//3 Best Magento 2 B2B Registration From Featured Extensions
Collect Customers Data Effectively With Magento 2 B2B Registration Extension

3 Best Magento 2 B2B Registration From Featured Extensions

When your Magento online store is B2B, your target customers are wholesalers and merchants. To make your online business work correctly, you will need to know more information about wholesale customers. In this article, we will provide the list of 3 magento 2 b2b registration form including the main features, support policies, prices and make a comparison.

As usual, we will follow these criteria to make a list and compare these extensions:

  • The main features of these B2B Registration extensions and the advantage points.
  • The support policies of these  B2B Registration extensions.
  • The demo, description and user guide of these extensions
  • How much you cost to buy these extensions and their services.

#1. Magento 2 B2B Registration extension – BSSCommerce ($79 CE – $179 EE)


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As the cheapest B2B Registration Extension on the list, BSSCommerce B2B Registration for Magento 2 extension is an effective plugin for your wholesale web store.

It allows store administrators to collect additional information from wholesale customers, and control the activation of customers after registered.

Using this B2B Registration Extension, you can get more data for customer database and validate the information of customers before activating their account in yoursite. These are the main features of this B2B Registration Extension:

  • Create new additional form registration for wholesale customers, including Date of Birth, Tax/VAT number, Gender, Company, Phone Number, Location, and Postal Code.
  • A Business Account button allows guest customers to register as wholesale customers instead of the standard registration. The registration form can be customized in backend configuration.
  • Decide to approve or reject the new registration from admin backend, which allows store admin to verify the wholesaler’s information before approving the registration.
  • Send a notification email to admin when a new registration is coming, which helps admin to response as soon as possible to give a decide to the new registration.
  • Send a notification email to guests when their accounts are approved as wholesalers or declined.
  • Mass approve or decline registered account in admin backend

There is a blog about this B2B Registration Extension, including tutorial and demo site. The description is short and fully describes the main features.

The support policy of BSSCommerce for this B2B Registration Extension includes free installation, free update, free 1-year support, and 30-day money back. B2B Registration costs 79$ for Community Edition and 179$ for Enterprise Edition.

It’s a good-in-budget solution for your Magento 2 web store, with basic and effective main features.

#2. Wholesale B2B extension for Magento 2 – MageArray (199$)


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The first name we will mention on the list is the Wholesale B2B extension for Magento 2 from MageArray.

The Wholesale B2B extension from MageArray creates a specific website for wholesalers. The store administrators can decide to approve or decline the new registration.

After approval, wholesalers can log in to their specific web stores with special prices and special features, etc. These are main features of this extension:

  • Provide a Magento wholesale customer registration form with additional information requires such as Tax/VAT, address, region.
  • Allows guest customers to create a wholesale account.
  • Approve and assign wholesalers to a specific group after registration, and store administrator can control them easier.
  • Create a different wholesale website for wholesalers, and allow store administrator to configure some specific settings that only affect to wholesalers.
  • Show products, categories, price and add to cart button after login, these features are inherited from hide price extension and add to cart extension.

The demo site of this  B2B Registration Extension is not completed, however you can read the fully user guide from providers.

The description is short and described function. The advantage point of Wholesale B2B extension is the combination with hide price module and catalog login module, allows store owners to create privilege for wholesalers, add different price for different sites within the same product.

The support policy of MageArray includes free life-time update and support as well as 30-day money back.

The Wholesale B2B extension costs 199$ due to the combination with 2 other extensions’ features, and you can pay more 50$ for installation service.

Even though it’s the highest price  B2B Registration extension on the list but still a recommended product because its main features are good.

#3. Wholesale Module for Magento 2.0 – Exinent Store (129$)


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A second name on the list is Wholesale Module for Magento from Exinent Store. This Magento 2 B2B Registration Extension is one of the most powerful solutions for approving and managing wholesalers.

Similar to the Wholesale B2B extension, Wholesale Module from Exinent Store allows wholesale customers to log in to a unique portal, with special prices, unique features… These are some features of this  magento 2 b2b registration form:

  • Provide a specific registration form for wholesalers, with the additional field such as company name, phone number, address, postal code, country, and PayPal account.
  • Be able to customize some specific features for wholesale customers such as payment option, pricing, one page catalog-style order form, etc.
  • Be able  to turn on and off the wholesale feature from backend

There is neither demo nor user guide for this magento 2 b2b registration form, so you have to contact to providers to get more information about functioning. If you are looking for a cheaper and more simple extension, this is an optional choice for you.

Magento 2 Wholesale Module costs 129$, you can pay 49$ for an installation service and 29$ for 3 for 3-month support service, 49$ for 6-month support service and 69$ for 12-month support service. There is no further information about support policies of this extension.


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In short, above is reviews of 3 best magento 2 b2b registration form that we want to introduce.

We hope that this extension list will provide useful information for you in choosing the best solution to collect wholesalers data for your store. If you have any further question about this article, feel free to leave a comment.