//Enhance Visual of the Store with These Magento 2 Custom Option Image Extensions

Enhance Visual of the Store with These Magento 2 Custom Option Image Extensions

Customers usually waste time determining whether they should buy a product in online stores or not. Hence, magento 2 custom option image was developed to solve this problem. In this article, we will show you detailed analysis and reviews about top 4 Magento 2 Custom Option Image extensions.

This article presents 4 best Custom Option Image extensions which are carefully selected among many others on the market. These modules are hand-picked by Magext team based on the following criteria:

  • Extension function
  • Ranking
  • Provider’s reputation
  • Rating and reviews

About Default Magento 2

It can be clearly seen that default Magento 2 only allows admin to create different types of custom options for product without supporting adding images for custom options of each item.

Therefore, customers may feel inconvenient because they cannot view the real image of each option. This sometimes results in lowering customers’  shopping interest, especially for items such as clothing, jewelry or fashion.

Custom Option Image extension will be good choice for store owners to enhance visual of the store easily. Besides, customers will also be attracted by eye-catching images displayed for each product option in the store.

4 Excellent Custom Option Image Extensions You Must Know 

1. Magento 2 Custom Option Image by BSSCommerce


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This extension helps admin insert images in the product custom option of various option types (radio buttons, checkbox, drop-down and multiple selec) and set specific width and height.

With this function, store owners can impress their customers with eye-catching product option images, which will be good way to advertise items and boosts sales. In addition, you have two selections of presenting images for product option.

The title and price are also changed through each chosen option so that clients will have no difficulties in following and checking items.

Lastly, Custom Option Image of BSS is compatible with most of types of products in the website including simple, configurable, bundle, downloadable and virtual product.

Fundamental features of BSSCommerce Magento 2 custom option image:

  • Insert image to product custom option of any option type
  • Upload, remove or retrieve the uploaded image easily
  • Display images for product option with 2 styles: Show images when selected/Show all images
  • Customize the width and height of each custom option image
  • Compatible with most of product types

Review: This is a good choice for store owners who want to find high-quality extensions. The price is acceptable with $49 for the community edition and $149 for the enterprise edition along with free installation support from BSS. View more.

2. Custom Option Image by MageArray

magearray-magento 2

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This extension supports adding images to all types of Magento 2 custom options. Moreover, it allows admin to easily assign, edit and remove particular image or color for different custom options of the selected type so that operating in the store become more convenient.

Users can also set height and width of image for each option type or add tool tip to each option to explain something about options.

Main features of MageArray magento 2 custom option image:

  • Add image to Custom Options
  • Easily insert, customize and remove image/color for different custom options of product
  • Admin can set different height and width of the image to be displayed for options
  • Add Tool Tip to each option to explain the options

Review: In general, it is considered as a good extension for store owners. Regarding the price, it seems expensive with the price of $169 and you also have to pay $50 if you require the installation service

3. Custom Option Image by Pektsekye



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Magento 2 custom option image, store owners can add images for custom options of product in the backend page whenever they want. When the option value changes, the image above the option changes too.

Multiple thumbnails are shown for option types such as radio buttons, checkbox, drop-down and multiple select. To view the image clearly, customers can click on thumbnail to enlarge the image.

Based on the resolution of your device, the popup window will display the large image in the best size. In addition, you can also use CSV import/export feature to add and edit custom options with images for items at the same time, which will help you save time operating in your store.

Key features of Pektsekye Custom Option Image extension:

  • Insert images to various types of custom options
  • Display large image when thumbnail is clicked
  • Support exporting / importing custom option images as .csv file

Review: This extension provides basic functions of a Custom Option Image extension. It is quite cheap with the price of $20. However, unlike extensions of BSS and MageArray, you cannot set the height and width of image for each option type by yourself.

4. Custom Option Image by Emiprotechnologies


This extension allows admin to insert different images or color for each custom option. Compared to other extensions, beside main option types, it also supplies advanced option types including Thumb Gallery, Thumb Gallery Popup and Thumb Gallery Multi Select so that users have more choices while customizing.

Furthermore, admin is capable of switching between image and color for any custom option just by changing the value from ‘Display Mode’ drop-down.

Highlighted features of Emiprotech Custom Option Image extension:

  • Assign, edit and remove image or color for each custom option
  • Switch over between color and image for any option
  • Customer can select image or color with very advanced selection types
  • Allows customer to view different images, color cube, title and price when any particular custom option is clicked on
  • Set maximum file size(MB) for the image to be uploaded
  • Set the height and width of custom option image

Review: With this extension, adding image and color for custom options of product becomes easy. Regarding the price, Emiprotechnologies offers the price of $89 with free installation.


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Provided above is the detailed information as well as reviews about top 4 excellent magento 2 custom option image. In case you want to submit your extension the Custom Option Image extension list or suggest removing an item from the list, please feel free to contact us. Please Like, Share, and Subscribe to Magext for more helpful extension review articles.