//Top 6 Magento 2 Report Extensions of The Market And Recommendations

Top 6 Magento 2 Report Extensions of The Market And Recommendations

Realizing the limitation of Magento 2 default, Magento 2 extension providers launch new products that can help store admin solve the problems, which named Magento 2 report extension.

Reporting is an indispensable activity for any type of business. Make an assumption that you are a big store in a city with multiple product categories but you have no report to measure how many orders have been created on the site, how much sales you earn from selling products… and that is so weird and you cannot manage your store’s activities.

Magento 2 default provides store admin a tool called “Report” to see the effect from sales but there appear some limitations because it cannot measure sales by hour, sales by country, or sales product. Magento 2 default also has no ability to illustrate the index through some charts like bar, pie, or line.

This Magento 2 report extension will be a powerful tool for any store admins to display a report of different sales with multiple report types. Each report will be shown via a visual chart and data table for the store admin to have a quick assessment as well.

In this article, we will recommend you top 6 Magento reports extensions we have already selected cautiously among multiple extensions on the market. The following things are some criteria we based on to choose them:

  • Extension features.
  • Ranking.
  • Provider’s reputation.
  • Price and Support Policy.

1. Magento 2 Advanced Reports by Webkul ($99)

The Magento 2 advanced report extension by Webkul is a good choice for any online store to view all the reports of different indices with visual graphs. Store owners can freely select indicators they want to see more such as sales, product categories, or view reports of different sellers as well.

Magento 2 Advanced Report by Webkul

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Principal features of Magento 2 Advanced Reporting extension by Webkul are:

  • View the full report of every seller.
  • Easy to filter report results.
  • The present reports in visual graphs.
  • Enable sellers to see their reports.
  • Easy to filter sales as categories, date, or order status.

Magento 2 report extension by Webkul supports a quite cheap price which is $99 for community edition with 3 – month free supporting service excluding installation cost ($19.80) and $198 for the enterprise edition. This can be considered a good choice for users.

For much time to have a supporting service of 6 months or 12 months, store owners have to pay much money.

2. Magento Report by AgileCodex ($99)

AgileCodex produces this Magento 2 advanced reporting module to help store owners in managing the current and future performance by analyzing the data by reports. It can help store owners take a quick view sales overview by days, months or years.

Magento 2 Advanced Report by AgileCodex

Here are some useful characteristics of Magento 2 advanced report extension provided by AgileCodex:

  • Provide business analytics based on reliable data.
  • Use the dashboard to see all reports in one place.
  • Evaluate sale by day, week, or month.
  • Analyze correctly and interpret real-time data.
  • Support on mobile devices.

Magento 2 reporting extension is a suitable choice for stores to have a tool to analyze the data. With a price of $99, this extension provides 90 days free supporting service, free lifetime updates, and 60 days money back. Admins have to pay only $20 for installation service if necessary.

3. Mirasvit Advanced Reports for Magento 2 ($119)

Mirasvit produces Magento 2 reporting extension to support store admin to go deeper insights to analyze more indicators of a store. Mirasvit also supports them to utilize this module with the purpose of giving 12 ready-made reports to show and update the store’s performance at any time as demand.

Advanced Report for Magento 2 by Mirasvit

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Mirasvit supplies some helpful features below:

  • Give probable form of store’s advanced reports.
  • Exist 12+ report types.
  • Visualize data with multiple graphs.
  • Advanced dashboard to check the achievement of the goals.
  • Customize reports as wish. (adding or hide the column, choose date and time…).
  • Filter practically.
  • Be able to download reports via CSV file.

This Mirasvit Advanced Reports extension for Magento 2 supports store admin with multiple useful functions. It costs $119 for community edition and $318 for the enterprise edition without including the installation cost ($49). This price is suitable for the various features provided by Miravist.

4. Magento 2 Reporting Extension by Landofcoder ($129)

This extension by Landofcoder is a promising Magento 2 reporting extension that can bring a lot of useful functions. The extension supplied by Landofcoder can be considered as the quickest reporting tool and gives admin the deepest analytics insights as well.

The main character is to issue statistical data to evaluate the current performance with visible graphs of orders, sales, or product categories so that store owners are able to compare the current performance to the previous one to view any new changes.

Magento 2 Advanced Report extension by Landofcoder

Fundamental functions of advanced report for Magento 2 by Landofcoder:

  • Provide 28+ various report types.
  • Support report drill down.
  • Supply various graphs for trends as pie or bar charts.
  • Easy to filter data like date, week, or month.
  • Integrate a profit – calculating formula for store owners to manage the current performance.
  • Support analytics on mobile Apps.
  • Be able to customize reports by a few clicks.
  • Easy to export the report to CSV file.

With the price policy of $129 plus many practical functions, Magento 2 report extension by Landofcoder can occupy the market share and customers’ belief quickly. This is a perfect choice for any users which is also equipped with mobile apps to help admin adjust new changes everywhere and every time.

Landofcoder provides 12 – month support for the single license and with the higher level as standard or premium customers have to pay more to own this service.

5. Amasty Advanced Reports for Magento 2 ($299)

Amasty developed this module to expand more roles of default Magento 2 with an advanced analytics tool.

This tool is able to count and gather indices by sales, products, or customers to evaluate the current situation of a business. From those things, this business can predict the suitable strategy to push up the current performance to a higher level.

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Some important features of Amasty Advanced Reports are:

  • Have 14 report types.
  • Customize and control the dashboard display.
  • Exist a helpful filter tool for different reports.
  • Select suitable graphs and data grids for reports.
  • Export report data quickly.

This Magento 2 reporting extension costs $299 for community edition and $599 for enterprise edition with 3 – month free support excluding installation service ($59). For 6 – month supporting service, it costs $149 and $219 for 12 – month supporting service.

The extension supports many important features but the price is a little bit high for customers to afford to pay.

6. Aheadworks Advanced Reports for Magento 2 ($499)

This Magento reports extension is developed with the main purpose of providing store admin detailed reports about sales overview, product performance, and so on.

All data from any transactions will be recorded and they will be displayed through a data table and a chart to illustrate to be much more visible. This module is able to analyze data exactly and gives a quick view of evaluation for a store.

Advanced Report for Magento 2 by Aheadworks

Here are some vital functions of this Magento 2 report extension:

  • Provide 7 types of reports.
  • Demonstrate reports by multiple graphs with visual trends.
  • Customize a period of time with a calendar.
  • Make the report generation quickly by converting all the necessary data.
  • Filter data effectively.
  • Give bookmarks for any reports.

Aheadworks Advanced Report for Magento 2 provides some outstanding features that can support store admin to measure performance better.

Aheadworks provides free installation cost to users, free 12-month Service Agreement but the price is $499 for community edition and $1499 for enterprise edition – quite expensive on the market.


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Here are the top 6 Magento 2 Advanced Report Extension based on some criteria mentioned at the top of this article. Any further information to improve this list is warmly welcomed.

We hope that this article can help us choose the best Advanced Report for Magento 2 to your business. Please Like, Share, and Subscribe to Magexts to read more practical extension review articles. If you want to add your product to this list, contact us.