//Brilliant Idea: Magento Affiliate Extension Equipped

Brilliant Idea: Magento Affiliate Extension Equipped

Currently, online business or E-commerce is no stranger to most of the people using the Internet. It has been even a common approach. 

E-commerce is a business field on a large and competitive scale. Hence, how to rule the marketplace?

In this situation, you can refer to the Affiliate Marketing model for your sales with Magento Affiliate Extension.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a form of promoting products (services) of suppliers through the promotions of their partners. 

Their partners making money online receive a commission whenever one per user visits the suppliers’ website to research and perform actions such as purchasing, registering to use services and fill in the information, etc.

How Affiliate Marketing Works?

Some must-known terminologies

  • Advertisers: Known as companies that have a product/service, willing to pay to promote their products through online marketing.
  • Publishers (Advertisers’ partners): Individuals or companies promoting Advertisers products through social networks, websites, or blogs and getting a commission from the Advertisers.
  • Affiliate network: Acting as an agency partner connecting Suppliers with Affiliate Marketers (Publishers)

How does the system run?

  1. Customer visits to the Publisher website
  2. Customers see the banner/link of Publisher about Advertisers and click on the tracking link of the Affiliate Network. 
  3. Click to be tracked by the Affiliate network, and it will save the device user cookie.
  4. Customer completes online order
  5. The Advertiser receives the report of the Affiliate network in order.
  6. The Affiliate Network informs the order to the Advertiser, who will agree to pay a commission for the recorded order.
  7. Affiliate network pays the commissions to Publisher

However, customers in this situation will not be aware of their clicks on the affiliate link. 

Affiliate Marketing is a type of marketing based on the CPA (Cost per Action) charging model. CPA is the most optimal advertising model currently based on user behavior.

Approaching Through Magento Affiliate Extension

Why should you choose Magento?


A quarter of all E-commerce websites worldwide using a Magento platform. 

It is reliable according to many big brands that have been with Magento, such as Samsung, Fort, Fox Connect, Lenovo, Olympus, Men’s Health, Vizio, Nestle, Nike, etc.

It is the most flexible and full-featured E-commerce software platform available on the market, and it works well for every kind of business.

There are many highlight features with Magento, but here are a few:

  • An open-source
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Highly compatible
  • Many Extensions available
  • User-friendly
  • Supportive community

Anyway, if those highlight features have not convinced you, read more about it here:

Top 3 Magento Affiliate Extension For You

#1. Amasty Magento Affiliate Extension ($199.00)


With Amasty Magento Affiliate Extension, you can run a full-scale affiliate program on your website to effectively promote your sales campaign. 

Providing your Publishers with promotion statistics and detailed stats reports, you can easily manage affiliate accounts, regulate commissions, and track withdrawals.

Key features:

  • Launches affiliate schedules based on cart rules
  • Set a specific commission condition for each program
  • Configure discounts and payout claims
  • Use a great variety of promotion statistics
  • Manage affiliate accounts
  • Mobile optimized frontend

#2. Aheadworks Magento Affiliate Extension ($99.00)


In Aheadworks’ description, they noted that you should keep in mind that only pay if the relationships are profitable for you. 

Thereby, you can be aware of their enthusiastic carefulness. Please go check it out!

Key features:

  • Compatible with Magento 1 version
  • SEO-friendly
  • Allows affiliates to get reports on the Sales, Conversion, Traffic sources, define their period and download them
  • Adding commissions from the backend is available
  • Different affiliate programs in different store views.
  • Help manage all the transactions

#3. Mageplaza Magento 2 Affiliate Extension ($99.00)


Magento 2 Affiliate Extension by Mageplaza provides most of the standard functions of Affiliate Marketing modules for users. 

Key features:

  • Multiple affiliate programs
  • Multiple long-term lasting commission
  • Various convenient payment methods for the withdrawal process
  • Paypal Mass Pay allows an automatic payout
  • Affiliate banners with links
  • API supported

Furthermore, there are many extra interesting features: URL styles, commission for tax/shipping fee, deduct commission, email notifications, etc.


Indeed, you must have had your decision for the Magento platform website to increase more sales. If you found this article informative and want to read more, we are here to provide any information you need! Click the link below!