//Make Marketing Campaign Professional with Magento 2 SMTP Extension

Make Marketing Campaign Professional with Magento 2 SMTP Extension

Email marketing is a convenient, effective, and affordable way to promote your goods, or just simply take care of your customers by sending discount coupons for upcoming purchases. With Magento store owners, however, Magento’s default feature still keeps emails sent to customers in unknown-form or in unsubscribed email, making emails still mistakenly spam, and customers will get without any notification.

Magento 2 SMTP Extension is intended to help keep the ways of smoother exchanging emails between store owners and customers and prevent any mistaken spam.

Keep following to find out:

  • What is SMTP?
  • Benefits of SMTP for Email Marketing
  • Top 5 Magento SMTP Extension

What is SMTP?



Technical, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is a basic mail connection protocol that specifies how email conversation and delivery can be done over IPs.

In other words, SMTP simply likes a postage stamp, a necessary element to make the exchange of mails more comfortable and smoother.

SMTP has certain default ports, such as:

  • Port 25-Unencrypted
  • Port 465 – SSL / TLS port, can also be called SMTPS

In addition, SMTP would create a link network between both the email client and the mail server and develop a communication channel (sending and receiving servers) between certain two mail servers.

In the next part of the article, let’s look at some of the advantages of SMTP in email marketing.

Benefits of SMTP for Email Marketing


With the main task of sending mail, SMTP contributes a variety of benefits to email marketing, such as:

  • Forming Email Marketing Expenses – Sending your email to consumers with the SMTP server framework will no longer be confused as spam, or infected with viruses which will help you save expenses in email marketing campaigns.
  • Boost Email Marketing Delivery and Output – SMTP can help to increase the number of visits, help automate distribution, and thus strengthen email marketing.

Furthermore, let’s find out the workflow system of SMTP.

How does SMTP work?



To begin, the SMTP system will automatically track the email address name information when you send an email, and provide it to the SMTP server.

Next, after the message is received by the SMTP server, the signal is shared with the DNS server to identify the cause domain name in the SMTP server at the Hostname.

Then, the database will then start checking the corresponding user data and email information. If it matches companies will receive or send large amounts of data via email and receive email from the software.

Finally, whether the SMTP server and the DNS server can not be shared, then these interrupt signals will be sent to an intermediate server and distributed over many different servers until it is received by the original server.

Above is the basic knowledge about SMTP and how it can contribute to email marketing.

In our view, SMTP is a must-have element for the smooth running of email marketing campaigns to save costs and optimize revenue. You can use STMP by setting Magento 2 SMTP extension GitHub, but it’ll waste your time.

Therefore, moving on, we would like to introduce to you the top 5 Magento 2 SMTP Extension that may improve things by default features Magento does not really do for email marketing, and more importantly, it could help your exchange email system working more fluently.

Top 5 Magento 2 SMTP Extension

Magento SMTP Extension
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There are many reliable SMTP suppliers worldwide today, such as Amazon SES, Maildrill, Mailjets, Turbo SMTP, Mailgun, etc with lots of different affordable prices, appropriate with different budgets costs for each consumer intent.

Magento SMTP Extension function has been developed to possibly set up an SMTP email with any database. 

Furthermore, enable users to send mail more reliably in the mail protocol stack and to guarantee that your email is sent using the standard mail protocol.

In general, there are some basic features in Magento 2 SMTP Extension, including:

  • Flexible e-mail system – Post email via almost every existing SMTP server
  • Configuration customized – Unique SMTP server settings are fully controlled: hostname, address, username, password…
  • Data security – Self-test alternative allowing you to confirm that your email details are accurate before you save.
  • Multi-disciplinary support – Support Multi-store, through web browsers/transactions programmable per account.

A Concise Comparison

We would like to invite you to have a look at a specific detail in the top 5 Magento 2 STMP Extension FREE & PAID that we have summarized.

Name ProviderCompabilityPrice



  • CE: 2.1.x-2.3.x

  • EE: 2.1.x-2.3.x



AbzerCE: 2.2.x-2.3.xFREE

SMTP Configurator

WebKul Software Private Limited CE: 2.1.x-2.2.x$39

SMTP Setting


  • CE: 2.0.x-2.3.x

  • EE: 2.0.x-2.3.x


SMTP Email Setting


  • CE: 2.1.x-2.2.x

  • EE: 2.1.x-2.2.x


#1. SMTP by MagePlaze – FREE


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Try for Magento 2 SMTP extension free if you are looking for an answer that will support you considerably increase approach to the mailboxes of your customers.

In Addition, with the support of more than 20 SMTP providers such as Mailgun, Maildrill, etc, it will enable you to make your email transfer system become even smoother and get a bigger profit from success email marketing campaign.

Highlighted Features:

  • Supports 20+ SMTP email service providers
  • Testing email mode
  • Ability to preview testing email
  • Archive sent emails in a log
  • Schedule log cleaner
  • Customizable SMTP server
  • Secure Magento 2 SMTP authentication and coherence
  • Decrease 99% chance of going emails to the Spam box

#2. SMTP by Abazer – FREE


The email may be classified as untrustworthy or harmful to the devices of the clients because the default implicit networking email server will be used to deliver unregistered emails from unknown addressees in Magento default features.

Use for free this Magento 2 SMTP Extension to ensure your emails will be delivered to the appropriate mailbox and avoid being classified as spam or junk by test your sending email individually with the established SMTP providers with “Test Mail” function.

Highlighted Features:

  • Simple and easy interface to configure email server
  • Test email function
  • Validation and error report on test
  • Customizable SMTP server
  • Support none authentication method
  • Decrease the chance of going emails to spam 
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Supports multiple stores

#3. SMTP Configurator by WebKul – $39



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Use now If you’re a non-technical person attempting to customize your email server.

This Magento 2 SMTP Extension enables the administrator to established the SMTP server for the website, thus all emails sent via Webstore are sent by the chosen host provider.

Also, the administrator can easily pick the domain from a database of host suppliers and instead input the username and password for the chosen host.

In addition, this feature can send emails and validate emails to verify whether or not the emails are sent to targeted users.

Highlighted Features:

  • Admin can easily setup SMTP Host.
  • Admin can choose various Host Providers.
  • Admin can test the host by sending test emails.
  • Admin will be able to see the success message for test emails.
  • Admin will see an error message for test mails if email sends failed.
  • There will be an error message if the mail is not sent to the receiver.
  • SMTP configurator works with Multi-Store and Store-Views.
  • The same configuration of the host will apply on all Store-Views and Multi-Stores.

#4. SMTP Setting by XTENTPO – $159



Click now to take full control over email sending settings in Magento 2.

With $159 installation cost, this Magento 2 SMTP Extension has the ability to monitor email quality problems and ensure that emails are sent correctly using the designed-in email log extensions.

In addition, this feature will link your Magento store reliably and conveniently to your selected email service provider.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easily configure Magento 2 SMTP settings
  • Includes ready-to-use configuration for more than 27 popular providers
  • Built-in testing function to verify email delivery settings
  • Ability to log all emails sent, including email body and email status
  • Ability to disable email sending entirely for development environments
  • Easy installation & updates via compose

#5. SMTP Email Setting by Amasty – $259


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This is the most expensive extension in Magento 2 STMP Extension we could recommend to you.

With the highest expense, the Amasty SMTP Magento 2 feature will allow you to use any SMTP in a third party database for your store and install all appropriate settings to avoid junk folders.

Moreover, Amasty SMTP Magento 2 allows sending emails from famous, trustworthy hostings such as Gmail or Yahoo or a customized SMTP server, in order to give your emails a higher probability of being sent directly to your clients.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easily configure with SMTP sever
  • Flexible email sending setting
  • Run debug mode to check the setting
  • Log with detailed email content


We hope you will have all the details you need about SMTP and the free and paid Magento 2 SMTP Extension features that may fit your intent, even if you are running an email marketing campaign or not.

In this article, we introduced to you Magento 2 SMTP extension free and paid, but you can also set Magento 2 SMTP extension GitHub by your admin account.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below, we’d love to connect with you.

Thank you for reading!