//Top 4 Magento 2 ANZ eGate Extensions to Process Credit Card Online
Top 4 Magento 2 ANZ eGate Extensions to Process Credit Card Online

Top 4 Magento 2 ANZ eGate Extensions to Process Credit Card Online

The payment process is of the essence in any business; therefore; selecting a suitable payment gateway is critical to make it safe and quick for both customers and store owners. Nowadays, online shoppers have a preference for using a credit card in making their payment because of its convenience. Then, a question may arise: “How to process the credit card on Magento 2 websites?”. Our answer is to integrate your payment gateway with ANZ eGate.

Our topic today is Top 4 Magento 2 ANZ eGate extensions which are carefully picked up by Magexts Magento 2 experts using the criteria, as below:

  • The features of each Magento 2 ANZ eGate module.
  • The support policies and prices offered by Magento 2 extension vendors.
  • The Magento 2 ANZ eGate extensions’ demo.
  • Reviews and ratings per product page.

What Is ANZ eGate?

Named after one of the leading financial service and international banking group worldwide, ANZ eGate provides a fast and secure solution to accept the online payment via credit card. We strongly recommend using ANZ eGate for all Magento 2 stores to allow customers to perform their online credit card payment with peace of mind. With the support of ANZ eGate, customers and store owners can expect:

  • Be well-recognized among e-commerce website developers, especially Magento 2 developers.
  • Improve security with ANZ hosted payment pages
  • Be possibly integrated with MasterCard Internet Gateway Services (MIGS) online websites.
  • Support high-speed payment processing during 24 hours per day and 7 days per week.

As the default does not support ANZ eGate, our Magexts team would like to offers you Top 4 Magento 2 ANZ eGate extensions

1. Magento 2 ANZ eGate extension by BSSCommerce ($79.00 CE – $179.00 EE)

The first solution, also the most-worth-to-try Magento 2 ANZ eGate extension, is provided by BSSCommerce. Despite its lowest price, this ANZ eGate for Magento 2 module makes us surprised by the flawless and useful features.

This cheapest Magento 2 ANZ eGate plugin includes quite as many features as the others.
  • Integrate Magento 2 payment gateway with ANZ eGate payment to process on-site credit card checkout
  • Pay with different types of credit cards
  • Guarantee highly-secured ANZ eGate payment standard
  • Use “Place Order” button to automatically redirect customers to ANZ eGate website.
  • Support Test Mode or Sort Order for better management of ANZ eGate payment method.

Review: This Magento 2 ANZ eGate extension is the best-in-budget for small Magento 2 stores to process credit card online in a safer, quicker, and more convenient way. The demo works smoothly without bugs, and the user guide is very clear. You can try to integrate ANZ eGate into your sites within minutes. The price of the Community Edition is $79.00 and that of the Enterprise Edition is $179.00. Installation, 1-year support, and lifetime upgrade are totally free after your purchasing.

2. ANZ eGate for Magento 2 extension by Meetanshi ($99.00 CE – $199.00 EE)


Magento 2 ANZ eGate extension by Meetanshi

This Indian vendor has developed a Magento 2 ANZ eGate extension with the most basic features including:

  • Apply ANZ eGate hosted payment to assure Magento 2 payment security.
  • Use API encrypted data without storing the details of customers’ credit card.
  • Support various credit card types (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, etc)

Review: We can not perform practical test since there is a complete lack of the demo, user guide, and screenshot. From reviews on the product page of Magento 2 ANZ eGate extension, we suppose that this module works quite well and is worth trying. You can have the Community Edition at $99.00 or the Enterprise Edition at $199.00. Meetanshi also offers free lifetime upgrade, free lifetime support, and 30-day money back guarantee.

3. ANZ eGate for Magento 2 extension by Magenest  ($149.00 CE – $249.00 EE)

Magenest Magento 2 ANZ eGate extension supports 2 payment methods. The first one is ANZ eGate Merchant Hosted Payments for customers’ instant purchase using credit card on stores. The other is ANZ eGate Server Hosted, with which customers are redirected to the ANZ eGate website before being directed back to Magento 2 websites to complete checkout.

Let’s have a quick look at the configs of Magenest ANZ eGate for Magento 2

Key features of Magento 2 ANZ eGate extension by Polacin:

  • Support ANZ eGate Server Hosted Payment Gateway and ANZ eGate Merchant Hosted Payment Gateway as well
  • Apply 3D Secure to prevent thief and decrease chargebacks.
  • Allow API integration
  • Make the direct refund in the backend of Magento 2 ANZ eGate extension

Review: Direct Refund feature is quite interesting and useful to reduce customers’ dissatisfaction related to refund request. Our Magexts experts have tested the demo carefully, and every function works quite well. However, Magento 2 store owners may find it confused to configure with demo. The user guide cannot be found and the screenshots as well as description are not detailed enough.

Those wanting to integrate their payment with this Magento 2 ANZ eGate have to pay $149.00 for the Community Edition or $249.00 for the Enterprise Edition as well as additional $50.00 for installation. 6-month support comes at $50.00 and 9-month support costs $120.00. This solution is good but kinda expensive.

4. ANZ eGate for Magento 2 extension by Polacin  ($199.95 CE)


Configuration of ANZ eGate 2-Party Payments for Magento 2 stores.

Generally, Magento 2 ANZ eGate extension developed by Polacin offers similar features as the Magenest module. Particularly, its highlight features are:

  • Collect and post customers’ credit card details on their checkout with the support of ANZ eGate 2-Party Payments
  • Redirect to ANZ website for more secured payment before collecting card details with the support of ANZ eGate 3-Party-Hosted Server
  • Integrate with MasterCard Internet Gateway Service (MiGS)  and Virtual Payment Client (VPC)
  • Improve ANZ payment security with Secure Secret, Secure Hash, 3D Secure.

Review: Although the Live Demo of this Magento 2 extension cannot be accessed now, we can go into detail of each feature with screenshots, demo video, and related documents. This ANZ eGate for Magento 2 plugin is only available for the Community Edition at $199.95, together with $20.00 for installation. The 6-month support/update service requires no extra cost. If store owners want 12-month service period, then they must pay $45.00 more.


As above, we give our reviews on Top 4 Magento 2 ANZ eGate Extensions to Process Online Credit Card Payment. Do you have your own choice? Whether you are online sellers having questions for Magento 2 ANZ eGate Extensions or you are Magento 2 extension vendors desiring to share your ANZ eGate module on this list, feel free to leave your comment below or contact us at magexts.us@gmail.com.

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