//Magento 2 Wallet Extension To Improve Customers’ Satisfaction

Magento 2 Wallet Extension To Improve Customers’ Satisfaction

Nowadays, customers tend not to bring a lot of money. Also, they want to buy and pay goods faster. If companies do not improve their payment system to meet those demands, they may lose customers. So what tool can help in this case?It is Magento 2 Wallet Extension – a necessary tool to boost the payment process.

The Rising Trend of e-Wallet in Online Shopping

In the digital revolution, when cutting-edge technologies are increasingly developed, there are a variety of tools supporting people as much as possible.

 And one of the most useful tools is e-Wallet.

The mobile wallet allows users easily and quickly to make purchases in both traditional and online stores throughout various ways of online payment.

This gives users greater flexibilities and convenience in payment choice 


Growing Awareness

With the breakthrough of the Internet, e-Wallet providers are making use of social media and other resources to advertise their products.

By doing this, suppliers could raise people’s awareness about many benefits of digital wallets and boost them to use it more.

Great Acceptance

Apart from advertising, another reason this app becomes popular as many retailers and websites use it as a form of payment.

More options

e-Wallet provides for users with lots of options for online payments with two kinds of digital wallets- single purpose and multi-purpose.

This could make them more comfortable when using it 

Mobile shopping

It is the integration of mobile shopping and e-Wallet that makes them more popular.

This app allows users easy, quick payments without entering their credit card information into a website.

Security, flexibility, and convenience

Digital wallets offer users greater security. 

These security features are much harder to break than using a lost or stolen card.

In addition, people do not have to bring many cards when they have e-Wallet.

What Is Magento 2 Wallet Extension?


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This tool is used for online purchase transactions.

 It allows users to stock their money and use it whenever they need.

With Magento 2 Wallet Extension, users can make online payments from their wallet system.

There are many benefits brought when using Magento Wallet Extension to purchase, including:

  • Easy to use: With a simple website and instructions, users can create an account and use this without having any difficulties.
  • Time-saving: This tool helps them save lots of time as they do not need to come to shops to pay by cash or cards.
  • More security: Customers can avoid bringing cash. They do not take the risk of losing money or materials possesses.
  • Quicker process for checkout: People can check their online wallets easily only by a click
  • Transaction summaries: This is a wonderful function of Magento Wallet Extension as users do not have to worry about using money what for.

    The history of transactions is always recorded helping people manage their expenditure.

Top 3 Magento e-Wallet extension Reviews

Noe-Wallet extensionProvidersPrice Key Features

eWallet for Magento 2

Mage Delight$ 99
  • Pay for the same order

  • A payment method on checkout
  • 2

    Hipay Wallet Payment Getaway

    Magenest$ 99
  • Faster Transaction

  • Split payment

  • Discounts

  • OTP

  • 3

    Magento 2 Wallet Extension

    WEBKUL Store$ 39.08
  • Partial refund

  • Hosted payment page 

  • Allowed country
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    #1. eWallet for Magento 2 by Mage Delight


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    This extension allows customers to make payments from their Wallet System at the time of checkout.

     And cash can be transferred by admin to customers’ wallets if the customers cancel any order.

    Highlighted features:

    • Refund cash to customers’ digital wallet 
    • Add and deduct the amount from customers’ e-Wallet
    • Support multi-currency

    #2. Hipay Wallet Payment Gateway by Magenest


    Hipay is a global wallet with all platforms being integrated to give customers seamless shopping experience.

    It is also the only payment company that offers customized payment solutions for each country.

    Highlighted features:

    • 3D security
    • Enable VCV verification
    • Authorize and capture payments

    #3. Magento 2 Wallet Extension by WEBKUL Store


    Wallet System Module helps customers easily add credit card amount, transfer money, view transaction detail.

    Moreover, the admin can minimum and maximum limits for adding money to the wallet.

    The wallet money can also use by the admin to refund for customers.

    Highlighted features:

    • Stock Amount
    • Adjust Amount 
    • Transaction Details 

    Wrapping Up

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    Magento 2 Wallet is a must-have tool that people need in a modern lifestyle.

    This tool could make every transaction more convenient and faster.

    Furthermore, it also helps you avoid many risks when bringing money beside you.