//Power Up Your Website With Magento 2 AI Extension!

Power Up Your Website With Magento 2 AI Extension!

Keeping up with the latest technology revolution, E-commerce is gradually developing with the support of Artificial Intelligence (AI).  Let’s learn about Magento ai extension to promote a sales campaign!

How Does Artificial Intelligence Affect Ecommerce?

Machine Learning (ML) In product recommendations.

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Machine Learning (ML) is transforming tools offered via digital experiences. 

Have you ever wondered how Amazon can be aware of which products may interest you? 

The answer is they have an AI recommender engine that analyzes user demand results and proposes related recommendations. 

Examples can easily find where people searched “Bed” and resulted in many other products displayed as a result of the term “Internal furniture,” for instance. 

AI helps in the logistics of the business

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Logistics can be considered as order and shipping processes. With AI, routing, and changing delivery arrival times can become approximately completely accurate and efficient. 

In reality, Machine Learning algorithms are being applied to data to help automate warehouse operations. 

This system would improve the speed of product sorting and delivery in warehouses, thereby decreasing costs and conclusively increasing total revenue. 

Updating with Magento 2 AI 

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What is more advanced than using the most advanced Magento platform with the most advanced AI technology?

If your Magento platform website needs to optimize, please equip it with Magento ai extension because of the following advantages.

Improve customers’ experiences


Magento now and then has been known for the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Its advanced search options and an array of customized Magento ai extension are always leading in user experience.

Furthermore, equipping your advanced Magento website with advanced Magento 2 AI Extension, such as AI’s superior context-based search, would minimize the search process for customers.

Optimize customer support


E-commerce stores often get negative feedbacks for their lack of enthusiastic and informative personalized support. 

However, AI can automate customer responses that can help you obtain a critical edge in attracting and retaining customers.

2 Best Magento & Magento 2 AI Extension Options

#1. Choice Magento AI Extension – (FREE)

Choice Magento ai extension provides Intelligent Interfaces for your eCommerce store, creating intuitive purchase experiences using Artificial Intelligence. Notice that you need to have a Choice.AI account to use the extension.

Key features:

  • Limited 7-day free trial
  • Conversion optimized templates
  • Responsive HTML5 banners
  • Compatible with mobile and browser
  • No-Code editor
  • Many premium templates

#2. Vue.ai Styling Magento AI Extension – (FREE)


Apptha has partnered with Vue.ai for Fashion E-commerce to come up with AI-driven Visual recommendations to increase customer quantity at an exceptional rate.

This Vue.ai plugin for Personalization and Styling is mainly for fashion retailers.  

It enables you to individualize every shopper’s journey in real-time by understanding their unique style profiles.

Key features:

  • Fetch catalogs automatically and keeps it ready to serve the recommendations.
  • Ability to configure personalized recommendations
  • Ability to select proposals and display on the website.
  • A hassle-free integration on your website with just one click. 


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With the 4.0 revolution, Magento AI extension has gradually become a new trend worthy of being applied to your E-commerce. Please Like, Share, and Subscribe to Magext to receive interesting articles and feel free to contact us!