//Top 4 Awesome Magento 2 Quick View Extensions You Should Know

Top 4 Awesome Magento 2 Quick View Extensions You Should Know

Among many amazing extensions of Magento platform, Magento 2 quick view extension is considered as an effective tool to improve shopping experience for online shoppers.

This article will provide a detailed analysis and review of top 4 awesome magento 2 quick view.

About Default Magento 2

As we can see, default Magento 2 does not support quick view function, which usually makes customers feel inconvenient.

In fact, whenever customers want to know more information about items or take further actions like adding products to cart, they have to be redirected to the product page.

After that, if they continue shopping, they also need to reload the catalog to view other products. This situation can be repeated again and again; thus, it can lower customers’ shopping interest and discourage them to come back.

To solve this problem, Quick View extension is developed with useful features supporting customers’ shopping experience. Provided below is the list of 4 Magento 2 Quick View extensions that are highly recommended for your online store.

#1. Magento 2 Quick View by BSSCommerce


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With Magento 2 Quick View extension of BSS, customers can save time finding out details of the items they are interested in when vital product information is displayed in the quick view pop-up.

Moreover, customers may feel more convenient when they are capable of carrying out other actions such as adding items to cart or going to check-out page with quick view pop-up.

Key features of Magento 2 Quick View extension by BSS:

  • View product information in quick view window without page load
  • Ajax add products to cart in quick view pop-up
  • Add items to compare/wish list from quick view pop-up
  • Check related products, up-sell products right in the pop-up
  • Customize text and design of quick view button

Compared to other quick view extensions, not only does magento quick view extension of BSS allow you to add products to cart but it also helps you add wanted items to wishlish, compare and even send emails if necessary in the pop-up.

In addition to main information like image, price, brief description, you can view related products, up-sell products, reviews and ratings in the pop-up of this extension. For admin, this will be a good strategy to advertise other items as well as promote sale in the store.


This can be considered as an amazing quick view extension that you should have. Regarding the price, the price of this extension is quite cheap when it costs $35 for the community edition and $85 for the enterprise edition. A bonus point is BSS provides free installation for all their products.

#2. Advance Product Quick View for Magento 2 by WeltPixel


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This is a great Magento 2 extension for your store because it provides basic features of a standard quick view pop-up. The quick view window allows customers to view necessary details of items such as image, description, color or size.

Besides, customers can select multiple attributes as well as add products to cart right in the quick view pop-up without leaving the current page.

Hence, quick view extension can be an efficient solution in speeding up the shopping process of customers. With magento quick view extension, they don’t need to go back and forth on category listing and product pages whenever they click on any product.

Features of Advance Product Quick View extension:

  • Customize elements displayed in the quick view pop-up
  • Present or hide product image, product thumbnails, short description and SKU
  • Auto close option allowing to close quick view in X seconds after adding items to cart
  • Increase conversion by directing the customer to the checkout or cart page
  • Product zoom and magnifier choices
  • Configure CSS box – change the way quick view looks


This quick view extension is a good choice for store owners who want to improve features of their websites. About the price, the community edition is free but you have to pay $299 for the enterprise edition. In addition, it costs you $50 for installation services of this extension.  

#3. Quick View for Magento 2 by Amasty


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This extension helps to enhance customer shopping experience by helping them make purchase decisions much more quickly. Customers can see product details and then add them to cart right in the quick view pop-up.

You can also customize the quick view button consisting of background color, button position, button size, button text. However, this extension does not support the direction to go to check-out page, which will interrupt shopping process of customers.

Main features of amasty quick view magento 2:

  • Preview product details on a category page
  • Add products to cart in the quick view pop-up
  • Write and submit reviews from the pop-up window
  • Customize quick view button


Amasty quick view magento 2 seems quite good except for lacking of some other useful features of pop-up window. The price of community edition is $129 but the price of enterprise edition is $429. At last, if you require installation service, it costs you $59.

#4. UB Quick View for Magento 2 by Ubertheme


Feature highlights of UB Quick View extension:

  • View product information in quick view pop-up
  • Ajax add to cart in the quick view window
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Allows previous/next product navigation inside quick view pop-up
  • Change the type and speed of transition (Fade, Elastic, None)
  • Set initial width/height of quick view window when quick view opens.
  • Customize the label of quick view button
  • Add your own additional CSS class

This is a useful magento quick view extension for Magento 2 stores when it supports many important functions to helps customers have better shopping experience.

In addition to basic features of a quick view pop-up, this extension supports multiple languages so that foreign stores can easily use.

You are also allowed to set initial size of quick view window, the type and speed of transition with three options or previous/next product navigation inside quick view pop-up.


Magento 2 quick view github supports a quick view pop-up with necessary functions so that operations in the store can be conducted more easily. Regarding the price, you need to pay $89 to own this extension along with $50 for installation service.


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Magexts team have shown you an analysis and reviews of 4 amazing Magento 2 quick view extensions that are highly recommended. Now you have had enough information to determine the suitable extension for your store. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.