//20+ Best Magento Search Extensions to Optimize Search Functionality

20+ Best Magento Search Extensions to Optimize Search Functionality

Magento Search Extensions are best to help customers find their target products among tons of products available in e-commerce stores. Recently, it is considered to be a must-have for Magento store owners.

With the help of these modules, your Magento Search tools will quickly give the most relevant results for the best customer experience. Hence, higher sales, better customer loyalty, and conversion rate are generated.

To help you to have a detailed look at these Magento Product Search Extensions, our Magexts team will give you reviews of the Best Search Extensions for Magento 1 & 2, both FREE & Paid Options.

Let’s get started with us to find out the best suitable one for you!

A Brief Comparison of 20+ Best Magento Search Extensions


Ajax Search Autocomplete

Templates MasterMagento 1.6 - 1.6.1 - - 1.7 - 1.8 - 1.8.1 - 1.9 - 1.9.1 - 1.9.2 - 1.9.3$39

Search Pro for Magento 1

AmastyMagento 1.4.x - 1.9.x$129

Advanced Search for Magento 1

AheadWorksMagento -$199

Sphinx Search Ultimate

MirasvitMagento 1.5.1 - 1.9.4$249

Search Autocomplete

Plugin CompanyMagento 1.4.x - 1.9.x$115

Instant Search +arch +

Fast Simon, Inc.Magento 2.0 - 2.1 - 2.2 - 2.3FREE

Magento 2 Search Autocomplete

MageworxFrom Magento 2.2FREE

Magento 2 Auto Search

LandofcoderMagento 2.0.0 - 2.0.1 - 2.0.2 - 2.0.3 - 2.0.4 - 2.0.5 - 2.0.6 - 2.0.x - 2.1.x - 2.2.0 - 2.2.x - 2.3.0 - 2.3.xFREE

Search & Merchandising

CelebrosMagento 2.0 - 2.2 - 2.3FREE

Search by Category

NekloMagento 2.1.x - 2.3.x$49

Magento 2 Ajax Search Pro

CmsideasMagento 2.3.x$59

Magento 2 Search Autocomplete

MirasvitMagento 2.0.x - 2.3.x$69

Magento 2 Search Extension

MageplazaMagento 2.2.2$99

Magento 2 Search Suite Extension

MageworxFrom Magento 2.2$99

Magento Search Extension

DoofinderMagento 1 & 2$0 - $99

Elasticsearch Extension for Magento 2

MageDelightMagento 2.2.x - 2.3.x$149

Magento 2 Advanced Search Extension

AheadWorksMagento 2.2.x$199

Advanced Search Extension

AmastyMagento 2.1 - 2.2 - 2.3 (including 2.3.4)$199

Magento 2 Sphinx Search Ultimate

MirasvitMagento 2.1.x - 2.3.x$249

ElasticSearch Ultimate

MirasvitMagento 2.1.x - 2.3.x$249

ElasticSearch for Magento 2

AmastyMagento 2.2 - 2.3 (including 2.3.4)$279

Elasticsearch Suite for Magento 2

WyomindMagento 1.7.0+ - 1.8.0+ - 1.8.1+ - 1.9.1+ - 1.9.2+ - 1.9.3+ - 1.9.4+
Magento 2.0 - 2.1 - 2.2 - 2.3
Magento 2.0.1 → 2.0.18
Magento 2.1.1 → 2.1.18
Magento 2.2 - 2.2.1 → 2.2.9
Magento 2.3.1 - 2.3.4
Magento 2

Magento 2 SolrCloud Search Extension

Solr-BridgeMagento 2€450

Best Search Extensions for Magento 1

#1. Ajax Search Autocomplete by Templates Master – $39

Ajax Search Autocomplete
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This is one of the best Magento search extensions to improve the default Magento search. The most highlighted feature is the ajax autocomplete, which provides store owners with an autocomplete box to input text.

Using this module, you can easily set the ajax search based on the product’s characteristics. Hence, when customers typing in the searching box, the suggestions of relevant results will automatically be displayed.

Key features:

  • Customizable suggest popup
  • Input field full control
  • Attractive product display
  • Categories display
  • Friendly search
  • CMS page display

#2. Search Pro by Amasty – $49

Amasty Search Pro (Amasty xSearch)
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Amasty Search Pro, so-called Amasty xSearch extension, is another optimal Magento Product Search Extension for quick and precise results, helps customers to find what they are looking for. Therefore, customers will have the best purchasing experience when visiting your store.

This extension is to improve all the drawbacks in the default site search, for example, poor search results, incorrect results, etc. With the help of Amasty xSearch Pro, you can experience many advanced tools to enhance your search in your Magento stores.

Key features:

  • The relevance of results increasing
  • Search priority specification
  • Search types: Like, Fulltext, Combined
  • High configuration
  • Mobile optimization
  • Autocomplete feature

#3. Advanced Search Extension for Magento 1 by AheadWorks – $199

Magento 1 AheadWorks Advanced Search
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Tons of inventories and blog posts search is now not a problem anymore with the Advanced search designed by Ahead Works.

This Aheadworks advanced search is a perfect solution for those Magento users. In comparison with the default Magento search and Magento Search Autocomplete Extension developed by the same provider, Advanced Search has outstanding features that the two others don’t have, which is a Built-in lexical analyzer.

Advanced Search also uses Sphinx, an open-source full-text search server that is used by a large number of websites in all fields.

Note: You can best optimize search functionality by installing Magento Search Autocomplete Extension as a search engine.

Key features:

  • Search types: Catalog/Blog/CMS/Knowledge page
  • Sphinx search engine
  • Built-in lexical analyzer
  • Ajax technology
  • Appearance customization
  • Irrelevant attributes & out-of-stock items excluding
  • Easy installation
  • Simple search settings
  • Easily configurable

#4. Sphinx Search Ultimate by Mirasvit – $249

Mirasvit Sphinx Search Ultimate
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Mirasvit Sphinx Search is a combination of the most modern approaches to product searches on online stores. This module provides all the things you need to optimize the searching function.

The module contains automatic typing error correction, which displays the right suggestion when customers misspell the product name. Such a feature improves the speed of searches and shows the best results that meet customer demands.

Key features:

  • Supports stop words, synonyms
  • Search by categories, tags, content types
  • Typing errors correction
  • Singular/Plural search
  • High searching speed
  • High index speed
  • Fallback search

#5. Search Autocomplete by Plugin Company – $115

Magento Search by Plugin Company

Magento Search by Plugin Company is the last recommendation for Magento 1 store in this article.

Its highlighted feature is the instant suggestions. Right after pressing the first key, the recommendations will automatically be displayed along with the product images and prices. Therefore, customers don’t have to wait for the website redirection anymore.

Besides, please check out the feature list of Magento Search by Plugin Company below to find whether it is suitable or not.

Key features:

  • Instant product suggestions
  • Zero delays caching system
  • Customizable front-end displays
  • Optimized search suggestions
  • Results sorting
  • Adjustable dropdown

Magento 2 Search Extensions – FREE & Paid Options

#1. Instant Search + by Fast Simon, Inc. – FREE

Magento 2 Instant Search +

Magento 2 Instant Search + is among the best modules in e-commerce search. Especially, it is free of charge.

This extension will automatically detect customer intentions, then optimize your site search by combining such intentions with merchandising priorities. Moreover, Instant Search + for Magento 2 contains various optimal features to improve the searching function on your websites.

For Magento 1 users, Fast Simon, Inc. also developed a specific extension. Please click here for more details.

Key features:

  • Semantic e-commerce search
  • Rich Autocomplete
  • Responsive search results page
  • Individualized search results
  • Smart navigation
  • Big data product recommendations
  • Landing pages
  • Product finder
  • Visual search
  • Analytics
  • Seamless search integration

#2. Magento 2 Search Autocomplete by Mageworx – FREE

Magento 2 Search Autocomplete Extension

Search Autocomplete, developed by Mageworx, enables store owners to transform the default search in Magento 2 into a powerful engine.

All needed features of searching function are included in just one free module. From the first character customers type in the box, the module will display all the relevant and accurate results. Online shoppers can easily find whatever they want in the shortest time.

Key features:

  • Savvy search
  • Instant search results
  • Smart search queries
  • Adjustable search delay period
  • Suggested search
  • “Add to cart” button in the search result
  • Ability to display product attributes

#3. Magento 2 Auto Search by Landofcoder – FREE

Magento 2 Auto Search

The second FREE option we recommend to you is Magento 2 Auto Search, which is designed by Landofcode. A long list of features included in this Magento 2 custom search module will not let you down.

Your Magento 2 store can easily meet customer needs and create the best purchasing experience, especially with high search speed. Search results will be displayed within a few seconds right after typing.

In addition, the module provides new auto-search options, which enables visitors to search ves blog, ves brand, cms pages, lof faq questions.

Key features:

  • High speed ajax search
  • Search autocomplete & relevant results
  • Trending keyword suggestions
  • Phones & Tablets optimization
  • Filter categories
  • Customized appearance
  • Right-to-left languages supported
  • “Add to cart” button
  • Magento Block Caching
  • New auto-search options

#4. Search & Merchandising by Celebros – FREE

Search & Merchandising

Search & Merchandising, developed by Celebros, will automatically identify customer’ behaviors by using AI semantic algorithms and machine learning. As a result, the module will give us the most relevant results for customers.

This free extension is enough for you to optimize your search engine, shorten the process of searching; hence, satisfy your customers, and leads to a higher conversion rate.

Moreover, the extension also comes with a set of tools, namely, autocomplete search, traffic builder SEO tool, etc. that can turn your store into the most convenient place to visit.

Key features:

  • Semantic site-search
  • Machine learning
  • Magento 2 Instant search
  • Dynamic, multi-select navigation
  • Guided navigation
  • Product recommendation
  • Traffic Builder SEO tool
  • Celastic (Celebros + Elastic)

#5. Search by Category by Neklo – $49

Search by Category

As described in its name, the extension developed by Neklo allows customers to find the product they need by specifying the categories quickly.

For such a purpose, a dropdown list is added to the search bar, which will specify the category. Also, instead of trying to find a single item, customers prefer to search by categories to reduce steps. In this way, the conversion rate will undoubtedly be generated.

Key features:

  • Better navigation on any page
  • Easy-to-use configuration
  • Build-in category list
  • Search by category on any page
  • Straight direction to the desired product
  • Easily customizable
  • Precise search results

#6. Magento 2 Ajax Search Pro by Cmsideas – $59

Magento 2 Ajax Search by Cmsideas

At a reasonable price, Magento Ajax Search Pro provides useful features to optimize searching function in your online stores.

The extension can automatically figure customer’s intention, hence, give the most accurate results. Additionally, this Magento 2 custom search module enables admins to set up product details displayed in the pop-up.

With Magento 2 Ajax Search Pro, you can create the best experience for customers with smart searches. As a result, your sales will be boosted without a doubt.

Key features:

  • Smart searches
  • Fast searches
  • Management search indexes
  • Search autocomplete
  • Spelling correction
  • Search engine options

#7. Magento 2 Search Autocomplete by Mirasvit – $69

Magento 2 Search Autocomplete

You don’t have to worry about whether customers struggle with a wide range of products or not. Mirasvit is here to help you solve that problem.

Mirasvit Search Autocomplete for Magento 2, enables customers to find their target products as quickly as possible. With a tiny Ajax-based interactive search box, you can turn the default Magento 2 search functionality into a powerful tool.

Notably, the “autocomplete” feature makes it easier than ever to search as customers don’t have to press the Enter key. The remaining results will be automatically displayed after typing a few characters.

Key features:

  • Proper search suggestions
  • Easily searchable content managing
  • Clear interface
  • Easy integration
  • All mobile devices support

#8. Magento 2 Search Extension by Mageplaza – $99

Magento 2 Product Search Extension

Mageplaza Search extension for Magento 2 is another Magento search module that uses Ajax search for Magento to improve all Magento default searching weaknesses.

There is no more delay thanks to the Autocomplete search function, thus considerably save valuable time.

Although not being released to the market yet, Mageplaza Magento 2 Search extension is also voted to be a smart choice for the large-scale E-commerce because of more than a million of SKUs for the high-speed searching system.

Key features:

  • Autocomplete search
  • More than 10,000 SKUs supported
  • Relevant product search results
  • Control number of search results
  • Show/Hide product images
  • Price display in results
  • Support all languages
  • Responsive themes

#9. Magento 2 Search Suite Extension by Mageworx – $99

Mageworx Search Suite for Magento 2

The next Magento search module we would like to mention is the Magento 2 Search Suite by Mageworx, which get 4,5 points in the social ranking.

This Mageworx Search Suite Extension enhances the Magento 2 default search by adding the Sphinx search engine. With this Sphinx engine, you can speed up search queries to milliseconds, delivering the most suitable results to your customers.

Moreover, it is supported by most types of devices like desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Key features:

  • Easily integrate and pre-define Sphinx functionality
  • Default Sphinx settings customization
  • Sphinx connection timeout defining
  • Ability to check the validity of the new Sphinx Config file
  • Search Matching mode defining
  • Results ranker settings
  • Search Autocomplete functionality

#10. Magento Search Extension by Doofinder – $0 – $99

Doofinder Search Module for Magento 2

This extension helps increase sales for both Magento 1 and Magento 2 stores.

Doofinder offers the most advanced search engine for your stores. Hence, it is most likely the best search module for Magento recently.

You can set up the module for your Magento store easily with a simple installation and configuration process. Also, the search functionality is excellent – fast and smart. Customers will feel pleasure and satisfaction when visiting your store with no doubt.

With a wide range of prices, it is considered to be a must-have extension for any Magento & Magento 2 store, from big players to start-ups.

Key features:

  • Multi-shop
  • Multi-language
  • Native on-site search engine
  • Mobile services optimization
  • Unlimited features
  • Statistics
  • Business rules
  • Advanced features

#11. Elasticsearch Extension for Magento 2 by MageDelight – $149

Magento 2 ElasticSearch Extension

Elastic Search for Magento 2 is considered to be the No.1 bestseller of MageDelight.

The module contains the most advanced features for Magento 2 store. Such features, namely, autocomplete search query, CMS page search, etc. will boost customer satisfaction when visiting your stores.

Rated 4.55 out of 5 points, Elastic Search is well-known and trusted by many actual users.

Key features:

  • Autocomplete search query
  • CMS pages & category data search
  • Search results manipulation
  • Synonyms & stop words
  • Right suggestions even misspelling
  • Prices display
  • 2 options of search preview
  • Multi stores support

#12. Magento 2 Advanced Search Extension by AheadWorks – $199

AheadWorks Advanced Search Extension

Besides the extension for Magento 1, AheadWorks also developed an Advanced Search extension for Magento 2. Advanced Search by AheadWorks is the best solution for quick and intuitive search.

The module brings about many benefits not only for the customers but also for admins as well, which are easy management of searchable attributes and their weights, improved synonyms utilization, failure prevention.

Key features:

  • Quick response
  • Advanced usability
  • Close integration with Magento
  • Precise configuration
  • Auto-suggestions
  • Spelling correction
  • Searches history
  • Back to native Magento search if fail

#13. Advanced Search by Amasty – $199

Amasty Advanced Search

The Magento 2 Advanced Search by Amasty gets 5/5 points in the ranking scale, which is the highest-ranking score, compared to the other modules in this list.

This module provides visitors with an informative, quick search window according to products, categories, and CMS pages. It also allows admins to customize the autocomplete popup to simplify the searching process.

Key features:

  • Advanced autocomplete window
  • Recent and relevant results display
  • Products, categories, and product reviews display
  • Search in categories, products and on CMS pages
  • Search window layout customization
  • “Add More products” button
  • “Add to cart” button in the autocomplete popup
  • Multiple search blocks for the autocomplete window

#14. Magento 2 Sphinx Search Ultimate by Mirasvit – $249

Magento 2 Mirasvit Search Extension

Besides the one for the first version, we also would like to recommend Magento 2 Mirasvit search extension that adds Sphinx to the default Magento search, called Sphinx Search Ultimate for Magento 2.

Magento 2 Search extension by Mirasvit is considered to be one of the fastest and most powerful modules. It provides customers with the most relevant results with a speed of more than 500 queries/second against 1,000,000 SKUs.

Moreover, the Mirasvit Sphinx Search Ultimate Magento 2 search module is perfectly compatible with both desktop and mobile devices.

Key features:

  • Provide the most related results
  • Ability to search anywhere
  • Ability to search by multiple product contents
  • 3 modes of search engine
  • Provide morphology preprocessors
  • Autocomplete capabilities
  • Misspelling correction options

#15. Magento 2 ElasticSearch Ultimate by Mirasvit – $249

ElasticSearch Extension for Magento 2

Mirasvit Elasticsearch is another optimal choice for search functionality from Mirasvit.

Using the Elasticsearch engine, one of the leading engines all over the world, Mirasvit ensures to provide quick and accurate search results. It can fulfill the most complicated requirements for online stores.

Moreover, Elasticsearch by Mirasvit can work perfectly on both desktops and mobile devices.

Key features:

  • High-speed search
  • Multiple types of content
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Highly relevant results
  • Comprehensive search
  • Speed & Scalability

#16. ElasticSearch by Amasty – $279

Amasty ElasticSearch

This is another extension designed by Amasty. Amasty Elasticsearch is guaranteed to make your search process faster than ever.

Amasty has included enormous amazing features, especially the high speed of Elasticsearch layered navigation for Magento 2, indexing via elasticsearch. This extension won’t let you down for sure.

Key features:

  • Improved indexing via elasticsearch
  • Magento 2 Elasticsearch layered navigation
  • Autocomplete suggestions
  • Misspelling correction
  • Partial search
  • Product attributes weight settings
  • Mobile-friendly

#17. Elasticsearch Suite for Magento 2 by Wyomind – €180

Magento 2 ElasticSearch Extension

This is a Magento product search extension compatible with both Magento 1 and Magento 2 stores. With Elasticsearch Suite, you will have a chance to enjoy a user-friendly tool integrated into your online stores.

The module includes enormous amazing features that can make your store the most convenient place for shopping. Accordingly, you will realize searching optimization is much easier than you thought.

Key features:

  • Elasticsearch Autocomplete
  • Keywords highlight in results
  • Typos & Misspelling avoidance
  • Product types/Categories/CMS pages adding
  • Debug mode
  • “Did you mean” suggestions
  • Synonyms features
  • Easy index management
  • User-friendly tool

#18. Magento 2 SolrCloud Search Extension by Solr-Bridge – €450

SolrCloud Search Module for Magento 2

SolrCloud Search Extension is a premium module among the best Magento Search Extensions for Magento 2 stores from Solr-Bridge. The module has impressive features that are worth the price.

SolrCloud is a powerful search engine, which contains all the necessary features for an online store. You just need to buy this module and you will get all you need to optimize search functionality on your sites.

Key features:

  • Suggestions in categories
  • Quick products paging
  • Spell checking
  • Results enhancing by product attributes
  • Results boosting by product search weight
  • Categories filter
  • Multiple values selection filter
  • Dropdown filter rendering
  • Ajax filtering
  • Easy installation & configuration


To conclude, those Best Magento Search Extensions are beneficial to optimize your online store searching performance by providing a flexible and rapid searching process for your customers.

We hope that after reading this article, you will have a comprehensive understanding of how these kinds of extensions work so that you can make the right decision. And don’t forget to follow Magexts to receive more informative articles.

For Magento developers and experts, we are warmly welcome all the comments and recommendations for this list. Don’t hesitate to contact and share your idea with us.

Thanks a lot for reading!