//Improve Your eCommerce Website with Magento B2B Extension
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Improve Your eCommerce Website with Magento B2B Extension

In the 4.0 digital revolution, the more convenient and beneficial your website is, the happier customers want to use it. 

Because of the reason mentioned above, every company needs to have an accessible website.

 As a result, Magento B2B Extension is such a vital tool they should have for eCommerce websites to attract more customers and make them get a sense of pleasure and security.

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Why Do Your Company Websites Need Magento B2B Extension?

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Using this tool, especially Magento and Magento 2 B2B extension, provides a variety of benefits and functionalities for both customers and owners’ websites, including :

  • Automate financial entry: it plays an important role in controlling the status of online shops and making them in good health finance.
  • Improve customers’ satisfaction: this includes the prices, discounts, and services that customers could receive from the webshops. Therefore, they have feelings of belonging and respect. By doing this, companies could attract more people, boost sales and large revenues.
  • No double date entry: It means all prices and discounts are synced to Magento. As a result, the owners’ online shop could able to take control of these websites more easily.
  • Enter new markets: By defining price-lists for targeted customer groups, companies’ products access to customers very fast because of reasonable prices.
  • Explore new challenges and opportunities: Because companies could carry out a detailed research about new markets and customers before entering, this could create lots of chances for companies to introduce products to markets.

Apart from that, it also has various drawbacks if companies have the wrong target.

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Top 3 Magento B2B Extensions Need to Have for Your Websites

#1. The Multi-User Extension by Cretiveminds 


Using this Magento B2B extension is an ideal and useful solution for those who own websites.

It allows multiple users and subaccounts to operate from the same account.

Highlighted Features:

    • Create different levels of access permission for a large number of users.
    • Customize the account 
    • Restrict subaccounts from creating orders 
    • Allow subaccount to create orders for products
    • Ask for cart permission from subaccounts
    • Set a specific master account for every subaccount

#2. Customer Group Catalog by Amasty 


This helps your websites to meet the needs of different customer groups.

It also allows customers to slip away without gaining their contact information.

  Highlighted Features:

  • Provide selective access to store catalog 
  • Hide ‘ Art to cart’, ‘ Add to wish list ‘ and other buttons
  • Replace products prices with CMS blocks or images
  • Optimized for mobile phone/ GDPR compliant
  • Fully compatible with Porto theme

#3. B2B Suite by IWD


This provides a variety of options and selections for customers when they visit their website.

  Highlighted Features:

  • Quickly put orders together
  • See products available, preview and make adjustments.
  • Re-order with ease 


It can be said that Magento B2B Extension is such a useful tool for company websites to attract customers’ attention and help them gain convenience and satisfaction. 

It is also necessary for companies in the market nowadays.

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