reminder for Magento 2 extension works as promised in the demo. Despite the lack of some features such as admins’ approval/disapproval of reviews or coupon gift, the Community Edition is a good deal at only $79.00 including 90-day free support, lifetime update, and 40-day money back. You’ll have to pay extra fee for more extended support periods: +$24.00 for 180-day support and +$32.00 for 360-day support.

However, the Enterprise Edition of this magento review reminder module comes at fourth times as much as the CE – $349.00 including 180-day free support. 360-day support period will cost you additional $105.00. Additional services for both editions are the priority support (+$99.00) and the installation (+$55.00).

Magento 2 store owners can look for other cheaper alternatives with similar features from the list below.

4. Magento 2 Review Reminder extension by Mageplaza ($79.00 CE – $299.00 EE)


The third Magento 2 Review Reminder extension on the list is developed by Mageplaza. With the support of this Magento 2 solution, you can save more time and receive more customers’ reviews by automatically sending review reminder notification following up their recent purchases.

Now, have a quick look at outstanding features of this Magento 2 extension:

  • Set reminder email configuration (first send schedule, email sender, email template)
  • Manage all scheduled and sent emails on Email Logs
  • Integrate magento review reminder extension with Google Analytics UTM
  • Support Review Reminder Report

Review: Google Analysis and Report features are quite interesting and useful to keep track of review reminder emails. The demo runs well, and the related documents are easy to understand. Regarding the price, you need pay $79.00 for the Community Edition, $299.00 for the Enterprise Edition, and $50 more for installation service. 30-day money back, 1-year support, and lifetime update are offered freely.

5. Magento 2 Review Reminder extension by ITORIS ($79.00 CE – $279.00 EE)


ITORIS has developed another Magento 2 Review Reminder extension allowing the automated sending of feedback request email with the following features:

  • Set time for automated review reminder delivery and automatic logs clearing.
  • Track review reminder info on a separate log.
  • Choose reminder email template, sender, BCC list, and test email as wanted.

Review: The functions of ITORIS Review Reminder for Magento 2 extension are basic and easy to configure, which you can test in the demo. You can purchase the Community Edition with $70.00 and the Enterprise Edition with $279.00. Support Policies include free update, free support, and 60-day money back. The installation costs more $49.00 if any.


6. Magento 2 Review Reminder extension by SwissUp ($79.00 CE – $79.00 EE)

SwissUp Review Reminder for Magento 2 extension supports sending reminder notifications to ask customers for leaving the feedback based on manual order indexing.


With this Magento 2 Review Reminder module, you can:

  • Auto-create review reminders for new orders and send them after the set days.
  • Manage reminder emails in Review Reminders grid
  • Manually index precious orders to generate Magento 2 review reminders.
  • Send review reminder emails manually or by cron

Review: We’ve tried to deploy the demo of SwissUp Magento 2 Review Reminder extension followed the instruction on the product page, but unfortunately it seems to take forever. We’ll check it again at another time. Anyways, this Magento 2 solution is good if you only look for the basic features to encourage customers’ reviews. Both the Community Edition and Enterprise Edition cost $79.00. If you want advanced functions, then consider other extensions on the list.

7. Magento 2 Review Reminder extension by MageBright ($69.00 CE – $169.00 EE)

Coming at a bit lower price for the Community Edition is Magento 2 Review Reminder module developed by MageBright.


The key features of this Magento 2 module:

  • Set delay time to respectively send three review reminder emails.
  • Manage review request email in Reminder Manager log.
  • Keep track of scheduled and sent review reminder email in Reminder History log.

Review: Generally, Magento 2 Review Reminder extension is quite basic, which you can try in the demo. Customers of this Review Reminder extension need pay $69.00 and $169.00 for the Community Edition and the Enterprise Edition respectively. The support policies consist of 30-day money back guarantee, 6-month upgrade guarantee, and 6-month bug free guarantee.

8. Magento 2 Review Reminder extension by Emipro Shop ($49.00 CE)

Thanks to Emipro Review Reminder for Magento 2 extension, you can manually or automatically send review reminder emails to ask your customers to share their experience with purchased items.


The functions of this Magento 2 review booster are basic but worth trying.

  • Automatically send a review reminder message to your customers
  • Set a gap of specifics days between two review reminder emails to be sent.
  • Decide the maximum number of sent review reminder emails.
  • Manually send reminder email in Review Reminders grid.

Review: Another good-in-budget basic Review Reminder for Magento 2 extension for small store owners. Only Community Edition is available at $49.00 including 90-day support and free installation. More extended support periods mean paying extra fees: +$30.00 for 180 days and +$50.00 for 360 days.

9. Magento 2 Review Reminder extension by Neklo ($29.00 CE – $29.00 EE)


Last but not least, we want to introduce Review Reminder for Magento 2 extension by Neklo. Similar to other Magento 2 extensions on the list, this module supports automatically reminding previous buyers via review reminder emails to submit some feedback for recent orders.

The features are a bit few but interesting to explore:

  • Customize reminder email settings.
  • Send reminder messages on time based on your configs.
  • Generate backlists to avoid spam.
  • Create coupon reward to send thanks to customers’ review.

Review: Though the user guide is somewhat sketchy, the demo runs smoothly. Both community edition and enterprise edition costs you $29.00 with 30-day money back, 50% discount update, and 30-day free support. You have to pay more $60.00, $100.00, $99.00, $55.00 for 90-day support, 360-day support, priority support, and installation service respectively.

This Magento 2 Review Reminder extension is good in features, but with the same budget, you can try BSSCommerce extension which includes similar and even advanced features as well as attractive support policies.


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To sum up, Magexts strongly recommend using magento review reminder extension to leverage customers’ reviews, build trust with new visitors, and drive more and more sales. If you find this post useful, don’t hesitate to Like, Comment, and Share with others. In case you have any question about Review Reminder for Magento 2 module or you want to share your Review Reminder extension on our list, please contact us at any time.