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Top 6 Recommended Size Chart Extensions for Magento 2

A good online store admin is the person who not only know how to attract customers but he also should focus on bringing better user experience. Nowadays, there are many useful extensions that help admin improve the online shop due to diversified demand. Among outstanding extensions, Size Chart is considered as one of the most must-have extensions for online stores. In this article, we will give you features and some reviews of top 6 recommended Size Chart extensions for Magento 2.

Top 6 Size Chart extensions are carefully selected and arranged by BSSCommerce team to show you complete assessment based on these following criteria:

  • Extension features
  • Price
  • Provider’s reputation
  • Ranking

About Default Magento 2

Default Magento 2 only support basic sizes in the form of numbers or letters. Therefore, purchasers can waste much time choosing adequate product sizes or even cannot select the right sizes for themselves. However, store owners are able to solve this problem by using Magento 2 Size Chart extension.

Size Chart extension allows admin to create and display highly customizable size charts on product pages. Hence, customers can easily measure to select appropriate product sizes when buying clothing, shoes or anything that has size choices. If the purchasing process is more convenient, store admin will have good opportunities to boost up sales and reduce return products.

Top 6 Recommended Size Chart Extensions for Magento 2

1. Size Chart by Neklo – $25

Fundamental features of Neklo Magento 2 Size Chart extension:

  • Create standard and tailor-made size charts
  • Select multiple store view and display type
  • Allow admin to set display rules
  • Customize size chart button, size chart attribute title
  • Assign to product by category, product ID and product grid
  • Support size adviser when configuring
Neklo Size Chart extension

Review: This extension provides basic functions of Magento 2 Size Chart extension. Compared to other extensions, the price $25 is quite cheap along with $55 of installation if you require.

2. Size Chart by MageComp – $25

Main functions of MageComp Size Chart extension:

  • Create variable size charts
  • Admin can configure size chart button text and icon text
  • Upload size chart icon with jpg, jpeg, gif, png image type
  • Support two size chart display methods: in product page content or in popup
  • Provide three options to open size chart in popup: a button with text, icon image, icon image + text
  • Use WYSIWYG editor in backend to set image
  • CMS block, table or any HTML code to show size chart in frontend
  • Admin can set size chart globally, category specific and product specific from backend
  • Restrict size chart display for specific customer groups based on backend selection
MageComp Size Chart extension

Review: Magento 2 Size Chart extension of MageComp supplies admin with useful features of size chart. The price $25 is considered as the cheap price level based on its functions. If you use enterprise edition, the price is $125. In case you need professional installtion, you have to pay more $39.

3. Size Chart by MageAnts – $39

Highlighted features of MageAnts Size Chart extension:

  • Display size chart as an image or use content for size chart display
  • Choose between an inline display or show size chart in popup
  • Set and use icon to access the size chart link
  • Allow enabling product, category and rule filter to display size chart in the front-end
  • Define size standards and dimension for size adviser
  • Size adviser, size standard, size dimension, and size chart management
MageAnts Size Chart extension

Review: The price $39 is reasonable but it seems that features of Mageants Size Chart extension have many shortcomings compared to extensions of MageComp and Neklo. In addition, in case you use enterprise edition, you have to pay $79. If you need installation, it costs you more $30.

4. Size Chart by Webkul – $49

Main functions of Webkul Size Chart extensions:

  • Allow to insert size chart templates: Normal or Configurable Product template
  • Admin can add size chart image
  • Support .jpg, .png, .jpeg as image formats
  • Show size chart on product page along with product info section
  • Support default display and custom size chart button
  • Admin can set display rules
  • Compatible with simple, virtual and configurable product types
Webkul Size Chart extension

Review: This extension costs you $49 for the community edition and $98 for the enterprise edition, which is acceptable for its functions. You need to pay $9.8 if you require installation service.

5. Size Chart by BSSCommerce – $59

Key features of BSSCommerce Size Chart For Magento 2 extension:

  • Freely create and configure size charts as wish
  • Display size chart in popup, right on product page or on the product information tab
  • Select more than one position showing the size chart on the product page
  • Admin can set default size chart display if necessary
  • Allow editing content and updating icon for the popup link
  • Assign size charts to products with size chart attribute in the product edit page
  • Support a grid to assign a size chart to multiple products at once
  • Admin can also set the priority for size charts added to same product
BSSCommerce Size Chart extension

Review: In general, Size Chart extension of BSS is an effective tool to enhance online store when it provides essential functions of size chart. The price for the community edition is $59 whereas the enterprise edition costs $159, which can be acceptable. A bonus point is that BSS supports free installation and free update for all products.

6. Size Chart by Plumrocket – $89

Detailed features of Plumrocket Size Chart extension:

  • Show size chart in popup window or inside of product page content
  • Switch size chart style at any time, use different layouts for different products
  • Assign detailed size charts for each category separately or inherit size charts from parent category
  • Customize design of size chart button: label, color, icon, etc
  • Support flexible display rules and display size chart based on product attributes
  • Add custom size chart using visual HTML editor including size tables, pictures, videos, etc
  • Works with all Magento 2 product types
Magento 2 Size Chart extension
Plumrocket Magento 2 Size Chart extension

Review: This extension owns many necessary features of size chart. The price is quite expensive with $89 for the community edition and $189 for the enterprise edition. If you want installation service, you need to pay $50.


We have presented about top 6 amazing Size Chart extensions for Magento 2. We hope that this article can show you useful information to select the appropriate extension for your online shop. If you have any query, feel free to contact us. Don’t forget to Like, Share and Subscribe to Magext to receive other interesting articles.

Anh Thu

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