//Top 5 Magento 2 Email Extensions to Follow Up Customers & Boost Sales
Top 5+ Magento 2 email extension

Top 5 Magento 2 Email Extensions to Follow Up Customers & Boost Sales

In this article, we will show you the top five free or paid Magento email extensions to follow up customers and boost sales. Let’s begin!

If you can make use of tips about E-commerce email marketing, it will be a powerful tool for online stores to grasp and connect strongly with potential customers. 

#1. Free Magento Email Extension by Magenest

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With Magento 2 Follow Up Email Free Extension, store owners can increase conversion, strengthen customer relationships and boost sales.

Besides, you can save lots of time on management activities by auto-generate and send emails/ SMS with a list of 18 preset rules.

Also, you can improve user experience with smart analytics and user interaction. The extension includes easily customized email templates for different customer behaviors.

Highlighted features:

  • Different actions – different follow up email sent to customers.
  • Automatically send emails on specific events.
  • Automatically send mobile messages based on customer behaviors and events.
  • Auto-generate coupon code in email – Set the expired time to encourage the customer to buy immediately.
  • Easily schedule email campaigns.
  • No more spam mail with Mailchimp integration.
  • Personalize email templates with variables.
  • Send smart follow-up mobile messages with Nexmo Integration.
  • Manage your email and SMS sending history.
  • 5 beautiful email templates for specific requirements.

#2. Follow Up Email by Mageplaza ($249)

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Design and send numerous triggered emails based on customer activities to create productive relationships with clients and boost the quantities of repeated purchases. With magento 2 email templates extension by Mageplaza, email templates are easily customizable, and email dispatch is also managed effectively. 

Highlighted features:

  • Create emails for different order statuses.
  • Generate emails based on customer activity.
  • Send emails based on previous orders and wishlists.
  • Schedule automatic emails dispatch.
  • Set the right time to define the abandoned cart.
  • Collect statistics with Google Analytics.
  • Enable suggesting related products, up-sells, cross-sells.
  • Enable only sending emails to newsletter subscribers.

#3. Follow Up Email by Landofcoder ($149)

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Quicker follow-ups will give you a better chance to strengthen customer relationships and convert sales. Magento email extension by Landofcoder allows you to send custom email based on customer activities. Boost conversion rate & increase sales with fantastic features now!

Highlighted features:

  • Create & send multiple triggered emails based on customer activities.
  • Support Multiple Premade Templates For Each Event.
  • Increase Repeated Purchases with Custom Email Templates. 
  • Utilize Google Analytics to evaluate email campaign efficiency.
  • Create Unlimited Rules & Condition For Different Events.
  • Send emails suggesting Up-selling, Related, Cross-selling Items.
  • Product recommendations:  SMTP Extension, Coupon Code, Customer Quotation.
  • Track Email Sending Status.

#4. Aheadworks Email Extension for Magento 2 ($499)

Magento Email Extension by aheadWorks

Run email marketing campaigns efficiently with Follow Up Email by aheadWorks. With outstanding features of magento email extension, store owners could run targeted email marketing campaigns with ease! Besides, manipulating with predefined email sending events and conditions becomes so flexible.

What is more, you can effectively track and analyze customer actions with the provided reporting tools. Also, Scheduling email chains or performing A/B testing of emails to choose the best variant has never been so convenient!

Highlighted features:

  • Manage emails effectively: Create separate follow-ups for different customer groups and conditions.
  • Target emails with precision.
  • Experiment with A/B testing.
  • Manage stats to get a better vision of your email marketing performance.
  • Add value to your email content: Personal data, Coupon codes, prices, and saving options, Products and pictures, and so on.
  • Prevent any spam risk with automated email chains.

#5. Follow Up Email by Mirasvit ($149)

Magento Email Extension by Mirasvit

The magento email extension can be made use of like an email marketing automation platform. It will send marketing emails to the right people at the right time. It will motivate your customers to take the next step in your store.

Highlighted features:

  • Get a fast start with 8 bundled email campaigns.
  • Fully automate your email marketing.
  • Run well-targeted email campaigns.
  • Design visually appealing personalized emails with ease.
  • Control the performance of your campaigns.


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To sum up, a magento email extension is the one that cannot be missed by any merchant to launch an online project. Above are the five best ones that have been highly recommended by tons of online business people over the past years.

We hope that the article about Magento 2 email extension is informative and supportive enough so that you can have your best decision on which Magento 2 email templates extension suits your online store best.

If you have any further suggestions or questions, let us know in the comment section below. Many thanks for reading!