//You Should Never Miss These 4 Magento 2 Salesforce Extensions

You Should Never Miss These 4 Magento 2 Salesforce Extensions

Have you ever thought of combining your Magento 2 stores with other platforms for even better advantages? If not yet, you would definitely change your mind after exploring what we bring you today: Magento 2 Salesforce extension. Please bear in mind that in e-commerce industry, data is the king. The more effectively you connect the business data, the more successfully you can run your Magento 2 stores. Integrating Magento  2 platform with Salesforce Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform makes it easy to control over all aspects supported by Salesforce data such as customers, advertising, and markets.

What is Salesforce CRM System?

For those having little or no idea of Salesforce open source, we will get started with some basic knowledge.

After the intergration of Magento 2 and Salesforce, you will enjoy the huge data from salesforce sources.

Salesforce is the world leading CRM system which allows users to store an enormous volume of customer information, prospect contacts, leads, markets, products, or anything else in cloud storage for multiple real-time access via the internet. The open source is a user-customizable platform, Magento 2 store owners can adjust and take advantages of those data for the customer or financial services, analytics, sales, digital or B2B marketing, community, productivity, and IoT.

Magento 2 Salesforce Integration.

What if the leading e-commerce source and the no 1 CRM platform connect together? The result is that when customers sign up your Magento 2 stores, their Salesforce account will be auto-created. With internet access availability, Salesforce connector will auto-synchronize and update those data to relieve your workload with ease since no more manual data entry is required. You can integrate customer accounts, order information, and product operation information in one place for later access.

This smart Salesforce Extension For Magento data management tool will lead to the proper decisions, customer satisfaction improvement, and the thriving business growth.

Now, it’s time for Top 4 Salesforce extensions for Magento 2 that you need to know. The careful selection to include Magento 2 extensions on the list is based on several criteria:

  • The features supported by each module.
  • The price and support policies of each Magento 2 developer.
  • The demos of Magento 2 Salesforce Connector/Integration plugins
  • The ranking on SERPs
  • The customer reviews on the product pages.

Note that you need Salesfore account before using this Magento 2 extension. If you havn’t had one yet, please visit here to sign up.

Magento 2 Salesforce extension by  TechNWeb Inc ($0 CE – $0 EE)

This Free Magento 2 Salesforce Integration extension allows data sync in one click.

You can add TechNWeb Salesforce Integration for Magento 2 extension without extra cost to enjoy the following features:

  • Auto-sync customer record and order operation on Magento 2 store with Salesforce ID.
  • Prevent duplicate thanks to the built-in logic mechanism.
  • Supports both on-demand and real-time synchronization.

Those basic functions are suitable for store owners wanting to check how this module might be work for the online stores.

If you look for more interesting features, you can check the paid version of this module, which includes the following key benefits:

  • Connect Magento 2 stores with Salesforce PriceBooks.
  • Provide the picklist values of state and country.
  • Support multi-website capability in Magento 2 Enterprise Edition.
  • Capture non-paid orders and abandoned carts in the potential sales.
  • Map where to send data from Magento 2 stores.

Magento 2 Salesforce extension by Ipragmatech ($199.00 CE – $199.00 EE)

The easy integration of Magento 2 Salesforce extension.

Highlight features of Ipragmatech Magento 2 Salesforce module:

  • Automatically update Magento 2 customer records on their existing Salesforce account.
  • Instantly create new Salesforce account if customers haven’t had one.
  • Immediately sync the product creation information on Magento 2 and Salesforce.
  • Automatically restore order placement information on Salesforce account.

Every configured function of this Magento 2 Salesforce Integration module only works on the condition of HTTP secure. As can be seen from the key benefit, you will have products, customer accounts, orders created or updated on Salesforce right after the completion of the event on Magento 2 stores.

The Magento 2 Salesforce demo runs well. However, you may find it hard to configure without the detailed user guide. This solution comes at $199.00 with free 30-day supports.

Magento 2 Salesforce extension by Magenest ($349.00 CE – $899.00 EE)


Using Magento 2 Salesforce CRM Integration to sync huge data without manual effort.

The third Magento 2 Salesforce extension consists of the functions by the two recommended module above and more.

  • Auto-sync Magento 2 product data, customer information, and order data to Salesforce CRM.
  • Auto-sync promotion information and campaign rules from Magento 2 backend to Salesforce Campaign module.
  • Use API key Magento 2 Salesforce for easy connect.
  • Support both Cron-job and manual sync.
  • Map data fields from Magento 2 store to Salesforce platform in clicks.
  • Check auto-synced data in syncing reports.

With the support of Magenest Magento 2 Salesforce plugin, you can make use of more than 100 fields in 7 Salesforce modules.

To have all features of Magento 2 Salesforce connector extension run well in your stores, you need to pay $349.00 for the Community Edition and $899.00 for the Enterprise Edition. 6-month support comes at no extra cost, while extended period will charge the additional fee. For installation service, you have to spend more $50.00.

Magento 2 Salesforce extension by Webkul ($399.00 CE – $798.00 EE)

The last Magento 2 Salesforce connector module on the list is also worth checking out.

Get the detailed Magento 2 Salesforce synced data with one click.

Let’s discover the features by Webkul Magento 2 Salesforce extension:

  • Real-time sync Magento 2 contact us, customer data, order data to Salesforce Leads.
  • Real-time sync Magento 2 category information and product information to Salesforce account.
  • Manage all Magento 2 Salesforce synced data in Salesforce Connector.
  • Support Magento 2 Salesforce mapping.

To begin the configuration, please upload your WSDL File from your Salesforce account. If not the default file will be uploaded instead.

Magento 2 Salesforce synchronization saves management time and effort to keep track of all data in one online system. Webkul provides the Community Edition and the Enterprise Edition at $399.00 and $798.00 respectively. The installation fee is $$239.40. After installing Magento 2 Salesforce, you can enjoy free 3-month support. You can ask for extended support period with +$199.50 for 6 months and +$239.40 for 1 year.


Magento 2 Salesforce CRM platform offers you the perfect solution to drive for more successful business. We hope that the review today helps you make the right choice to make the fullest use of your data. If you know any Magento 2 Salesforce extension not included on the list, feel free to contact us.

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