//Amasty Advanced Permissions for Different Roles Management

Amasty Advanced Permissions for Different Roles Management

Amasty Advanced Permissions extension is an optimal choice that helps manage your online business smoothly. Among all extensions in the same category, Amasty’s is one of the highly recommended modules. And the reasons why will be revealed in this blog.

Besides, to help you make a decision more quickly, we will provide a brief comparison between Amasty’s plugin and other providers’.

Let’s get started!

About Amasty

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Amasty is quite familiar to online businesses. The company is one of the most popular e-commerce solutions providers worldwide. In our review blog, we usually recommend Amasty’s extensions because of the quality products and services they provided.

Founded in 2009, Amasty has grown bigger and more prominent. The company has 3 offices in 3 countries with over 130 employees, all of whom are professionals in developing e-commerce solutions.

For more than 10 years of development, Amasty has provided a collection of over 250 extensions for various purposes. They make sure that all problems, even the toughest ones, are solved as quickly as possible; hence, it helps businesses grow stronger.

For that reason, they have satisfied a massive number of customers globally, with 97% positive reviews. And so far, Amasty has become a reliable location where online businesses always look for in case issues happen.


From the beginning, Amasty has developed Magento extensions to help optimize online stores. Such extensions help create a perfect website in various aspects, for example, B2B products, PWA extensions, navigation & search, SEO optimization, checkout, user experience, etc.

Besides, the company not only provides Magento plugins, but it also offers top-notch services in development, migration, and optimization. Some services we can name like installation, configuration, Magento 2 migration, and many others.

All in all, there is one thing we can be sure of is that Amasty is a reliable partner that brings about the best value for your online businesses.

Amasty Advanced Permissions Extension – Detailed Review

Now, let’s continue with our main topic today – the Amasty Advanced Permissions extension review. But before anything, let’s clarify: Why do you need an Advanced Permissions extension?

Why Is An Advanced Permissions Extension Important?

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This kind of extension is especially beneficial for large brands with many departments and multi-vendor marketplace owners.

For a marketplace, there are so many merchants selling products on a website. Hence, it is necessary to help managers take care of these vendors, or otherwise, it will be a total mess.

Thus, the owner of the store should assign custom permissions to those managers to keep track of merchants better. And Advanced Permissions extension will help them to do so.

These modules are so helpful that managing an unlimited number of stores in a single interface is not a difficult task anymore.

Moreover, not only is it useful for the marketplace, but other online stores can also use the plugin, especially large enterprises with many departments. In this way, you can assign specific roles for each manager; therefore, all the works will be operated smoothly.

Amasty Advanced Permissions Extension – $229

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Compatible with: Magento 2.2 – 2.3 – 2.4

Highlighted features:

  • Ability to restrict access to some backend tabs
  • Adjust access to the documents on store view or website
  • Limit access to product attributes
  • Lock access to the CMS tab
  • Separate category/product management
  • Restrict access to dashboard statistics


Advanced Permissions, developed by Amasty, is a fantastic extension with many powerful features. As we have said, the general purpose is to help admins have better management over their stores, in terms of products, orders, or similar things.

With the module, owners can enhance security by setting permissions to get access to some specific tabs or documents, namely, invoices, transactions, orders, shipment, credit memos, etc. Notably, they can flexibly adjust settings by store view or website.


Different permissions can be set to different managers. You can assign roles of editing products and categories for some admins, managing customers, orders for others. Also, the module helps improve product management in this way.

In terms of the price, $229 is quite expensive, not to mention the Enterprise Edition ($529) and other additional fees: Priority support services and support manager ($99), installation service ($59).

Actual customers have reviewed the module as a feature-rich extension with minor issues. Although the price is quite high, it is worth investing in such a wonderful module.

Support policies:

  • 60 days of money back when faults happen
  • Free lifetime updates
  • 90 days of free support

Amasty Advanced Permissions Extension vs. Others


You may feel confused about whether to choose this module from Amasty or other extensions. In that case, this extension will help you.

The table below contains a brief comparison between Amasty’s extension and other best-selling Magento Advanced Permissions modules, including Mageplaza’s, Aitoc’s, Cminds’s.

We have to note that there is no free Magento Advanced Permissions extension on the list below. However, the price range is various and you can easily choose the most suitable one.


Amasty Advanced Permissions

Magento 2.2 - 2.3 - 2.4
  • Restrict access to some backend tabs

  • Adjust access to the documents on store view/website

  • Limit access to product attributes

  • Lock access to the CMS tab

  • Manage separated category/product

  • Restrict access to dashboard statistics

  • $229

    Mageplaza Advanced Permissions

    Magento 2.2.x - 2.3.x
  • Restrict category visibility by groups

  • Hide products to groups

  • Restrict access to CMS pages/blocks

  • Redirect when being limited

  • Set a period for restriction

  • $199

    Cminds Advanced Permissions

    Magento 2.0.x - 2.1.x - 2.2.x - 2.3.x - 2.4.x
  • Create roles with specific permissions

  • Flexibly assign permissions: broad configurations or complex assignments

  • Limit access to specific categories, store views

  • $129

    Aitoc Advanced Permissions

    Magento 2.1.x - 2.3.x
  • Improve data security

  • Restrict access to specific website’s parts

  • Enable admins to configure roles

  • Add restriction to documents access

  • $189

    MageAnts Advanced Permissions

    Magento 2.0.x - 2.3.x
  • Limit access to invoices, orders, shipments, etc.

  • Control access to particular products/categories

  • Restrict access to product attributes

  • Flexibly adjust category management

  • $129


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    Hopefully, a detailed review of Advanced Permissions extension from Amasty and a comparison table of Advanced Permissions extensions will help you manage your online business.

    If you want to recommend any other extension, especially free Magento Advanced Permissions extensions, please contact us. We will add it to the list.

    Thanks a lot for reading!