//Klaviyo Magento Extension – Solution Marketers and Developers Love

Klaviyo Magento Extension – Solution Marketers and Developers Love

Klaviyo Magento extension allows you to know more about your customers than ever. Also, it gives you the building blocks to create a highly personal, targeted marketing strategy across channels. 

With vast amounts of data, Klaviyo Magento 2 extension can seamlessly build segments of like-minded customers based on behavioral actions like website browsing behavior, purchase history, shopping patterns, average spend, and more. 

In this post, we answer the question of how vital the Magento Klaviyo integration is and suggest free Magento Klaviyo extensions as a marketing solution for your site.

Why Should You Use Magento Klaviyo Integration?


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Truly personalized automation

The klaviyo magento integration based on dates, events, list membership, or segment membership then automatically uses splits, filters, A/B tests and other tools to target and optimize for personal marketing.

Richer segmentation

Using Klaviyo Magento extension, you can define segments without limitations. It is easy to check events, profile properties, location, predicted values at any time.

Cutting-edge data science

The tool can make automatically-generated predictions for lifetime value, gender, optimal send time, and instant personalized product recommendations.

Quick setup

It only takes minutes to integrate Klaviyo. After that, all the historical and future data is automatically synced for a stronger marketing engine.

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Klaviyo Magento extension by Magecloud supports all Magento versions 1.5 and later.

This extension hooks Magento up to Klaviyo to easily send segmented newsletters, abandoned carts, win-backs, cross-sell emails and more.

Specific features:

  • Import newsletter subscribers to a Klaviyo list
  • Track checkouts to send abandoned cart emails with pictures of items
  • Track site visitors and what products they look for to personalize email campaigns
  • Track sales data using Magento’s built-in API

#2. Klaviyo Integration for Magento 2 by Klaviyo


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This Klaviyo Magento 2 extension helps businesses create memorable experiences across different marketing channels like email, SMS, web, and notifications.

By listening and understanding cues from visitors, subscribers, and customers, store owners can turn that information into valuable, relevant messages. 

Specific features:

  • Powerful Integrations
  • Dynamic Forms and Personalization
  • Centralized Customer Profiles
  • Targeted Campaigns

#3. Klaviyo Integration for Magento 2 by Cloudberry


This Klaviyo Magento 2 extension is designed alongside Klaviyo’s default klaviyo magento integration.

Klaviyo’s software synthesizes everything companies know about their customers, processes massive quantities of data in real-time, and uses this data to drive the platform.

Specific features:

  • Personalized abandoned cart emails
  • Targeted browse abandonment emails
  • Automatic syncing of newsletter subscribers
  • Checkout started metric


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With the ability to personalize our messages and show relevant content to very targeted audiences, this extension is undoubtedly a helpful tool in marketing strategy.

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