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Magento is well-known for one of the most popular open-source platforms for E-commerce over the world. Since Magento was launched into the market, it has brought more and more efficiencies for all business whose websites are built under Magento installation and especially for Magento extension providers who have been developing useful modules to provide for these sites.

For Magento 1 version – it can be easily seen that Magento module suppliers really create a very huge and active marketplace with thousands of extensions developed for store owners or Magento web agencies. These tools have been playing a big role in improving Magento sites, overcoming default limitations and enhancing user experience. However, that Magento 2 along with inheriting Magento 1’s success appeared in the late of 2015 makes Magento extension providers start a new racing together. More and more Magento 2 modules are developed to meet demands of more and more Magento 2 sites which can be completely built for the first time or are updated from Magento 1 version.

Therefore, to help users conveniently select most suitable Magento 2 modules for their own websites, MAGEXTS team is a bridge in order to review Magento 2 extensions and analyze them in the most neutral and subjective side.

Magento 2 extensions reviewed here belong to 2 most popular business aspects:

  • Extensions supports for Magento 2 Administration process
  • Extensions supports for Sales process

MAGEXTS will give you detailed information about a Magento 2 module such as:

  • Provider’s name
  • Price
  • Main functions as well as the most outstanding feature
  • Strengths and Weaknesses (if have)

MAGEXTS team hopes that you will find additional necessary and good information about Magento 2 extensions and make proper choices for your site.

Contact us

Email: magexts.us@gmail.com