//Magento 2 Rewards Points: Create Relationships With Customers

Magento 2 Rewards Points: Create Relationships With Customers


If you are seeking for the best Magento 2 Reward Points, you’ve found the right place. When it comes to building an e-commerce website on Magento 2, you may need to equip your online store with the best Magento Rewards extensions.

We not only guide all you need about reward points but also provide you with a handpicked list of the best five Magento 2 Reward Points extension free and paid in the global market. 

What Is Magento 2 Rewards Point?


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Magento Reward Points (or Magento 2 Reward) module allows you to build and customize your own Magento customer rewards program. Buyers earn loyalty points on any purchase or the other actions they are doing on your Magento website or in-store. Then these points can be redeemed as discounts for the next purchase. 

With this module, you encourage customers’ purchases as they feel each buying has additional benefits.

Features of a Typical Magento 2 Rewards Extension

Magento 2 Rewards extension aims to assist store owners in building long relationships with their customers based on a loyalty program. 

Buyers get loyalty points for purchasing at your store or performing specific actions (e.g., sign on an account, reviews, etc.). Your customers can use these loyalty points as a reduction at the checkout on both Magento site and point of sale. This will, in turn, make your customers feel cared about. 

Hence, it’s easy to extend your brand loyalty and attract potential customers to your store with support from the best Magento rewards extension.

  • Flexibly set exchange rates for earning and spending points
  • Pay for orders with points
  • Manage reward point balance, customer reward points and adjust it as you wish
  • Refund by loyalty points
  • Import and export points quickly by a CSV file

1. Earning Points Configuration


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Magento 2 Rewards extension allows your customers to earn points after placing orders at your store. Be happy to customize the earning conditions, i.e., the minimum value of the order & the purpose amount they receive. E.g. “1 point for each $10 spent”.

Our Reward Points are 100% compatible with Magento and similar to a built-in extension. Thus, the reward program is embedded on your website without extra integration. Customers can easily see the loyalty conditions or benefits of each applied products. This encourages customers to convert faster.

2. Spending Points Configuration


With Reward Points, customers can flexibly choose how many loyalty points they want to spend in the Shopping cart and Checkout pages. They can even move the slide forwards or backward and click on the Minus or Plus icons.

3. Manage Reward Points Balances


With Magento 2 Rewards Point extensions, customers can track their current point balance. All points are displayed under My Account > My Reward, which is shown right on the top link, under their account name on the homepage.

4. Manage Points Transaction


Admins can observe all point transactions from the Magento administrative interface, as well as manage reward points when creating an order in the backend (Customer, Point Amount, Points Used, etc.). 

Seeing the top loyal customers is not difficult, with one click to descend their spent points. 

You just need to make sure to send them an appreciation gift, and they’ll be with you forever for sure!

5. Adjust Customers’ Reward Points


In Magento backend of the Reward Points module, admin can add or deduct points from customer’s balance manually. Just navigate to “Reward Points” tab on a customer info page, specify the amount you want to add or deduct and give the reason for that change

6. Spend Points When Admin Creates Order


Similar to visitors, Magento 2 Customer Rewards module enables the admin to create orders for them in Magento 2 backend using points. There are several ways to spending points from customer’s balance: pulling slider, entering numbers in a blank box, or ticking the box “Maximize discounts with points.”

7. Refund by Points


Refund by Points may be a customer-oriented feature that a lot of people fall in love with. Both the customer and store owner are beneficial. By this function of Magento Reward Points, customers can spend the refund points on the next purchase. 

For the retailer, rather than making a refund by cash, the admin can change the purpose balance within the customer’s Magento account. This helps save your money and effort to support your store management. 

As a result, customers tend to return to your store soon to redeem the loyalty points they’ve just received.

8. Export/ Import Points


Importer Plugin allows you to simply import and export customers’ point balances in CSV files on to and from our Magento Reward Points system. 

Admin can quickly update the Reward Points system with hundreds, even thousands of customers’ point balances in one go. This is often suitable for importing new customers’ balances and migrating data from other points system to your existing Magento Reward Points.

How to Config Magento Rewards Point

The Reward Point configuration determines how reward points are presented within the store and define the essential operating parameters.


Step 1. Configure the Reward Points

  1. On the Admin sidebar, access Stores > Settings > Configuration.
  2. In the left panel, expand Customers and select Reward Points.
  3. Expand the Reward Points section. After that, do the following:
  • To activate reward points, switch Enable Reward Points Functionality to Yes.
  • To enable customers to earn their own reward points, switch Enable Reward Points Functionality on Storefront to Yes.
  • To allow customers to work out an in-depth history of their rewards, set Customers may even see Reward Point History to Yes.
  1. In the Reward Points Balance Redemption Threshold, enter the number of points that have to accrue before they are redeemed (blank for no minimum). Then, do the following:
  • Enter the most amount of points a customer can collect within the Cap Reward Points Balance At field.
  • Enter the number of days of expiring the reward points within the Reward Points Expire in (days) field (blank for no expiration).
  • Set Reward Points Expiry Calculation to at least one of the following:
  • Static: determines the remaining lifetime of reward points supported the number of days set within the configuration. If the expiration limit within the configuration changes, the expiration date of existing points doesn’t change.
  • Dynamic: calculates the number of days left any time the reward point balance increases. If the expiration limit within the configuration changes, the expiration of all existing points updates accordingly.
  • If you wish to refund available reward points automatically, set Refund Reward Points Automatically to Yes.
  • If you wish to automatically deduct reward points from the quantity of a refund, turn to Deduct Reward Points from Refund Amount Automatically into Yes.
  1. Set Landing Page to the content page, which explains your reward points program. Make sure you update the default Rewards Points page together with your own information.
  2. When complete, click Save Config.

Step 2. Configure Points Earned for Customer Activities

In this step, the amount of reward points that will be earned for various customer activities is specified. When customers complete an action that has points assigned, a message appears to the customer that indicates what number points they need to be earned.

  1. Expand the Actions for Acquiring Reward Points by Customer section and do the following:


  • To display a message within the go-cart that features the rewards points earned for the acquisition and, therefore, the customer’s current reward point balance, change Purchase to Yes.
  • For Registration, enter the number of reward points earned to open a customer account.
  • For Newsletter Signup, enter the number of points earned by registered customers who subscribe to a newsletter.
  1. For Converting Invitation to Customer, enter the number of points earned by a customer who sends an invite, and therefore the recipient then opens a customer account. Then, do the following:
  • Enter variety within the Invitation to Customer Conversions Quantity Limit field to limit the number of invitation conversions, which will be accustomed to earn points for the customer who sends the invitation.
  • In the Invitation Conversion to Order Reward, enter the number of points earned by a buyer sending an invite when the recipient places an initial order.
  1. In the Review Submission, enter the number of points earned by a customer who submits a review that’s approved for publication.
  2. Then to limit the number of reviews which will be accustomed to earn points per customer, enter the amount within the Rewarded Reviews Submission Quantity Limit field (blank for no limit).
  3. When complete, click Save Config.

Step 3. Complete the email Notification Settings

  1. Expand the Email Notification Settings section and follow these steps:


    • Set Email Sender to the shop contact that appears because of the sender of balance updates and expiration notifications.
    • If you would like to buy customers by default to be notified of balance updates and upcoming expiration dates, set Subscribe Customers by Default to Yes.
    • Set Balance Update Email to the template used for the notification that’s sent to customers whenever their point balance is updated.
    • Set Email of Reward Points Expiry Warning to the template used for the notification. Particularly one sent to customers when the expiration limit for a batch of points is reached.
    • For Expiry Warning Before (days), enter the number of days before points expire that notification is shipped.
  1. When complete, click Save Config.

Best Magento Rewards Extensions in 2020

Magento 2 reward points extension free

BRAINACT Magento 2 Reward Points free extension


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This Magento 2 reward points free extension is handy for any store. With maximum features, the Magento 2 reward points extension free from BRAINACTS will save a lot of time and money for your store. Also, this module can help you gain customers’ loyalty.

If you are new to this kind of extension, BRAINACTS Magento 2 reward points free extension may be a great trial before you decide to upgrade.

Highlighted features

  • Enable creating spending rules
  • Allow customers to know about the new program
  • Add all transactions to the history table
  • The ability to recheck points balance
  • Use reward points at Shopping cart and Checkout

Price: $0

Paid Magento 2 rewards point extensions

#1. MAGESTORE Reward Points Magento 2


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Magestore Reward Points Magento 2 appears to be a must-have extension that helps you build the customer’s loyalty effectively as well as improve the customer’s shopping experience. 

By using Magestore Reward Points Magento 2, your store can have the chance to boost sales and the conversion rate. You must purchase this great program.

Highlighted features

  • Display reward points whenever an order is completed
  • Can set the expiration for the points
  • Show a detail transaction report of how buyers earned and spent points on your store
  • Enable uploading icons to use as a symbol for reward points
  • Manage the number of reward points spent in a time

Price: $99

#2. MIRASVIT Reward Points for Magento 2


Mirasvit reward points extension is so easy to install and works well. It is a perfect extension with many great features and benefits. You can create and manage product, behavior, and cart earning rules.

Highlighted features

  • Provide a clear and intuitive Customer Interface
  • Allow rewarding the customer for social media activities
  • Control the number of points for paying the purchase
  • Allow creating some types of earning rules
  • Enable applying earning rules by ready-made events

Price: $149

#3. AMASTY Reward Points for Magento 2


With the Amasty Reward Points extension, you can encourage buyers in certain actions such as the registration or the subscription. 

After purchasing Amasty Reward Points extension, you can give your customers reasons to become loyal and come back to your store.

Highlighted features

  • Give reward points for customers for purchases, registration, etc
  • Add or subtract points manually
  • Give the payment to orders with points fully or partially
  • Put the points exchange rate
  • Configure all actions already

Price: $249

#4. AHEADWORKS Reward Points for Magento 2


The Aheadworks Reward Points extension is a wonderful module for attracting customers with shoppers. This tool is so easy to install and setup. 

Aheadworks Reward points program can give you the opportunity to create a reward program for customers and encourage them to purchase more.

Highlighted features

  • Let customers know the points expiration date urging to place orders
  • Set the limit for earning points to avoid cheaters
  • Control all of the point transactions and point balance of each customer
  • Create new points import/export tool
  • Keep cash and refund orders to points

Price: $349


Rewarding customers has always been a crucial part of developing a business. It’s not only about getting customers to buy retailer’s products, but also about keeping them loyal to your business. Thus, it is no surprise that the best Magento rewards extensions should have been trying to create the best rewarding system.

I hope this blog is helpful for all of you. If you have some feedback or need help with it – feel free to drop a comment below!