//5 Best Magento 2 Product Image Gallery Extensions To Enhance Your Website

5 Best Magento 2 Product Image Gallery Extensions To Enhance Your Website

Eye-catching product images can easily draw customers’ attention than plain text. Magento 2 product images extension and Magento 1 get product images are the perfect solution for any eCommerce store.

Provided below is the list of five best Magento gallery extension with reviews on the function of each one.

Although all of these extensions share the similarity of creating a photo gallery for products, each extension has unique features with its own strengths and weaknesses.

This blog will provide a deep analysis and review of 5 best product image gallery extensions.

#1. Image Gallery Extension for Magento 2 – BSSCommerce

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This Magento 2 image gallery extension meets the basic function requirements for a photo gallery extension, such as creating gallery album, uploading image, setting album and image description and displaying product image in light box and slide show.

Providing more than just basic functions, this photo gallery extension allows admin to include Youtube video to the gallery album and support meta title and meta description in the setting of each album.


You can apply two different layouts for displaying the album, including standard layout and ajax layout. All product images are presented in light box and auto-play slideshow with eye-catching transition effects.

With widget support, the magento 2 product images gallery extension can place any gallery album on any place on the storefront pages. It scales to fit screen resolution of mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

The only disadvantage of this extension is that it does not support multiple store views, but with the price of $79, you are sure to get a good deal out of this product image gallery extension.

#2. Image Gallery Extension for Magento 2 – Magearray

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This magento product image gallery extension provides basic feature of building a product gallery from scratch, including: creating album, uploading image, setting up for gallery and displaying image in light box.

Regarding the image uploading, this photo gallery extension has the advantage of using CSV file to upload a large quantity of product images at once. Admin can save up time and effort of uploading each image manually.

Although this magento 2 product images gallery extension provides basic features of creating uploading images, creating albums and entering title as well as description for them, it doesn’t provide option to set meta data for each photo album.


The only SEO support function of this photo gallery extension is the meta data set for the whole gallery. Another disadvantage of the product image gallery extension is that admin can’t include video in the gallery.

On the other side, it still provides a nice feature of enabling the photo gallery for multiple store views and supports full responsive.

With the price of $99, it is not a bad choice, but not entirely the perfect option when selecting a Magento 2 product image gallery extension for your store.

#3. Responsive Image Gallery Extension for Magento 2Masonry (FREE)

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If you are looking for a Magento 2 gallery extension free with basic features of building a photo gallery then this one is a suitable solution for you.

Admin can execute the basic function of uploading an image, creating the album, and setting the title and description for each product image and photo album.

Besides displaying the product image in light box, this free image gallery extension also provide the eye-catching masonry layout for its gallery album. Although you can download this extension completely free of charge, you can expect other fancy functions from it.

For example, you can’t video to the gallery album or use a widget to place the album to any position of the page. There is also no option to attach a product image to the product page and category page.

It doesn’t support meta title and meta description for the product image album or the gallery. Moreover, there is no setting to enable each image and album for each store view.

However, this Magento 2 product image gallery extension is still responsive on all mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

Depending on your need and requirement, you can choose Magento 2 gallery extension free version without much functions and a commercial extension that has both basic and advanced features.

#4. Image Gallery Extension for Magento 2 – Webkul


Compare to the free Magento 2 image gallery extension, this commercial module doesn’t have more outstanding features than the free one.

In terms of basic function, Webkul magento 2 product imagesextension also has all necessary features to create a product image gallery from scratch, which means you can upload image, create album and write title and description for each image and album.


The photo gallery is also fully responsive for all device types from desktop, tablet to mobile.

However, this magento product image extension doesn’t have advanced function such as multiple album layout, meta data for album and gallery, widget support, image attached on product page, or multiple store view support…

The plus point of this extension is that it offers many gallery display settings to improve the visual effect of your product gallery, such as: gallery opening effect, background, border, interval, and cyclic…

It costs $89 to purchase this extension, so it may not be the ideal solution for store owner with high demand on the product image gallery’s function, but more on the visual display of gallery.

#5.Magento Product Gallery Extension – By FME


Like the previous extension, this Magento product gallery extension covers almost all the functions on the checklist.

In addition to the basic features of creating album, and displaying image in light box, it has the great advantage of placing the gallery album or product image on any position of product page and category page.

It also enables to display the image gallery for different store views and supports full responsive for any devices.

However, there are still some disadvantages of this photo gallery extension. For example, it doesn’t support adding video in the gallery album, and there is only one ajax layout for displaying the album.

If considering the SEO support capability of this extension, it still has certain limitations. Even though there are settings to enter meta data for the whole product image gallery, you can’t do the same for each gallery album.

This magento 2 product images gallery extension comes with the price of $99 which seems quite suitable for store owner who can accept its limitations on SEO for album, video display and album layout.

Some final thoughts

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You have gone through the whole list of five best product Magento 2 product image gallery extensions with review and comparison on function and price. Magexts team hopes you can find this article helpful for you when deciding which image gallery extension to install for your store.