//9 Recommended B2B Modules For Magento 2 That Boost Your Wholesales

9 Recommended B2B Modules For Magento 2 That Boost Your Wholesales

The standard model of Magento: Business to Customer, is certainly not ideal for wholesalers who want to pick products and make payments in the least time possible. Therefore, the Magento Commerce for B2B has been built for stores whose main customers are companies. 

The concerns for this customer group include complex structures of organizations, multiple users and most importantly, fast order and checkout. 

From a variety of Magento 2 extensions and packages available on the market, Magexts team has mindfully picked out the Top 9 Magento 2 B2B Modules, both free and paid, for boosting the sales of Magento stores. 

1. Magento 2 B2B Suite by BSS Commerce

Price: $1135 -> $600


A comprehensive package with 12 extensions integrated, containing great compatibility and all-inclusive solutions for the whole customer journey. The Magento 2 B2B Demo offers such a 40% discount compared to the total price of individual extensions. 

Customers are seldom contented with the default settings! This combo provides an ultimate combination for giving the Magento stores more functions. It is designed so customers can make the most out of their shopping experience!

The customer route and Magento 2 B2B modules covered in this package:

  • Access Restriction: classifying customer groups through “Force Login” and “B2B Registration”, thereupon managing the “Catalog Permissions” for specific categories. 
  • Price Management: hide or show price for targeted customer groups or product categories, also “Request for Quote” extension for more professional price negotiation. 
  • Ordering: All the tools and rules which can be applied for the selections of products, such as “Multiple Wishlists”, “Configurable Display”, “Wholesale Fast Order” and so on. 
  • Time – saving Refund: An easy solution for turning refunds into sales and credit points, making this a fast and comfortable experience for customers. 
  • Reordering: for quicker access to order history, bulk-adding products, customizing quantities, and options. Speed and accuracy drive customers to make orders again and become loyal ones. 

2. Magento 2 Share Cart by Mageplaza 

Price: Free


The Magento 2 B2B Module allows users to share their shopping carts with their loved ones or friends. This way, stores can do marketing for their products simply via existing customers, which can lead to a better conversion rate. 

Customers’ purchasing experience can be shared efficiently by just clicking the “Share Cart” button. When they do, the link is copied immediately into the clipboard, which then can be pasted wherever or to whoever the users want to share. 

Distinct features of the Magento 2 B2B Demo:

  • Quick sharing of favorite/ bought items for potential customers: no more messing with plain words or capturing images, users only have to send all the shopping carts at one time. 
  • Easy and fast download of purchasing information in PDF file: for specific needs, a record of purchase can be downloaded for future review or share. 
  • Efficient promotion of products through users’ shares: the recommendation from friends or family tends to affect customers’ purchasing choices to a great extent. 

3. Magento 2 B2B Marketplace by Webkul

Price: $499


The Magento 2 B2B Suite is built for converting Magento stores into B2B Marketplace, the examples of which are Alibaba and ThomasNet. The online platform created will be the place where business buyers and sellers make transactions. 

Some remarkable features:

  • A distinct microsite for each supplier with customized shop-URL 
  • Various metrics are shown at the supplier dashboard: sales, revenue, orders, customers, payout, etc.
  • Detailed contact info on supplier profile page like address, phone number or social links
  • A set of email notifications for suppliers and customers as well for messages, orders or reviews
  • Faster Checkout with ordering through SKU search
  • Refund and Shipping rules are displayed on the supplier microsite.
  • The extension supports a great number of Marketplace Add-ons.

Areas covered by this Magento 2 B2B Suite: Supplier Registration, Dashboard, Microsite, Message, Quick Order, Quote Requesting and Email Notifications. 

4. Magento 2 B2B Suite by Iwd Agency

Price: $500/month


The suite includes all the B2B powerful tools for Magento stores. It is designed to empower the site to a greater business level with the help of the Marketing download center, custom quoting function, ordering matrix, account credit limits and even more.  

Two new features worth noticing:

  • Customized Catalogs: sellers now have complete control over catalogs and their pricing, which can be applied to not just one wholesale company.
  • Custom Quote Request: For bulk pricing, customers are welcome to reach out to sellers. The act of requesting for quote can be done for each product or an entire cart. 

Other notable features of this Magento 2 B2B Suite: 

  • A single hub for wholesale customers: A custom-built dashboard for wholesalers with multiple workflows, such as File Upload, View All Products or Order History.
  • Salesforce Team make sales: With full B2B frontend power, they can choose customers, build orders or send quotes on their behalf. For better performance, commission rates can be set accordingly.
  • Custom User Roles Management: Wholesalers may create sub-accounts for specific access power. They can do so simply by managing users at the front-end. 

5. B2B Import & Export Add-on for Magento 2 by Firebear Studio

Price: $999


This Magento 2 B2B Suite is the B2B version of the Import/ Export Package for Magento 2. It works well with Magento Commerce and Cloud for processing such entities as companies, shared catalogs, requisition lists, and quotes.

Noteworthy Strengths:

  • Improved Management Time: Automating the transfer of data between Magento 2 stores and ERP or CRM systems. Thereupon, a stable life cycle is built for extensive data management. 
  • Increased ROI: Time and costs for data management and updates can be reduced greatly with the Import/ Export Extension. 
  • A Stable Solution: The one-time payment gets rid of subscriptions and constant payments. 

Key features:

  • Cron scheduler
  • All product types supported
  • Various file types: CSV, XML, Excel, ODS, JSON
  • Open-code and End-point customization functions
  • Rest & SOAP API data sync.

6. Request a Quote for Magento 2 by Amasty

Price: $349 -> $319


“If you’re competitor focused, you have to wait until there is a competitor doing something. Being customer-focused allows you to be more pioneering,” said Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon. This Magento 2 B2B Module was built by Amasty with that saying in mind. 

The module helps to boost revenue by offering specific pricing to customer groups. In the competitive e-commerce setting, flexible pricing is a need, especially for different demands and customer types. 

The process of automating request in Magento 2 B2B Demo: 

  • Buyers/ Visitors request a quote from any page
  • Add any product to quote from the product detail page
  • Request for Quote from shopping cart for lower abandonment rate
  • Buyers get a mini quote cart
  • Let customers write down their preferred price options through the detail and customized price boxes.

7. Advanced Product Options for Magento 2 by Magenest

Price: Free 


This Magento 2 B2B Demo is impressively efficient for creating countless custom options templates, which can be applied to any products in catalogs. 

Highlighted points:

  • Manage unlimited options for Magento 2 products: Admins can easily build option templates and then assign them to specific products. Option groups can be set as required or optional, presenting multiple choices for customers with their own name, price, description, etc.
  • Tier Pricing – The advanced feature for B2B businesses: Multiple levels of tier pricing provide different discount levels for customers. This pricing policy can be applied to a specific store view or customer group. Admins can also set the minimum/ maximum order quantity rules. 
  • More custom options with sub-options, pricing, and visual extras: Dependent options can be created within options, allowing customers to customize even further. Images, special price offers can be added to make the offer more irresistible.

8. Company Accounts – Magento 2 B2B Module by Aheadworks

Price: $199


For a company, usually, just an account is not enough for their purchasing activities. That is the reason why child accounts are built with the hierarchy model to help company customers manage the roles, permissions, and rules within the company. 

Noticeable features of the Magento 2 B2B Module:

  • B2B Structure: The company account is the manager one, while child accounts are members with clear roles and responsibilities. 
  • Vital Integrations: All actions of individual accounts contribute to the success of orders and negotiations. 
  • Ultimate Control: The admin account experiences the authority to manage the power and activities of the child ones. 

Other points to note:

  • The model works for both ends: merchants and customers. 
  • Store Credits and Reward Points are integrated for further personalization of B2B.
  • For the customer company, members can share wallet information and discounts. 

9. Wholesale (B2B) Extension by MageArray

Price: $149


This Magento 2 B2B Module improves the e-commerce experience for wholesalers with a specially designed website for them to quickly access the files and information.

Features for a separate website:

  • Admins can show a Tax/ VAT field right on the sign-up page.
  • Asking for an address is also feasible from registration.
  • Show price/ Add to Cart button is also for customers logged in only.
  • A new set of price rules for the new website can be assigned for the same products.

Features for the same website:

  • Group Price allows admins to set different prices for the same products within the website.
  • Admins can also show Tax/ VAT/ address fields on the registration page.
  • Customer Groups are assigned within the website, thereupon, price display can be customized as well.