//5 Must-have Magento 2 Chat Extensions to Boost Sales

5 Must-have Magento 2 Chat Extensions to Boost Sales

The Magento 2 default does not allow store owners to communicate with their customers via live chat on Magento.

As a result, a lot of eCommerce stores have suffered from losing bunches of potential customers since they can not answer to their visitors’ questions in time.

Therefore, many developers have to create Magento 2 chat extensions to reply to the customers on time.

Magento 2 Live Chat Extensions

Fortunately, the owners of Magento 2 based eCommerce stores no longer have to worry about that problem thanks to the development of Magento 2 Chat Extensions.

With the help of these modules, you can easily increase your sales by satisfying your visitors with their requests. They also give you a hand to reduce the average interaction costs and increase the loyalty level of your customers as well.

In this articles, BSSCommerce has manually picked up most effective Magento 2 Chat Extensions currently in the market. The candidates are selected based on the following criteria:

  • Social ranking
  • Product funcions and features
  • Product price policy
  • BSSCommerce expert score

1. Zopim (Zendesk) Live Chat Magento 2 Extension

Zopim chat (or Zendesk chat) is the combination of online marketing, web analytics, and live chat support services for e-commerce businesses.

It is an ideal solution designed to improve your customer’s engagement on your Magento 2 stores via a live chat. As a result, the possibility that an average visitor is turned into a buyer will increase essentially.


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Key features:

  • Allow to real-time interact with and support visitors directly with chat widget.
  • Let agents handle multiple chats at once
  • Provide advanced analytics tools
  • Offer the Lite version
  • Fully customizable
  • Enable/Disable on specific pages
  • Show customer orders in Zopim-Dashboard
  • All Zopim features are include
  • Easy to set up

It is required to create an account at the Zendesk website if you want to make this extension work. The lite version is basically a free Magento 2 live chat extension.

Zendesk pricing policy:

  • Lite: FREE
  • Basic: $11.20 per agent/mo.
  • Advanced: $20.00 per agent/mo.
  • Premium: $44.00 per agent/mo.

2. LiveChat Magento 2 Extension

LiveChat is another robust tool that allows store owners to communicate with their visitors instantly on the Magento 2 stores. This helps to resolve problems faster, thus leave customers delighted when shopping at your stores.

Thanks to its high level of reliability and security, the extension is widely used among Magento 2 merchants.


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With the Chat extension for Magento 2, you can:

  • Add a live chat widget to any page of your store
  • Provide customers with cart details during a chat
  • Use responsive designed chat tool
  • Target your customers’ exact needs via Reports and Analytics
  • Apply to Browser apps, Desktop apps (Win, Mac), and mobile apps (iPhone, iPad and Android)

Product price: Although it is a free Magento 2 live chat extension, additional fees apply as you need a license of LiveChat for the extension to work.

Benefits: 30-day trial (no commitments, no credit card)

3. Chat System for Magento 2 by Webkul

Another amazing extension that allows you to set up live chat system in your Magento 2 store is the Chat System for Magento 2 by Webkul. In addition to the live chat function, the admin can create different Chat Agents so as to better manage all the customer queries.


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Webkul Chat System for Magento 2 main Features

  • Allow users to Login/Register right from the chat window
  • Allow to create various chat agents
  • Chat history conversation is available
  • Allow to personalize the chat system: name, profile picture, window background,…
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Date and time of the message sent and received
  • Pop-up and Sound alert notifications
  • Send and receive image, document or zip file

Extension price: $65 – $175.5

4. ChatPirate Live Chat for Magento 2

ChatPirate Live Chat for Magento 2 is considered to be the best live chat for Magento 2, especially for store owners that are looking for a simple and inexpensive Magento 2 chat extension.

As the 3 former modules, this integration has customization options, making your interactions with visitors straightforward and uncomplicated.


With the Magento 2 ChatPirate Live Chat you are able to get:

  • Real-time chatting with visitors
  • Customizable chat widget
  • Track team’s performance with Analytics tools
  • Safe, secure and private live chat
  • Easy and time-saving installation process

Pricing policy:

  • Basic: $7/month
  • Pro: $14/month
  • Enterprise: $19/month

Benefit:  Unlimited agents and start with 14 days for free.

5. Pure Live Chat for Magento® 2 by BELVG

Last but not least, Pure Live Chat extension for Magento® 2 by BELVG makes your store to be alive by maintaining direct communications with your customers, thus increase the loyalty level of them.


The extension provides you with the following main features:

  • Instant interaction with clients
  • Handy dashboard and fully customizable chat window
  • Get additional information about your customers, such as their location, referral pages etc.;
  • Multi-chat support
  • Engage chat with your site visitors;
  • Autosave conversation stats and transcripts in the chat history
  • Simple to use and install, no programming skill required

Extension price: $69 – $219

Benefits: 1 Year Free Support and 30 Days Money Back Guarantee


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In summary, the Magento 2 Live Chat Extensions provide an opportunity to improve the experience, which in turn improves visitor loyalty and the increase of conversion rate sales.

Of all 5 modules that Magexts describe above, each has its owns pros and cons. So, it is necessary to browse their website and try out them before making purchases or to decide which one is the best live chat for Magento 2.

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