//Best Magento 2 SMS Extension to Keep in Touch with Your Customers!

Best Magento 2 SMS Extension to Keep in Touch with Your Customers!

Do you pay more attention to your Marketing or Public Relations? Do you emphasize the number of items sold or the number of your loyal customers? However, no matter which you want to develop, Magento 2 SMS Extension will effectively support you.


SMS is always the superior choice to Email to notify because of its higher response speed. The fact that mobile phones are regularly accessible over an Internet connection to check. SMS plays an important role, being a desirable option. 

These facts also implement to Magento 2 providers who want to notify their customers about Magento 2 products and order activities.

Benefits Gained From Magento SMS Extension

Update customers about order activities


Information about the order process, such as order confirmation and shipping process, will be notified directly to customers via SMS as quickly as possible. 

Thanks to Magento 2 SMS extension, your company would be more professional and reliable because SMS can be considered as a small written contract. 

Admin can get SMS notification for customers’ various activities

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The customers’ activities such as new order placement, cancellation, a contact inquiry, website sign up, and many others get notified to the administrators via an SMS. 

With SMS Extension, they can keep himself/herself updated and respond accordingly.

Boost sales and increase market segments with targeted customers


With SMS extension, expanding business market not only nationwide but also to the worldwide is feasible and becomes universal, eventually.

For instance, you can send messages to international customers using services such as the US, UK, and Australian citizens.

Faster transfer notification & easy customization.


It only takes a few seconds to transfer the lastest information and it is simple for admin to change the messages’ content. However, customers certainly still are willing to receive the latest update message of their favorite store.

Build customers’ trust and improve user experience

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As mentioned above, customers will feel more secure when they are notified continuously about their orders. From there, you can win their hearts and minds. 

2020 Top Magento 2 SMS Extension Reviews

SMS Extension by Meetanshi – $99.00


Meetanshi has developed Magento 2 SMS Notification Extension module that allows the store owner to send the text messages to notify customers about order status updates quickly.

Key Advantages:

  • Configure API settings by joining with SMS Gateway to get sender ID, API key, and URL and choose the message standard to be sent to consumers.
  • Use system variables as order_id, first_name to configure SMS notification texts.
  • Use default Magento registration and guest checkout form to accumulate mobile numbers of customers to send SMS notifications.
  • SMS notification is being sent for each activity as soon as the mobile number registered with Magento 2 store.

SMS Extension by Land of Coder – $99.00


Magento 2 SMS Notification Extension helps to send SMS Service API with Twilio, BulkSMS … to your customers.

Key Advantages:

  • Easily integrate various SMS service API
  • Instantly verify customer mobile number (OTP)
  • Powerful mobile input settings
  • Instantly SMS notification preview checking
  • Multiple languages – RTL supports

SMS Extension by Magenest – Free


Key Advantages:

  • Integration with multiple SMS services
  • Easily connect different SMS brands with Magento 2 developer via API
  • Choosing from 4 variables from Magento 2 (customer name, order ID, old order status, new order status) is available.

Though there are many benefits, Magento 2 SMS Extension Free by Magenest has some issues with the Demo section, which makes it difficult for users to experience. Anyway, in case you are a loyal customer of Magenest, give it a try! Don’t worry because it’s FREE!

SMS Extension by Magecomp – FREE

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Key Advantages:

  • Integrated SMS Gateway API to send different order notifications
  • Option to set a custom message for various store events
  • Send dynamic information using object & variable fields
  • Option to set mobile number verification mandatory for customers

Interestingly, besides the Magento 2 SMS Extension FREE version, you can check out the PRO version launched!

SMS Extension by MageDelight


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Key Advantages:

  • Get notified via Email when your message isn’t delivered
  • Create custom SMS templates with dynamic variables
  • Supports some of the widely spoken languages across the globe
  • Integrate Twilio, BulkSMS and any other providers seamlessly
  • Validate phone number on front-end by controlling max/min digits allowed

Coming to MageDelight, you will be analyzed and introduced in detail about the Magento SMS extension. Moreover, you also have detailed instructions on how to install and use it. Nothing is more amazing than devotion.


Surely after this article, you have seen the miracle of Magento 2 SMS Extension. Trust us; it will not let you down. By the way, have you found this article helpful?

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