//10+ Best Magento 2 Security Extensions for Developers

10+ Best Magento 2 Security Extensions for Developers

Besides the retailers’ concern about increasing their sales and revenues, they are also interested in security because most customers doubt payment protection of site.

Many databases of customers have been exploited, tracked, or hacked by cybercriminals these days, which makes customers lose their trust in buying some retailers’ stores.

All of the efforts in building a business website are destroyed in the blink of an eye. How worse it is!

For that reason, Magento 2 Security Extension is developed to secure your store to ensure that hackers cannot get precise information about your customers’ credit cards, passwords, and transactions.

Why Is Magento Security Extension Important For Your Website?


Magento is one of the well-known platforms to build an Ecommerce store and start your business. But unfortunately, it still easily get attacked by hackers.

However, many retailers still focus on the security of their website. Therefore, I’m going to tell you why Magento has to develop a security extension to help your website more strengthen.

#1. Customers require the highest security when shopping online


Shopping online is the fastest and easiest way for customers to use in modern life. It is the reason why customers choose to go online shopping.

However, they also know that cybercriminals always target your customers to hack their credit card, password, and profile information during transactions or sign-ups.

Hence, if your website is not safe, they never visit or purchase anything on your website. As a result, you will be bankrupt because of losing customers’ trust.

#2. More sites have been hacked these days


According to Forbes, 30,000 new websites are hacked every day, on average. This number can be increased rapidly in 2020.

This is very worse because you might be one of the hackers’ targets. You can be stolen customers’ data, email addresses, and payment information that you store on your website.

It is a significant damage loss as you lose your customers, leading to your sales, revenue and reputation will be decreased, too. This means an end of your business is coming.

#3. Build trust and grow revenue



Following the research of PSFK Lab, which is a partnership with Mastercard, said more than 80% of customers wanted an online shop to have up-to-date financial security technologies and to help them more confident in shopping online.

Thus, if you can enhance your business by taking action: secure your website. From that, people will trust, click, and buy your products. Then, your revenue will grow as your expectation.

10+ Best Magento 2 Security Extensions For Developers

The Magento 2 Security Extensions is a helpful tool to protect your website and customers from cybercriminals.

TOP 10+ Best Magento Security Extensions we suggest below are evaluated through rating reviews, the results of Google.

NameDetailSpecific FeaturesPrice


Magento 2 Security - By Mageplaza

Magento 2 Security Extension suite is the perfect tool for who is seeking the extension for the website protection. It can detect the IP address when someone tries to hack your site.

Best for:

Secure the website data.

  • Enable / Disable Security Module.

  • Warning Email Automatically.

  • Limit the time session and the number of login failed.

  • Login details.

  • Security checklist.



MageFirewall Security - By MageFirewall

It adds an additional layer to protect the Magento commerce system. It blocks and blacklists the attackers immediately if it finds out.

Best for:

Secure website.

  • Block and Blacklists attackers.

  • Scan automatically the unhealthy website.

  • Send warning if someone breaks into your store.

  • File scan detector.


Security for Magento - By AITOC

Your store contains valuable information about customers but you are afraid that this information can be disappeared at any time because of hacking. Don’t worry! Aitoc can help you protect your site from the threats and keep it safe by automatically send email to warn you.

Best for:

Secure website.

  • One-time password.

  • Log-in admin panel.

  • Sending warning email.

  • Customize authentication settings.

  • Track IP addresses.


TrustedSite - By Trusted Site

TrustedSite helps your customers trust in your site by checking and verifying the contact information. It also displays the secure status to your customers to prove that your site is legal to use.

Best for:

Secure website.

  • Security Monitoring.

  • Trustmark certification.

  • Display security tests.

  • Business security certification.


Security - By Magefence

Are you seeking for an extension to protect your store? Security is here to help you do this. It can check your Magento website security, and protect your site through the firewall.

Best for:

Secure website.

  • Check and keep the Magento website healthy.

  • Examine the site for malware.

  • Protect the website from attacks.

  • Limit unwanted visitors.

  • Security by Magedelight.

  • Admins can easily control to ensure protect transaction data of customers.

  • Check the site easily and quickly.

  • Protect the payment of customers.


Authorize.net CIM for Magento 2 - By Magedelight

It is the most secure tool to help you accept the global transaction on your website without an unexpected attack.

Best for:

Secure website and customer’s transactions.

  • Secure customer payment methods.

  • Authorize CIM API.

  • Accept.js support.

  • Admin can order on behalf of customers.

  • Authentication code when print invoice.


Two-factor Authentication - By Amasty

This module allows you to easily protect your business e-commerce store against threats, for example, loss of customers’ databases or network data, which helps you manage the site more secure.

Best for:

Secure data and customer.

  • Track IP addresses.

  • Protect an unhealthy connection.

  • Protect against spyware.

  • Log-in to the admin panel securely.

  • Time-based security codes.

  • Easy to Customize.


Watchlog - By Wyomind

With 4.8 out of 5.0 stars reviews, Watchlog is the must-have solution for Magento 2 Security extension including gives IP address information, block hackers via a firewall.

Best for:

Secure website.

  • Follow traffic of the Magento Admin panel: graphs, lines,...

  • Filter the many failed login attempts.

  • Track of connection attempts.

  • Send Email Warning.


Security - By Templates-master

Protecting customer’s data and your website is essential for every shop. If you want to build customers’ trust, you can check out the Improved admin security module for Magento. This is a great choice for you.

Best for:

Store data more secure.

  • Two authentication factors will allow you to improve your security.

  • Control accessing from external links.

  • Track IP addresses.

  • Admin activity logs.

  • Prevent customers data from theft.


Security- By Xtento

It allows you to prevent unwanted attacks in a blink of an eye. With 2 valid steps for sign-up and log-in accounts, you can assure to control the site effectively.

Best for:

Secure website.

  • Log-in to the admin account securely.

  • Prevent unwanted attacks.

  • Track the IP addresses on the site.

  • Check history.

  • Be well-matched with third-party extensions.


Magento 2 Security - By Mageplaza

Magento 2 Force Login is an essential tool for online stores. This module allows store owners to control the IP addresses and only sign-up users can view the information. It can also build a security system for store sites.

Best for:

Secure customer data and site.

  • Enable/Disable registration the link of customers.

  • Display the “Login” message.

  • Redirect customers to the page set in advance.


Astra Security Suite - By ASTRA

It can protect 80+ website apps with intelligent mechanisms and automatically scan if the website is unhealthy.

Best for:

Secure website.

  • File upload scanning.

  • Community-powered.

  • Trust seal.

  • Community security.

  • Community security.

  • Community security.

  • Country blocking.

  • Malware removal.

  • Website firewall.



It is crucial to protect your site from hacking and phishing because you can raise your revenue by increasing customers’ trust.

All the lists above are checked by rating reviews and the Google results to give you the best Security Extension on the Internet to help you prevent unwanted attacks.

If you need our help, feel free to comment below. We’re always 24/7 to support you.

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