//Double your traffic with Yoast SEO Magento 2!

Double your traffic with Yoast SEO Magento 2!

If you’re wondering which SEO plugin should you prefer for your new website, then it’s advisable to take a glance at Yoast SEO Magento 2 extension.

Yoast SEO makes SEO easy for any store owner. In addition to taking care of most technical SEO settings of their sites, Yoast SEO Magento extension allows them to analyze the content of their posts or product pages, including text and images.

In this post, we’ll talk about the Yoast SEO plugin with all the features it can provide to the users.

Yoast SEO – The 1st WordPress SEO Plugin!

Benefits of Yoast SEO


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Generally, it is undeniable that Yoast SEO Magento extension allows admin to get more visitors from Bing and Google.

Furthermore, you can attract more customers from the social networking site as well as enhance the engagement of the visitors.

In detail, the Yoast SEO extension can help you in using the correct keywords in your posts. It can also show whether the keywords are being appropriately placed and utilized in your content.

Yoast SEO + Magento 2 = Still Some Limitations, Yet Good Overall!

Yoast SEO Magento 2 extension itself remains disadvantages. The first shortcoming is it test-certified for Magento 2 versions.

Another weakness of Yoast SEO for Magento is that, at present, it only supports up to the 2.0.3 version of Magento 2 while Magento 2 latest version now is 2.3.3.


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However, among a wide range of powerful SEO extensions, Yoast SEO extension is still trusted by many Magento 2 savvy users due to its stability and rich-feature nature.

And the most important? It’s free. It’s just impossible to refuse such a great plugin that starts with $0.

Free Yoast SEO Magento 2 Extension Options to Optimize SEO Juice!

Here comes Yoast SEO for Magento 2 by MaxServ, a completely free Yoast SEO Extension with various features:

  • Proper meta tags
  • Live SEO analysis from within the edit forms
  • Customize analysis templates
  • Create redirects for deleted products

Premium Magento 2 SEO Extensions to Get Your Page Landed Even Higher!

Above is a popular SEO extension which is available for free. Nevertheless, you can expect to get maximum advantages on the paid version of Yoast SEO Magento extension.

Here are the most prominent premium SEO extensions for Magento 2.

Magento 2 SEO extension by BSS Commerce – $119

This amazing Yoast SEO Magento 2 extension offers premium quality with competitive prices. In just a few clicks admin can quickly take over every feature and updating meta.

  • Meta Tag Template – Auto Generate Meta Tags
  • Image ALT Tags – Make Image SEO-Friendly
  • External Links SEO- Retain The Power of Page
  • SEO Report and Audit – Track SEO Compliance on the Backend

SEO Suite Ultimate Extension for Magento 2 by Mageworx – $299


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Suite Ultimate is a fully-featured SEO solution that covers a full range of on-page SEO activities.

Main features:

  • Duplicate Content Elimination
  • Optimized Crawling And Indexation
  • Advanced Rich Snippets
  • Smart Breadcrumbs

Ultimate SEO Optimizer by FME Extensions – $179

Ultimate SEO Optimizer is an all-in Yoast SEO extension for your Store to significantly reduces your search engine optimization workload and cost. 


Main features:

  • Auto-create SEO Meta Title, Description & Keywords
  • Generate SEO Optimized Alt Tags for Product Images
  • Build XML & HTML Sitemaps for Store
  • Add Extended Google Rich Snippet Tags


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Yoast SEO Magento 2 extension undoubtedly helps the store owner evaluate the quality of the content on your website, therefore maximize the site’s traffic.

Accordingly, admin can spend more time on other divisions of your business. 

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