//7+ Best Magento 2 Blog Extensions: FREE & Paid Options

7+ Best Magento 2 Blog Extensions: FREE & Paid Options

If you are still hesitant about starting your blog with Magento 2 Blog extension, in this post we will not only show you the importance of having a blog on your website, but also list the best Blog extension for your Magento website both Free and Paid ones.

Benefits of blogging

Below are several astounding benefits of blogging, we will demonstrate them for you to have a closer look at why you need a blog for your website:

  • Hare your business stories to inspire and update customers on anything

Magento 2 blog page gives you a chance to create unlimited types of content which might be of online shoppers’ interest and value.

You can share information related to your business: new arrivals, sales, promotion, latest updates, etc.

Also, you can address possible problems facing your customers and help them out with useful information, and even link those issues to your online stores in a decent way.

  • Improve SEO performance to boost the ranking of your Magento 2 online stores:

When it comes to SEO, search engines pay attention to two functions: crawling your content and building an index.

In other words, the more backlinks and keyword usages your blog, the higher Google or other search engines rank your store on the SERPs.

  • Drive traffics and increases conversion rates in your Magento 2 websites:

If your Magento 2 Blog is rich in content and SEO-friendly, you can expect the larger number of traffics for sure and more browsers to your product page as a result.


From all the above, are you ready to start blogging in your Magento 2 stores?

Besides common blogging tools such as WordPress, Yoast SEO, Canva, etc., we strongly recommend you Magento 2 Blog Extension, which is the quickest way to establish a complete and appealing blog page, build good communication with your lovely customers, and convert massive traffic to your Magento 2 websites.

Magento 2 Free Blog Extensions

To help you make the wisest choice, we’ve carefully picked up to review Top 9 Magento 2 Blog Free & Paid Extensions, available on Magento Marketplace. Hope you enjoy today’s sharing.

The list of Best Magento 2 Blog Extensions is based on the usual criteria, as below:

  • The features of each Magento 2 extension.
  • The prices and support policies offered by developers.
  • The demo sites of Magento 2 extension.
  • Ratings and reviews of customers on product pages.

Now, let’s begin!

1. Blog for Magento 2 by Slava Yurthev

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The first extension provides you with the most basic features to start your blogging.

  • Automatic generate URL for the blog page after installing Magento 2 Blog module.
  • Add countless articles to Magento 2 blog with image, title, description, and text.
  • Manage all created articles in the visible grid for later adjustment.

This light Magento 2 blog module is straightforward to configure and available for the Community Edition without extra cost. You can download and install Magento Blog plugin by Slava Yurthev right away and share any interesting content with your potential customers and get them engaged with your stores.

2. Magento 2 Awesome Blog by Magefan

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Though the Magefan’s Magento 2 Blog extension is free; it includes various highlight features that you should never miss.

  • Create a professional blog post using the WYSIWYG editor.
  • Assign added articles into single or multiple categories.
  • Relate other posts or products to be displayed on the blog post page.
  • Display search box to make it convenient to reach their favorite topic.
  • Allow customers to share the post and leave their comment via social network account.
  • Improve SEO practices with SEO-friendly auto-generated permalinks, blog XML sitemap, and RSS feed.
  • Support multi-store view level.

Magefan’s Magento Blog module is rich in features that you can test in free Community Edition. Regarding additional services, you need to pay the extra fee, as wanted: $40.00 for installation, $50.00 for a 6-month support agreement, and $100.00 for a 1-year support agreement.

3. Magento 2 Blog by Mageplaza


Key features following on installation Mageplaza Magento 2 Blog extension.

  • Create blog posts with the support of WYSIWYG mode and customize the display on the blog page.
  • Enhance SEO performance (sitemap, meta title, meta description, meta keywords, meta robots, article snippet, etc.)
  • Support related product content in 2-sub section parts.
  • Active Search Box at the blog sidebar.
  • Enable social sharing and different types of comments.
  • Be responsive to all devices.

Another free alternative to blog your business, which includes similar functions supported by Magefan’s Magento 2 blog plugin and even more. Also, all features are available for the Community Edition only.

Magento 2 Paid Blog Extensions

1. Advanced Blog Extension by Elsner Technologies Pvt Ltd ($30.00 CE)

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If you look for advanced Magento 2 blog features, then you should consider some paid module. We’ll start with Elsner’s Blog extension.

Here are the key features for you to discover:

  • Add and update the blog post with the support of Magento 2 Blog WYSIWYG editor.
  • Enable/disable any posts as needed.
  • Restrict store view level to display created Magento 2 blog posts.
  • Set the number of blog posts to be shown in the slider on the Homepage.
  • Generate separate blog page to group all enabled posts.
  • Manage all posts in the full grid.
  • Comes with responsive features.

Both frontend demo and backend demo work well so you can try creating several interesting posts from Admin Panel and see how it might look on your Magento 2 stores.

The Community Edition comes at $30.00 including free 30-day support. Extended support ranges from $60.00 to $220.00. Moreover, you can spend more on additional services such as $35.00 for installation and $99.00 for customization.

2. Simple Blog Extension by Aurora Creation ($49.00 CE)


Aurora Creation offers you a simple choice of Magento Blog extension for Magento 2. Though the features are not very advanced and different, you still should have a look:

  • Include various simple blog posts in Magento 2 stores.
  • Create categories page to assign Magento 2 blog posts.
  • Easy to install and configure.

If you want to test all features of Magento 2 Blog Extension for the Community Edition, feel free to access the demo.

You need to pay $49.00 for this Magento blog module together with free 3-month tech support, free 1-year upgrade, and 25-day money-back and $39.00 more for installation service.

3. Blog for Magento 2 by CMSmart ($106.85 CE)


Take advantage of the following features then you can tell your business story to introduce your offerings, create know-to-call works to promote your products, communicate with customers, encourage them to share your information with others, and so on.

  • Create Magento 2 blog posts without limitation.
  • Support 3 column types to display the blog page.
  • Assign created posts to specific categories.
  • Navigate blog articles through tags and categories.
  • Enrich Magento 2 blog page with the search box, sharing button, post information, related products, related posts, etc.
  • Support a multi-store view.
  • Be responsive in Magento 2 blog layout design.

All features of the Community Edition Magento 2 Blog are provided at $106.85. with Private support for each 12-month, if you want to have up to 5 domain license support it will cost up to $162.41 more.

4. Magento 2 Blog Extension by Webkul ($99.00 CE – $198.00 EE)


Above, we introduce you to Magento 2 Blog plugin for the Community Edition; now we’ll explore the module for the Enterprise Edition also.

Features coming with Webkul’s extension:

  • Enable/Disable customers to create/edit/delete their blogs.
  • Allow customers to register for the blog on or after signing up.
  • Generate blog link on Customer Account Panel.
  • Support admins to set the limit to total words per customers’ post.
  • Auto or manual approval/disapproval of Magento 2 blog posts by customers.
  • Enhance SEO performance of the Magento 2 blog post.

Instead of creating and posting blog articles yourself, Webkul’s extension allows customers to add their own blogs.

You can enhance the relationship with customers, encourage them to be store advocates, and build trust for your business. Very interesting, isn’t it?

The Community Edition costs $99.00, and the Enterprise Edition costs $198.00. Both include 3-month support without extra cost while you need to spend $19.80 for installation, $39.60 for 6-month support, and $49.50 for 1-year support.

5. Magento 2 Blog Pro by Amasty ($299.00 CE – $599.00 EE)


Amasty’s Magento 2 Blog, so-called Magento 2 Blog Pro by Amasty, has been developed to help store owners create user-friendly blog page supported by lots of advanced features:

  • Define the logical and responsive layout of Magento 2 blog post.
  • Create posts with the built-in WYSIWYG editor.
  • Limit the number of posts per blog page for better display.
  • Customize Magento 2 blog 3D tags.
  • Add a social button to trigger customers to share and leave comments.
  • Auto or manual receive the notification email/edit/ approve customers’ comments.
  • Boost SEO practices (metadata, URL, breadcrumbs,etc.)

Amasty Magento 2 Blog extension, is also equipped with other features that you can explore right in the demo. You need to pay $299.00 for the Community Edition and $599.00 for the Enterprise Edition.

Free 3-month support will follow. Additional services mean paying the extra fee: $79.00 for 6-month support, $129.00 for 12-month support, and $59.00 for installation.

6. Magento 2 Blog by AheadWorks ($349.00 CE – $949.00 EE)


AheadWorks provide the last name on the list of best Magento 2 Blog extensions. AheadWorks’s Magento 2 blog module is also the richest in features:

  • Create an eye-catching post with the set of writing and editor tools to display in the sidebar.
  • Promote your business by including related products, recent posts, related posts, social sharing, etc. in the post and product page.
  • Navigate posts through tags, categories, and recent posts.
  • Integrate Magento 2 blog with advanced search and Disqus.
  • Migrate blog posts from Magento 1 and WordPress to Magento 2 blog page, if wanted.
  • Manage Magento 2 blog posts in bulk.
  • Schedule the posting of created articles.
  • Improve the SEO performance using XML sitemap, meta information, canonical tags, URL.

Although some features are really outstanding, the price of Magento Blog plugin by Ahead Works is quite high compared with other extensions: $349.00 for the Community Edition with free installation and free 90-day support and $949.00 for the Enterprise Edition with free installation, free 360-day support, priority support, and personal account manager.

Final Thought

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A blog is an ideal way to nurture your Magento 2 websites with fresh information and news, valuable thoughts, and more. In case you have a blog already, optimize for the better.

And, if you haven’t managed one, take Top 9 best Magento 2 Blog Extensions: FREE & Paid above into consideration.

In case you have questions about Magento 2 extension or you are Magento 2 extension vendors wanting to share your solution on our list, feel free to contact us.

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