//Magento 2 Chat Extension: More Real-time Engagement, More Sales

Magento 2 Chat Extension: More Real-time Engagement, More Sales

Besides the value of the product and the quality of the products, customers often require personal attention when directly shopping on the website. Magento 2 Chat Extension will be the solution for breaking down barriers between brands and consumers, allowing companies to communicate with customers directly and boosting sales.

You Know Chatbot Function, Don’t You?


In simple theory, the chatbot is a computer program that communicates with the user in natural language through a simple interface, sound, or message format.

For example, Siri by Google is a kind of chatbot in Auditory form and Order Pizza by Pizza Hut is a kind of Textual form.

Using chatbot with two main types of messaging and audio can offer a number of key benefits, including:

  • Reduces the expense of customer service – a chatbot can help with the automated deployment and respond to customer requests instantly. This makes them feel relaxed and supported when trading on the web site.
  • Enhance user experience – by not having an interface, consumers will be kept concentrated on your product products, thereby contributing to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Capacity to operation – In this period, messages are growing, the chatbot will handle customer requests instantly. Customers won’t have to wait long, help increase sales significantly.

Top 4 Magento 2 Chatbot Extension Recommendations: FREE & Paid

#1. Robot Chat by Landofcoder – FREE


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This is among the magento 2 live chat extension free that will help integrate Facebook Message into your shop, which will improve communication in businesses by send and receive messages immediately.

*Highlighted Features of magento 2 live chat extension free:

  • Include unrestricted history chat
  • Unrestricted color supported
  • User statistic supported

#2. Robot Chat by X-Mage 2 – $29



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This is another feature of the magento live chat extension that focuses on integrating Facebook Message into your store.

Furthermore, this application helps you to pass updates of delivery, order status details or ask questions to your other networks.

*Highlighted Features:

  • Include confirmation messages
  • Friendly interface
  • Multiple languages supported

#3. Robot Chat by MageCube – $59


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This is Magento 2 Chat Extension that supplied by MageCube will help your consumers to save time by discovering new and fashionable items and categories by easy viewing and quick communication.

In addition, this magento live chat extension will boosts client relationships and helps reduce quality service costs with customers compared to actual workers.

*Highlighted Features:

  • Ability to display products in Facebook Messenger
  • Using Artificial Intelligence to deliver instant answers
  • Ability to customize automatic messages
  • Friendly interface

#4. Robot Chat by Webkul – $99


This is the most expensive and top-rated in Magento 2 Chat Extension that fulfills with Facebook Messages.

The ChatBot could present brand search terms, highlight the possible options, or provide more item photos. The ChatBot continues to communicate with consumers by sending messages to them or by displaying a random product from the shop.

*Highlighted Features:

  • Ability to enable/disable Facebook Chatbot status
  • Easy to add content to different messages
  • Ability to display the products from the store in the messenger
  • Allow users to click the link to see the site, products, and category


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To end this article, we’d love to summarize that Chatbot is simply tools with artificial intelligence that will help you reduce the cost of customer care but on the other hand still gain great values for your online shop.

Above its the information about some kinds of Magento 2 Chat Extension that might helpful for your chatbot.

If you have any questions, please tell us at the comment below.